11 Best BeeTV Alternatives to Watch Free Movies/Shows Online

BeeTV Not Working? In this article, I will present to you a list of the best BeeTV alternatives. The apps mentioned in this post work well on both FireStick and Android variants.

BeeTV is an application known for streaming online video content like movies, shows and Anime content. This app provides HD as well as SD quality content. It is very popular among users. However, many people are complaining that BeeTV is not working on their FireStick devices. BeeTV is also a part of our Best Streaming Apps for FireStick list.

I particularly feel pissed when my favorite go-to app stops working. And I can understand the mental state of the people who are facing the same issue. That’s why I made a list of the best BeeTV alternatives so that you can download them and enjoy unlimited streaming.

BeeTV has not been shut down and is still working but some users experience some difficulties using this app from time to time.

Even if BeeTV is working alright, you can try the apps mentioned in our list as they are too good to be ignored.

Best BeeTV Alternatives for FireStick, Android Mobiles, & Android TV

We are going to list some best BeeTV alternative apps below. You can install them on your FireStick using the guide links provided below each one of them:


Cinema HD

Cinema HD

Cinema HD is one of the best, if not the best BeeTV alternative currently available in the streaming business. The reason behind its popularity is simple. It’s because of its better content quality and more content availability. It’s a reliable app and I personally prefer it over other apps.

It has multiple servers to provide links for content. Hence, it reduces the possibility of dead links. This app also allows Real Debrid linking for providing improved video quality.

How to Install Cinema HD



replacement for Bee TV

HDO Box is an excellent replacement for Bee TV app. It has a modern interface and a responsive design. It’s also simple to navigate.

This app contains a plethora of movies and TV shows. Even the most recent releases are available.

HDO Box offers subtitle support. It also includes a built-in media player, so you don’t need to download a separate media player to play content.

This app has become one of my favorite streaming apps. Do give it a try!

How to Install HDO Box



apps like BeeTV

FilmPlus is an excellent BeeTV alternative for watching plenty of movies & shows. This app not only supports normal HD links but also Real Debrid links. That’s why it can offer high definition video quality.

It has a lovely interface. FilmPlus releases multiple updates per month to add new content and improve the app overall. This app is very popular among users owing to its improved content quality and handy navigation tools.

How to install FilmPlus



Apps like BeeTV

TeaTV is a wonderful BeeTV replacement app as it offers tons of shows & movies to watch with your friends and family. The interface of this app is really beautiful. We get to watch new content on this app as they are being added regularly. TeaTV app has improved over the years with frequent updates to bring new features and remove any glitches.

TeaTV has provided Trakt & Real Debrid support. This way it lets you sync all your content across various devices and also able to provide high quality video links. I say, give it a try!

How to install TeaTV


Ocean Streamz

BeeTV replacement

You might be saying what is this recently launched app doing in this list. But trust me, Ocean Streamz is no less amazing than all the other apps mentioned in this list. This app has a humongous list of movies and shows which you can enjoy in your free time.

The best thing about this particular BeeTV alternative is that you can stream content without any kinds of advertisements in between. The other good thing about Ocean Streamz is that not only you can watch VOD content, but you can also watch live TV channels too.

How to Install Ocean Streamz


CyberFlix TV

CyberFlix TV

Cyberflix TV is a superb streaming application with a countless number of movies and TV Shows present in its library. This app has a great looking interface. It hosts some of the fast server links for streaming content. The server links are also frequently checked and updated to remove any dead links.

Cyberflix TV also has Trakt and Real Debrid. This helps Cyberflix to stream content from your other devices by syncing your media and also helps find HD links. This app has all the features to be a good BeeTV alternative.

How to install Cyberflix TV


Morpheus TV

BeeTV alternatives

Morpheus TV is a streaming application that is so light that it also works perfectly on low spec devices like FireStick. You will find all kinds of movies and TV shows in this app. The interface of Morpheus TV is very stunning. This app allows Source Resolving & Source Filtering. This allows you to filter sources according to video quality and resolve any source link if not working.

This BeeTV replacement app also offers Real Debrid, Debrid Cloud & Trakt integration. It certainly deserves to be installed on your FireStick.

How to install Morpheus TV


UK Turks

best BeeTV alternatives

UK Turks is a top-rated BeeTV alternative with superior streaming capabilities and vast content collection. This app has so many contents that you will never get bored with and can stream new content every time. UK Turks application has an interesting and unique user interface that is also easy to navigate.

It has so many categories of VOD content including Stand Up, Music Concerts, Documentary, and many more. This app also lets you enjoy live radio channels and TV channels.


Nova TV

Nova TV

Nova TV is a fantabulous BeeTV replacement app that features hundreds and thousands of movies & shows to stream online. It has sorted its massive content collection via genres to help users find content without any difficulty. This app has a robust interface.

Nova TV has many hard-working developers who are working day and night to improve the application. You will see an overall improvement of the app in the last few years, thanks to some major improvements brought by periodic updates. It also has Real Debrid integration option.

How to install Nova TV


Viva TV

BeeTV replacement app

Viva TV can stream hundreds of movies & TV series online and that too in HD quality, even 4K. The library of Viva TV is gigantic and it has sorted its content categorically by genres. Its interface is also pleasant looking, while also easy to operate.

This app also provides Real Debrid links for streaming content in premium quality. Other than that, it also supports Trakt to sync media content across devices. Viva TV is definitely an awesome alternative to BeeTV. Hence, you should install Viva TV and stream content in it.

How to Install Viva TV


Media Lounge

BeeTV alternatives

Media Lounge is an exciting BeeTV alternative to stream video content of your likings. This app provides content mainly in high definition resolution. The interface of Media Lounge is also very elegant. Mostly, this app provides more than one server link for a single content, and that too in different resolutions. This way you can enjoy content in whatever resolution you want to stream and also negate the possibilities of links not working.

Media Lounge has Real Debrid too. It also has content for adults. This app also offers hundreds of TV channels.

How to install Media Lounge

Summing Up

Our list of best BeeTV alternative apps is ever-changing and continuously evolving as we will only list down the best alternatives that will be working perfectly. We will add new best BeeTV replacement apps, and at the same time, remove apps that are not currently working. Do check our article from time to time to remain updated with the latest best BeeTV alternatives.

In case we have forgotten to mention any app in our list, tell us in the comment box below.

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