FireStick Connected with Problems? 22 Tips to Fix Internet Issues

It’s incredibly frustrating when your FireStick is having connectivity issue. In this article, we will learn why we face FireStick connected with problems issue. We’ll show you the quickest methods to identify the problem and get back online.

The solutions provided here work on all types of FireStick devices.

But first, we highly recommend you pause reading this and try rebooting your modem and/or router (detailed instructions are given later in this guide).

FireStick connected with problems is one of the most common issues that FireStick users face.

Before we jump into the solutions, let us first understand what this issue actually means. FireStick connected with problems means your FireStick is unable to access the internet.

It renders the FireStick useless as it cannot function without an active internet connection.

You can neither stream content, install applications, nor use other FireStick features.

The likely cause of this problem is network issue. Other probable reasons are faulty Router/ FireStick, weak signal strength of WiFi, software glitches in FireStick, VPN improperly configured and Amazon server down.

Although the problem seems tricky, in most cases, you will be able fix it by yourself. And hopefully, you will not require an expert unless there are any hardware issues in the WiFi router and FireStick.

What Causes FireStick Connected with Problems?

FireStick connection issue is mainly caused due to network problems. But there can be other factors that can cause this problem. Below I have listed all the probable causes that may cause FireStick connected with problems issue:

1. Weak signal strength of WiFi

If the WiFi router is placed far from FireStick or there are hindrances/obstructions, the signal strength will be affected. Also, if multiple devices are connected to the same WiFi, it will result in weak signal strength due to bandwidth hogging.

2. Faulty Network hardware

If your WiFi router and modem are not working properly, you are likely to face an internet connection issue in FireStick.

3. Problem in your FireStick

If there are any software glitches in FireStick, it may cause internet connection issue in FireStick. Also, hardware faults in FireStick may cause the same.

4. Incorrect configuration of VPN

If the VPN you are currently using while streaming content on FireStick is not properly configured, it may restrict FireStick from connecting to the internet.

5. Internet Services Down/Outage

If internet service is down or there are any issues from the end of ISP, you will face this problem.

6. Amazon services Down/outage

In rarest cases, if the Amazon service is down, you can face this same issue.

Complete List of Fixes for Amazon Fire Stick Connected with Problems

These solutions will help you resolve the issue so that you can start streaming your favorites on FireStick. Here’s the list of all our internet connectivity fixes.

Preliminary Check: Test Internet Signal Strength

Before you proceed any further with any troubleshooting hacks, you should check the strength/ speed of your Internet. Depending on the internet speed, we will apply hacks. Below are the steps to check internet/ WiFi speed or strength:

1. Navigate to the FireStick home screen & choose Gear Icon ⚙️ (Settings).

amazon Fire Stick connected with problems

2. Select Network

Hit Network

3. You will see that the connected network is already selected.

In case, you are not currently connected to any network, click the preferred network and enter password to connect.

Check the status of WiFi/ Internet by pressing Pause/ Play button of your FireStick remote.

FireStick internet connected with problems

You will now be able to see the status of the connected network. Depending on the signal strength, we will apply solutions. For example, here it says Very Good.

signal strength

Case 1: Weak or Moderate Internet Signal

This happens if the FireStick is not getting proper internet signal. To fix this, make sure that your WiFi router is at a close distance from FireStick. Further details are given below.

Case 2: Strong/Very Good/Good Internet Signal

In this case, you have to reconnect to the same network after disconnecting it. This hack has helped to solve FireStick connected with problems issue. We have discussed this method below in detail.

Wi-Fi Troubleshooting for Fire Stick Connected with Problems

Try these common fixes to troubleshoot any Wi-Fi related issues:

1. Reboot your WiFi Router and/or Modem

Restarting your modem and/or router should always be the first thing you do when you face an internet connectivity issue. If you call the tech support, 99% of the time, they will ask you to do this. Because, often, it is this method that solves internet related problems. Do NOT skip this step!

To restart your equipment, unplug the power cable for 60 seconds and plug it back in. The equipment will take a few minutes to reboot. It’s also a good idea to restart the device you’re using.

FireStick connected with problems can be fixed by rebooting all the network hardware including WiFi router & modem. Below are detailed steps:

1. Disconnect your Modem/Router from the power source. If you have both, Unplug both.

2. Wait for a couple of minutes.

3. Connect the modem and/or the router back to the power source. It will take a few minutes for the device(s) to reboot. The lights on the modem/router will blink first and become stable, indicating it is now connected to the internet.

2. Make Sure You’re Connected to the Correct WiFi

If you have multiple Wi-Fis in your house, check if you are connected to the WiFi that has a very good signal strength.

Sometimes, FireStick could auto-connect to other available Wi-Fi, make sure you are connected to the correct Wi-Fi connection that has strong internet connection.

