Fix Cinema APK Buffering Issues (The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need)

In today’s guide, you will learn how you can fix Cinema APK buffering issues. These instructions also apply to other Fire TV and Android devices.

Cinema APK is one of the top-rated entertainment streaming apps for watching your favorite movies and TV shows. However, like every other streaming app, Cinema HD might face some buffering issues occasionally. Who doesn’t hate buffering while watching their favorite TV episode or movie? No-one. Video lag while watching your favorite content is extremely annoying and further ruins the whole streaming experience.

Generally, a slow internet connection may be the reason for the buffering problem. However, it may be caused due to other associated problems. If you are experiencing Cinema HD buffering errors, this guide will provide you easy and quick solutions to resolve that.

Why is Cinema APK Buffering?

Ever wondered why we see a loading icon or a buffering notification? Buffering is basically a sophisticated term for video lagging. Sometimes the video you are streaming reaches a point where it no longer has sufficient data downloaded, hence it stops playing and you see a buffering notification or a loading icon.

During streaming, the page or app you are using downloads a fraction of your streaming content data a few seconds ahead so that your video does not lag. Thus, it makes sure that it has always data in reserve to stream your video uninterruptedly and without delays. It does so by using Internet Protocol to transport data. But there are times when due to unavoidable circumstances, it doesn’t work that well and hence we experience buffering issues.

The probable reasons for the buffering issues in Cinema HD are mentioned below:

  • Poor or weak Internet Connection
  • Multiple apps or services running in the background slowing your device performance
  • Excessive build-up of app data or cache in Cinema HD
  • Your device is full or has low storage or low RAM
  • Your network bandwidth is hogged by other devices or applications
  • The Govt. or your Internet Service Provider restricted the particular content in your location
  • Cinema HD is unable to fetch quality streams for your content.

Solutions to Cinema APK Buffering Issues

Although we are especially talking about Cinema APK buffering issues here, the solutions provided in this guide will work the same for all the streaming apps facing similar issues.

So, let’s not waste any more time and quickly get to the solutions that can fix Cinema HD buffering issues:

Fix 1: Check your Internet or WiFi Speed

You might be facing buffering issues while streaming owing to your poor internet connection. Check whether your internet or WiFi speed is too slow to even stream your videos smoothly. You can install Internet Speed Test App to check your internet speed. Other speed test apps you can use are SpeedTest Ookla,, SpeedSmart, etc.

Here’s how you to install Internet Speed Test App and check your internet/WiFi speed:

1. Go to the Find >Search from your FireStick home screen

Fix cinema APK buffering

2. Search for Internet Speed Test App.

Fix cinema APK buffering errors

3. Follow the on-screen instructions and install the app.

Cinema APK buffering

4. After it’s installed, start the app. Now click on START TEST and check your internet speed.

Cinema HD buffering

Fix 2: WiFi Optimization for Smooth Playback/Streaming

Users might face buffering issues in Cinema APK because their network bandwidth is hogged by multiple applications.  Whether you are downloading in the background and streaming simultaneously or using multiple devices during the same time, your device will be facing bandwidth hogs. If you don’t want to deprive Cinema HD of sufficient internet connection to stream your content effortlessly, Prioritize your devices in your router’s settings or turn off other unnecessary devices.

Fix 3: Use a VPN while Streaming in Cinema HD

The Cinema APK buffering issue might be simply because the content you are trying to stream is restricted in your geographical location by the Govt. or your ISPs(Internet Service Providers). Additionally, ISPs also throttle your internet speed if they detect you are using a third-party app like Cinema HD for streaming.

To tackle this problem, you can simply use a VPN while streaming. This way your data will also be safe, secured and encrypted even from your ISPs. There are so many VPNs you can choose from, the most notable being ExpressVPN, SurfShark, etc.

From my personal POV, ExpressVPN is currently one of the fastest streaming-friendly VPNs you can use. It uses best-in-class military-grade encryption technology and has 3000 ultra-fast servers in 94 countries.  This app keeps your data secure and maintains your privacy by hiding your IP address. It allows a maximum of 5 connections at a time and is supported in almost all operating systems including FireStick, Windows, Android, iOS, and more.

Here’s how you can set up ExpressVPN on Firestick:

1. First of all, sign Up for ExpressVPN HERE

2. Navigate to the Find Icon on your FireStick home screen.

Navigate to the Find Icon
3. Now, go to the Search option

go to the Search option
4. Enter the word ExpressVPN using the onscreen keypad and select it from the Search results.

