How to Install OpenWizard on Kodi – FireStick/PC

OpenWizard on Kodi

OpenWizard mainly serves as a maintenance tool for Kodi. In this post, we will discuss the steps to install OpenWizard on Kodi. You can employ the same steps on all Kodi-supported devices like FireSticks, Androids, PCs, etc. OpenWizard is a brilliant maintenance tool on Kodi. This wizard is the fork of the Aftermath Wizard. It … Read more

How to Install Ezzerman’s 19 Wizard on Kodi – FireStick/PC

Ezzerman’s 19 Wizard on Kodi

The EzzerMan’s wizard has some amazing Builds & some Kodi maintenance tools such as Delete Cache option. In this post, we will discuss how to install Ezzerman’s 19 Wizard on Kodi. The steps are same for all Kodi-supported devices including FireSticks, PCs, Android devices, etc. The popular EzzerMacs Wizard Repository which consists of many builds … Read more