12 Top CatMouse Alternatives You Can’t Miss [2024]

This article contains a list of the top CatMouse alternatives. All these apps are working well on both FireStick and Android devices.

CatMouse is a terrific application for streaming video content in High definition quality. People love this app for its simple interface. But some users are facing issues using this app. The issues include: CatMouse won’t play movies, No streaming links on CatMouse, CatMouse App won’t open, play, or load.

While there are many hacks on the internet that you can try, the easiest fix for these issues is to replace CatMouse app with a good alternative app.

Moreover, in March, 2021, the CatMouse APK developers tweeted from their original handle that CatMouse app will be gone for good in the near future.

Here’s the Tweet:

It’s unfortunate to see CatMouse shutting down since I have used this app for a few years now, however we do suggest trying the alternatives listed in this guide.

We have researched a lot and prepared a list of the best CatMouse alternative apps for you that actually work. Find the full list of the apps below. All of these apps can also be found in our Best Firestick Apps guide.

Best CatMouse Alternatives for FireStick, Android Mobiles, & Android TV

I have provided Guide links for all of the Alternative apps. Check out the best CatMouse replacement apps for your FireStick and Android products:


Cinema HD

Apps like CatMouse

Cinema HD, formerly known as HDMovies, is regarded as the most popular CatMouse alternative. And it rightly deserves so because of the quality and also the quantity of content it provides. This app has multiple streaming links of different resolutions -480p, 720p, and also 1080p.

Cinema HD has a well organized clutter-free user interface. The content database of this app is very big. It adds fresh content to its database regularly. It also offers the support of Real Debrid.

How to Install Cinema HD




FilmPlus is a fabulous CatMouse replacement app for streaming your favorite series and films. This app provides links of high definition resolution by Real Debrid integration. Its layout resembles that of the popular but now defunct Terrarium TV.

FilmPlus developers release periodic updates of the application to upgrade its performance and remove bugs. It also has amazing filtering capability to categorize the content in its library for easy access.

How to install FilmPlus



catmouse similar app

HDO Box is an amazing alternative for Catmouse APK. It has a responsive design and a modern interface. It’s easily navigable as well.

There are a ton of movies and TV shows available on this app. You will find even the newest releases.

HDO Box offers subtitles support. It also has a built-in media player, so you do not need to download any additional media player to play content.

How to Install HDO Box



Alternatives for CatMouse

Flixoid is one of the top-rated CatMouse Alternatives that you can try. Being a fork of CatMouse, Flixoid’s user interface is strikingly similar to CatMouse. The library of this app is huge and it also accommodates new releases. The links provided by its servers are buffer-free and fast.

Flixoid also offers Real Debrid linking to fetch high quality video links. The app update frequency is regular to bring new features and improve performance.

How to Install Flixoid




TeaTV is a wonderful CatMouse alternative app having tons of online content to watch online. This app has a massive database that also includes the content recently aired. It can provide content of Full High definition quality.

TeaTV also has Real Debrid and Trakt features. It has an intuitive interface that can be handled easily by anyone. Don’t forget to give it a try!

How to install TeaTV


Viva TV

CatMouse alternatives

Viva TV is a good streaming app for Binge-watching thousands of online video content. It has a lovely interface which you can easily operate. This app offers 720p videos mostly but can even get 4K streaming links for you, thanks to its Real Debrid integration feature.

Viva TV also supports Trakt so that you can sync your media. The only requirement for using this app is that you have to install a video player, TPlayer beforehand. I am sure you will love this great CatMouse APK alternative!

How to Install Viva TV


Nova TV

CatMouse APK alternative

Nova TV is a terrific CatMouse replacement app with an elegant looking interface. This app offers hundreds of online movies and TV series to enjoy.

It consists of many categories of video content, for example, Comedy, Drama, Action, etc.

All the contents provided by Nova TV have HD quality streaming links. Moreover, it supports the linking of Real Debrid for higher quality links.

All the links and content are refreshed regularly with app updates.

How to install Nova TV


Morpheus TV

Morpheus TV

Morpheus TV is an app like CatMouse. It has impressive streaming capabilities. It boasts of hundreds and thousands of online VOD content.

Other than that, it has many useful features. For instance, it supports the integration of Real Debrid, Debrid Cloud, and Trakt.

Morpheus TV also allows filtering and resolving of the source to find the best source available and resolve the ones not working. Make this app a part of your installed FireStick apps!

How to install Morpheus TV


Ocean Streamz

CatMouse replacement app

Ocean Streamz is a brilliant streaming application that can also be used as a CatMouse alternative. This app is launched recently but still has a library that has more content than most other apps.

It maintains its humongous database by regularly refreshing the content list and adding new ones.

You will love the interface of this app. Another plus point of Ocean Streamz is that it also lets you stream Live TV channels from many parts of the world.

How to Install Ocean Streamz


Media Lounge

apps like CatMouse

Media Lounge is an application used by streamers from all parts of the globe to enjoy VOD content. And the reason for that is the VOD contents featured in this app are of high video resolutions.

This app provides multiple working links for its content. Thus, in case one of the links stops working, you will have other working links to watch the content. It also has Adult content.

Media Lounge supports Real Debrid links. It also has many Live TV channels to stream online. Do try this CatMouse replacement app!

How to Install Media Lounge


CyberFlix TV

CyberFlix TV

Cyberflix TV is a streaming application that works like CatMouse app. It has many servers which can provide buffer-free fast links for streaming.

The collection of VOD content of Cyberflix TV is impressive. Its interface is also elegant.

Cyberflix TV supports Real Debrid links and also has Trakt. The Real Debrid feature is particularly helpful when you aren’t able to find any other working HD links. The Trakt feature is to sync your media.

How to Install CyberFlix TV



CatMouse replacement

BeeTV has SD and HD video content for streaming online. It has a good collection of movies and shows. Anime Lovers will love this app as it has many Anime contents for them. Its interface is simply magnetic that attracts users from every age group.

You can also use Filtering tools like Calendar tools, Year Filter, etc. to sort the content in this app. This CatMouse alternative app also offers linking of Trakt and Real Debrid.

How to Install BeeTV

Wrapping Up Best CatMouse Alternatives

All the CatMouse alternative apps mentioned in this post can easily replace CatMouse app as they all have similar features and content libraries.

Some of them even have better features than CatMouse. We will update our list on a regular basis to make sure all these apps still work. So, do visit this article from time to time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is CatMouse not working on FireStick?

CatMouse developers announced recently that the app will be shutting down for good in the near future. If you are unable to get CatMouse working on your FireStick, you can try the CatMouse alternative apps mentioned in this article.

Why won’t CatMouse play movies?

CatMouse application won’t play movies probably because it doesn’t have any streaming links that are working for the content you want to stream. Also, CatMouse app has stopped working. That’s why the streaming links and content are not updated anymore.