Cinema HD Subtitles Not Working | Out-of-Sync | Wrong [Simple Fixes]

Having trouble with Cinema HD subtitles? Cinema HD subtitles not loading, wrong subtitles on Cinema HD, Cinema HD Subtitles out of sync, and can’t turn on/off subtitles are some of the common issues Cinema HD users face. In this guide, we will attempt to address all these Cinema HD subtitles not working issues and potentially find their solutions so that you are back to streaming with subtitles in no time.

Cinema HD subtitles not working is rather common than you’d think. We have all been its victim at some point.

The good thing is fixing this issue is easy and you’d be able to tackle this problem easily by following the troubleshooting methods provided in this guide.

Why is Cinema HD Subtitles Not Loading & How to Fix It

There are two common reasons why Cinema HD subtitles may not work:

1. No subtitles available online

The number-one reason behind subtitles not loading on Cinema HD can be attributed to the fact that subtitles are simply not available for that particular content.

That mostly is the case with brand-new content. Subtitles aren’t immediately added to the library and it usually takes some time. So, in such cases, Cinema APK won’t be able to load subtitles for you.

2. Temporary loading issue

Sometimes, there are temporary loading issues that are causing Cinema APK to not load subtitles. Give it some time. And restart the app and check if the issue is resolved.

Fix Cinema HD Subtitles Not Working – Update the Cinema APK

Before you try other troubleshooting solutions, try this generic solution. Sometimes, Cinema HD Not Loading Subtitles or Subtitle Not working can be because of the outdated Cinema App.

Therefore, if you are using an older version of Cinema HD, kindly update it to the latest version. To know more about how to update Cinema HD, please visit our guide: How to Update Cinema HD

If, for reason, you are unable to update the app, Clear Cache of Cinema HD app.

If your problem isn’t resolved, try the solutions specific to the issue that you are facing.

Fix Cinema APK Wrong Subtitles

If you are getting incorrect subtitles, it may be because you are watching very old content and subtitles aren’t available for them. However, if you find that there is more than one subtitles option, please try loading other subtitles and see if there’s any correct subtitle.

Fix Cinema APK Wrong Subtitles Issue Using MX Player

If you are unable to find correct subtitles in the in-built Cinema APK video player, use the MX player to fix the wrong subtitles issue.

First of all, download and install MX player by visiting our guide: How to install and use MX player

Choose any of the subtitles available and see if the issue is fixed.

You can also check our guide on How to Get Subtitles on Cinema APK using MX Player to learn more.

Fix Subtitles Not in Sync/ Subtitles Out-of-sync on Cinema HD

Sometimes, the audio and the subtitles do not match. If you find that the subtitles are out of sync, do the following:

1. First of all, restart the stream and check if the subtitles are in sync now.

2. If not, turn the subtitles off for a few seconds and back on by clicking this [CC] icon

fix subtitles not working on Cinema HD

3. Force close Cinema HD V2 app by going to Settings> Applications> Manage Installed apps> Cinema HD> Force Close. Try playing the content again and check the issue still persists

4. Check if you are facing this problem with other videos for comparison. If other videos are also affected, try the following fixes.

Fix Cinema HD Out of Sync Subtitles on FireStick

Subtitles out of sync is a common issue on FireStick or other remote-operated devices. The reason is that pressing remote buttons wrongly can cause the video to get out-of-sync from the subtitles.

If reloading the subtitles doesn’t solve your problem, switch the streaming link. Sometimes, the link that you have chosen may be at fault and may be causing the problem.

Fix Out of Sync Subitiles on Cinema HD with MX Player

Since there is no inbuilt sync option on Cinema APK, fixing out-of-sync subtitles on Cinema APK is the easiest if you’re using MX Player. To adjust the time delay between the audio and the subtitle, please follow the below steps:

1. Install MX Player and make it your default player.

Please visit the guide: How to add subtitles on Cinema HD for detailed steps.

2. Play the video in MX Player.

3. Click the Vertical 3 dots Icon at the farthest top right corner

Fix Out of Sync Subitiles on Cinema HD

4. Select Subtitle

fix subtitles not working on Cinema HD

5. Now, select Synchronization.

Now, select Synchronization

5. Adjust the delay of the subtitles by clicking + and the buttons. Make adjustments until the audio & subtitles are in sync.

Fix Out of Sync Subitiles on Cinema HD with MX Player

Another way to remedy out-of-sync subtitles on Cinema HD is to add a different subtitle. Simply choose another subtitle and see if the problem is solved.

Fix Out of Sync Subitiles on Cinema HD

If none of the above solutions are working, you can also adjust the speed of the subtitle, by choosing the speed option.

1. Play the content using MX Player.

2. Click the Vertical 3 dots Icon at the farthest top right corner

Fix Out of Sync Subitiles on Cinema HD

3. Select Subtitle

fix subtitles not working on Cinema HD

4. Now, select Speed

Now, select Speed

5. Using the + and controls, adjust the speed.

Fix Subtitles Not in Sync

6. Check if the audio and the subtitles sync.

Fix Subtitles in Other Languages

Normally, the TV shows and movies in Cinema HD have English subtitles. In some cases, you will find Spanish, Chinese, etc. subtitles.

If the subtitle language seems in a different language than what you are looking for, here’s what you need to do:

1. Make sure the subtitle language is set correctly within the Cinema HD app’s settings. Go to Settings> Subtitle > Choose default subtitle 

Fix Subtitles in Other Languages

2. Change language and try again

Change language and try again

3. If there are subtitles available in other languages, do check the list of subtitles and pick a different one.

4. Check another streaming link for comparison

Fix Cannot Turn On, Off, Or Format Subtitles

If you are unable to turn subtitles on or off, chances are the video that you are watching has superimposed text on the video. In that case, you won’t be able to enable/disable or format the subtitles.

If that is not the case, here’s what you can try:

1. Force close Cinema HD app and check again

2. Try streaming other videos and check if the same problem persists

How to Remove subtitles from Cinema HD?

To remove subtitles from Cinema HD, play any title, click on the screen to bring back the playback controls, click the Subtitles CC icon at the bottom. Subtitles will be removed

Sometimes, this issue is not in our hands and the app might have some temporary glitches. Then, we have to wait for Cinema HD developers to fix the problem.

You can also try alternative apps for Cinema HD: Best Cinema HD Alternatives

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, Cinema HD subtitles not working issue has been resolved by following the above tips. It is a common issue that Cinema App users face.

If your problem hasn’t been solved after troubleshooting, do write to us via the comments section below. We are happy to help.

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