Clear Cache on FireStick /Fire TV for Effortless Streaming

Today, you will learn how to clear Cache on FireStick. The process is incredibly simple and the steps mentioned in this article will work on all Fire TV devices including FireStick 4K, FireStick 4K Max, FireStick Lite, etc.

Amazon FireStick has become a popular device for most streamers worldwide. It simplifies streaming with its easy-to-navigate interface. This device supports thousands of useful applications so that you don’t have to compromise on entertainment.

However, sometimes your FireStick device may run slower than normal, thus hampering the FireStick performance. Or your device might be running low on storage. In such cases, you can clear cache on Firestick to solve your problem.

What is FireStick Cache?

Cache refers to the temporary pieces of information or data stored by installed applications. It may be an image, text, or any other files. Cache is stored by installed application to make sure that the next time you open the app, it loads faster.

Cache is formed in all FireStick apps, irrespective of the size and usage time of the apps. Though cache is supposed to enhance the performance of the apps, it is accumulated over time, thus reducing the storage space of FireStick devices.

This can cause buffering problems, slower loading time and application crashes frequently if cache continues to build up. Thus, you might need to clear cache on Firestick apps after some time for the smooth operation of the apps.

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What causes Build-up of Cache on Firestick?

When you install and use any applications on your FireStick device, these apps start to accumulate data or cache so that they can reduce the loading time.

But over a period of time, this data starts to build up and cause storage issues. Now, imagine how much cache all the installed apps in your device combined together can create.

These days, we use so many apps for streaming or entertainment. This includes the apps available in Amazon App Store and also the apps installed from thirdparty sources. These streaming apps create big sizeable cache after some time.

Streaming and entertainment apps contribute to more cache than other apps including utility apps. One of the streaming apps that has a bigger cache build-up than others is Kodi since there are so many individual add-ons that can be installed in it.

Why do we need to clear Cache on FireStick?

Thanks to the huge number of app developers, you will never fall short of apps to install on your FireStick device. But your FireStick device has limited storage space and over a period of time, app cache will build up which will further decrease the storage space.

Thus, you can encounter certain problems like Slower loading time, buffering problems, application crashes, etc. while operating certain applications.

Also, corrupted or bug-infused caches can accumulate. Hence, app slows down and other errors may become frequent.

To counter these problems, we need to clear Cache on Firestick. Unfortunately, there is no option till now to clear cache on Firestick all at once. You have to clear Cache on Firestick apps individually one-by-one.

You can also choose to clear Cache on the specific FireStick app that is causing you troubles. This will ensure the speed up of FireStick and improve app performance.

How to clear cache on FireStick

Do you want to know how to clear cache on Firestick 4K? If yes, you are in the right place. Not only FireStick 4K, but these steps will also work on all other FireStick devices. Let’s not waste any time and learn the steps right away.

1. Ensure that you are on the FireStick home screen. If not, press the Home Button of your FireStick remote to reach there.

2. Now, select the Gear Icon (Settings) located on the middle menu panel.

how to clear cache on FireStick

3. Hit Applications from all the options listed.

Hit Applications from all the options listed

4. Click on Manage Installed Applications

how to clear cache on Fire Stick

5. Here you will see a list of apps installed on your device. Go on and click the app on which you want to clear the cache. I am choosing Cinema HD here.

how to clear cache on FireStick

6. Select Clear Cache option to clear the app cache.

Note: If you click on Clear Data instead of Clear Cache option, all app data including login credentials, and other information will be erased out. You can opt for this option only if clearing the cache on the app didn’t solve your problem.

clear cache on FireStick

Similarly, clear all the other apps’ cache using the same steps.

Wrapping Up — Clear Cache on FireStick

We have learned how to clear cache on Fire Stick in this article. Hope you will be easily able to solve the problems associated with app cache build-up now.

This will improve your FireStick performance by speeding up your device. It will also free up storage space in your device.

One thing you should keep in mind while clearing cache is that you should not mistakenly clear data instead of cache as it might cause your app to misbehave.

If you are still facing issues while clearing cache, write to us in the comment section below so that we can aid you.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do I need to clear the cache on my Firestick?

There’s no hard and fast rule that you have to clear Cache on Firestick. However, it is advisable to clear cache on Firestick from time to time to stop your FireStick device from slowing down.

Why is my Firestick running out of storage?

FireStick is a low spec device having low storage. Hence, installing unwanted apps or keeping barely used apps on your FireStick can contribute to FireStick running out of storage problems. Moreover, all the Installed Apps accumulate temporary data or cache after a certain interval of time. The build-up of cache in large amounts can also cause storage issues in FireStick.

How can I speed up my FireStick?

To speed up your FireStick, you try clearing cache from Firestick apps. It will remove unwanted cache that can drastically slow down your device. Furthermore, you should also consider uninstalling those apps that are barely used. Check out our detailed guide on How to speed up a slow FireStick.

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