How to Install FileLinked on FireStick

In today’s guide, I will share the steps to install FileLinked on FireStick. The instructions provided in this guide apply to all versions of Fire TV & android devices. I have also covered how you can use Filelinked to sideload other third-party apps on FireStick.

FileLinked is a bulk file downloading and sharing tool. It also a sideloading tool widely used by FireStick users.

Downloading third-party apps on FireStick typically requires us to type a long URL. But once you have FileLinked installed on your device, downloading third-party apps becomes a lot easier. That’s because FileLinked converts download links into a numeric code. All you have to enter the numeric code and install multiple apps, with as few clicks as possible. No need to enter those long URLs anymore.

Apart from that, you can also create your codes and share photos, media, files, and more with your friends or family.

With so much to offer, FileLinked had to be a part of our Best FireStick Apps list. It is also one of the best Jailbreak Apps you must have on your FireStick.

UPDATE!! FileLinked has been shut down! 

How to Install FileLinked on FireStick

FileLinked is not a part of the Amazon Appstore. That means, we need to sideload it first using the Downloader app. This installation procedure is divided into three easy-to-follow steps. Please follow the steps:

1: Install the Downloader App

Now, if you don’t have the Downloader app already. You need to install it first. Here’s what you need to do:

1. The first thing you are going to need to do is power on the FireStick.

2. After that, using your FireStick remote, navigate to the menu bar and select Find

how to install FileLinked on FireStick

3. Select the Search option underneath

FileLinked APK

4. Search for the Downloader app. You will only need to type the first few letters using the on-screen keyboard. FireStick will show you quick search suggestions below, and click Downloader

Search for the Downloader app

5. Click Downloader icon

install FileLinked on fire stick

6. Click Get / Download

how to get FileLinked on Amazon FireStick

7. Once the app downloads, you will see the Open button

how to install FileLinked APK on FireStick

2: Enable Install Unknown Apps for Downloader

Our next step is to enable Install unknown apps for Downloader. This feature stays OFF by default. But to install third-party apps, we must enable it. Here is what you need to do:

1. Press the FireStick remote’s Home button. This will take you back to the home screen

2. Go to the menu bar again and choose the Gear Icon (Settings)

choose the Gear Icon

3. Now, open the option My Fire TV

download FileLinked on FireStick

4. You will see the following set of options. Choose Developer Options from there.

💡Note: Can’t find Developer Options? Go to: Settings > My Fire TV > About. Repeatedly select the first menu item 7 times. The message "No need, you are already a developer" will appear. Go back to the My Fire TV menu to find the newly revealed "Developer Options". Check out our guide with screenshots and video tutorial: How to Unhide/Reveal Developer Options.

set up FileLinked on FireStick

5. On this screen, click Install unknown apps

FileLinked APK download

6. If you find that the Install unknown apps option is OFF for Downloader, click it to turn it ON

click it to turn it ON

3: Install FileLinked APKon FireStick

Now, all the pre-requisites are taken care of. We can now move on to the actual installation process. Here are the steps:

1. Run the Downloader app

how to install FileLinked on FireStick

2. On your first launch, you will need to allow Downloader to access your files by clicking Allow

steps to install FileLinked

3. When you see the Quick Start Guide, dismiss it by choosing OK

FileLinked for FireStick

4. When the Downloader app loads, click the URL box where you see http://

click the URL box where you see http://

5. Enter the URL given below:

 (This is the official website of FileLinked)

Click Go

how to install FileLinked on FireStick


FileLinked APK

7. The app will now download on your device

install FileLinked on fire stick

8. Click INSTALL


9. Wait until the app is installed

how to get FileLinked on Amazon FireStick

10. After the app is installed, click DONE. This step will allow you to delete the APK file. We all could use more space on our FireStick as it’s a low-spec device as it is.

how to install FileLinked APK on FireStick

11. Click Delete

download FileLinked on FireStick

12. To confirm, click Delete once again

click Delete once again

You have successfully installed FileLinked on Amazon FireStick. In the next segment, we will learn how to use this app.

How to use FileLinked on FireStick

Now that you have FileLinked on your FireStick, you can install other third-party apps without typing long URLs.

Access FileLinked app by going to Home > Apps and channels > FileLinked.

set up FileLinked on FireStick

This is how the main screen of FileLinked looks like:

how to use FileLinked on FireStick

Here’s how you can use FileLinked on FireStick:

1. To download any file or APK, click where it reads Enter Code!

click enter code

2. Enter the FileLinked code: 24498736 and click Next

Note: I will keep adding more useful apps to this FileLinked code in the future. You may also enter any other FileLinked code that you might have.

how to install FileLinked on FireStick

3. Select Continue

steps to install FileLinked

4. Click Dismiss

how to use FileLinked on FireStick

5. Once the files under the FileLinked code display, choose any app that you want to install. For this example, I am going with Strix

6. Click the Download Icon

Click the Download Icon

7. Wait until the file gets downloaded

FileLinked for FireStick

8. Once the file is downloaded, Download Icon will change to Play Icon. Click on that.

how to install FileLinked on FireStick

9. Choose INSTALL

FileLinked APK

10. Wait for the app to be installed

Wait for the app to be installed

11. Choose DONE or OPEN

Clicking DONE will take you back to the FileLinked app, whereas clicking OPEN will run the app you just installed.

install FileLinked on fire stick

Repeat this process with other files if you wish to download or install them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is FileLinked illegal?

FileLinked isn’t illegal. However, using third-party apps to stream pirated/ licensed content is illegal and can cause legal issues.

Are FileLinked codes safe?

Since anyone can create a FileLinked code, there is a possibility that you end up downloading malware onto your device. Hence, we only recommend using FileLinked codes from the sources or friends that you trust.

Is FileLinked free?

Yes, FileLinked is completely free.

Winding Up

With the Filelinked on FireStick, you can download multiple files to your device without having to type in any long URL. FileLinked makes the installation process a lot easier and faster than ever.

Do let us know if you have any questions via the comments section below. We shall respond as soon as possible.

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