Enter the ExpressVPN
5. Now, click the ExpressVPN icon under Apps & Games section

Click the Icon
6. Click on Get /Download and wait for it to install on your FireStick

Click on Get
7. Click Open to launch the ExpressVPN app

Click Open
8. Enter your login credentials that you used when you registered for ExpressVPN. And click Sign In

Enter your login credentials
9. Choose a server location of your choice and click the Power Icon to connect to the server.

click the power icon to connect
Once connected, your IP address will change automatically. Meaning, your Internet activities are now anonymous and anything you stream on this FireStick device is safe from the prying eyes. It will also unblock geo-restricted content.

For detailed review & installation process, read our guide: ExpressVPN Review: Installation & How-to Use

Fix 4: Try Clearing Cache of Cinema HD

The Build-up of temporary storage or cache in apps might be the reason for buffering issues in your device. It might also contribute to Device slowdowns and performance deterioration. To solve the buffering issue in Cinema HD, clearing cache might help. But clearing cache might result in the removal of your watch lists, downloads, bookmarks, etc.

This is how you can clear your app cache:

1. Go to Gear Icon from your FireStick home screen

Go to Gear Icon

2. Now, select Applications

stop Cinema APK buffering

3. Next, scroll down and click on Manage Installed Applications

why is Cinema APK buffering

4. Click on the Cinema HD app from the list of your installed applications.

Cinema APK

5. Finally, click Clear Cache to remove app caches.

Fix Cinema APK buffering

Fix 5: Sign-in to Real Debrid from Cinema APK

Real Debrid is one of the most popular premium link providers/generators in business. To enjoy an uninterrupted no-buffer streaming experience of your favorite content, you should integrate Real Debrid with Cinema HD. It’s a cost-effective solution to get reliable high-definition quality links for your favorite shows and movies.

If you are facing buffering issues due to the unavailability of proper video streaming links, switching to premium links like Real Debrid will help fix your problem. However, if the buffering issues are due to other reasons, it might not be of much help. In that case, try other solutions in the guide.

Here’s how you can sign up for a Real Debrid account and also set it up with Cinema HD APK:

1. To get a Real Debrid premium account, click HERE

2. Now once you get a premium Real Debrid plan of your choice and set up your Real Debrid account, open Cinema HD App.

3. Next, click on the 3-line menu or Hamburger Menu button in the top-left corner of the app

Cinema APK buffering

4. Now, select Settings

select Settings

5. Click ACCOUNT

cinema HD buffering

6. Next, find the Real Debrid section and click Login to Real-Debrid

why is Cinema APK buffering

7. There will be a code displayed on your FireStick screen

Cinema APK buffering

8. Open a browser on a different device and go to

9. Enter the code and click Continue. Log in to your Real Debrid account if needed

Enter the code and click Continue

10. An Application allowed notification will be displayed on your screen upon successful authorization. You will now notice ‘Real Debrid authorized’ written when you open Cinema HD on FireStick.

fix Cinema APK buffering

The yellow links on Cinema HD displayed on clicking on a movie or a TV show episode are premium Real-Debrid links.

Fix 6: Choose Other Available Streaming Links

The cause of your buffering issue might be due to a particular streaming link error. If that’s the case, try other streaming links available for the movie or the TV show episode you are watching. This might fix your Cinema APK buffering problem.

Fix 7: Update Cinema HD to Stop Buffering

Since Cinema HD does not produce links of its own and only aggregates links from third-party providers, some links might stop working. Thankfully developers of Cinema HD come with regular updates to overall improve the app and also adds new working buffer-free streaming links.

For detailed steps to update your Cinema HD app, follow our guide How to update Cinema HD on FireStick

Fix 8: Opt for Other Cinema APK Alternative Apps

If all the above-mentioned tricks fail, the app might be facing any other issues and you can either wait till the developers come with a fix or opt for other Cinema HD alternative streaming apps. There are many alternative streaming apps that function the same as Cinema APK. The most notable ones are TeaTV, UnlockMyTV, CyberFlix TV,  MediaLounge, and UK Turks app.

Wrapping up

Nobody likes to experience any hindrance or interruption while watching their favorite content. Buffering or video lagging is really frustrating and tends to ruin the streaming experience. The aforementioned solutions not only hold good for Cinema HD buffering issues but for most streaming apps facing buffering issues.

If you know about any other fixes or still facing any buffering issues, please let us know in the comment section.

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