In case, you are connected to the other WiFi having poor signal strength, you have to disconnect it and connect to the better one. Below are the steps to check it:

1. Select Gear Icon ⚙️ (Settings) from the home screen of FireStick.

amazon Fire Stick connected with problems

2. Hit Network.

Hit Network

3. Now, ensure that you are connected to the right WiFi network.

4. If it’s not the case, select the right WiFi network and connect to it by typing the correct password.

If you are connected to the right WiFi network, then you don’t have to do anything.

3. Test your Wi-Fi on Other Devices

Try connecting to the same WI-Fi on your phone, laptop, or tablet to see if you can get online. If it connects on other devices, then you know that your internet Wi-Fi is fine and it’s the disconnected device that’s having the problem.

4. Restart FireStick

FireStick internet connected with problems can be due to certain glitches or minor software issues. This can be solved by restarting the FireStick.

Below are the steps to restart FireStick:

For a more detailed overview, read our article: How to Restart FireStick.

1. First of all, remove FireStick connection from the power outlet.

2. Wait for a couple of minutes.

3. Connect the FireStick to the power outlet again to restart it.

5. Reconnect to the WiFi Network by Forgetting it First

If the signal strength of the connected network is strong, but still you are facing internet issues, then you have to forget the network. After that, you have to reconnect to the network. This will solve FireStick connected with problems.

Below are the steps on how to reconnect to the same WiFi network after forgetting it:

1. Select Gear Icon ⚙️ (Settings) after navigating to the FireStick main screen.

amazon Fire Stick connected with problems

2. Hit Network.

Hit Network

3. Using the navigational ring on your FireStick Remote, scroll down to the connected network.

4. Press the Menu button of your FireStick Remote to forget the network.

FireStick internet connected with problems

5. Then, press Select Button of FireStick Remote to confirm.

FireStick connected with problems

6. Now, you have to reconnect to the same network. Click the network again. Enter the Password and hit Connect option to reconnect.

6. Disconnect Other Devices connected to WiFi

If multiple devices are connected to your WiFi, it may be hogging your network bandwidth. Thus, your FireStick may not get enough bandwidth to run smoothly.

In such a case, disconnect all the other devices from the WiFi and check whether it solves the problem.

7. Ensure your FireStick and Router are at a Minimal Distance

The FireStick shouldn’t be positioned far from the router or modem. Usually, they should be placed within 10-15 ft or less distance for getting strong WiFi signals.

Also, remove any hindrance that can block the WiFi Signals. Reposition the router or modem and check if it fixes the internet connection problem.

8. Use an Ethernet Adapter

If the FireStick not getting enough network bandwidth, it is possible that the WiFi router is placed far from the TV or there are hindrances blocking its bandwidth.

And sometimes, it’s not possible to minimize the distance between them or remove the hindrance (e.g walls). For such a case, using an ethernet adapter will likely fix the problem. Internet speed through a cabled connection such as Ethernet adapter will always be better than WiFi connections.

9. Remove Data limit set on your WiFi/Internet Plan

You may find internet connection problems if you have exhausted network bandwidth or if your set data limit is exceeded. In that case, remove the data limit set so that the problem gets rectified.

Also, make sure you have a valid internet plan. It may sound silly but it can happen with prepaid connections. If you don’t have one, renew the plan.

10. Try Troubleshooting your WiFi Router

Amazon Fire Stick connected with problems can occur when your Router is unable to transmit data properly. If your router has a dual-band (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz), try to choose the 2.4 GHz network. It’s because although 5 GHz is faster, 2.4 GHz offers better signal and higher range.

If you are connected to 5 GHz, you can switch to 2.4 GHz by going to Network section from FireStick Settings.

Also, if multiple devices are using a band/frequency (e.g 2.4 GHz), connect to the other band (i.e. 5 GHz) to avoid bandwidth hogging and network disruption.

Furthermore, make sure that the FireStick is not blacklisted/blocked from network by accessing the admin dashboard of router.

11. Contact your ISP

In case you are unable to resolve this connectivity issue yourself, your ISP can assist you in diagnosing connection issues. Customer Support can identify and resolve a wide range of issues even over the phone or through chat support. It’s definitely worth a shot.

If your problem cannot be resolved over the phone, you can schedule an appointment with their technician.

12. Replace your WiFi Equipment

It is also possible that your WiFi Router got damaged or stopped working. If this is the case, you will get little to no internet signal.

See if you can find out whether or not the equipment is damaged. If not, you can always get assistance from your ISP. You can either get the router repaired or buy a new one to solve the problem.

13. Change your Internet Package or Internet Service Provider (ISP)

Do you have recurring internet issues? Getting a new package or a different internet service provider entirely could make a huge difference here.

Try to go for an Internet Service Provider that can provide great internet speed in your location.

It is to be noted that an ISP may offer great internet speed in other locations but it may not work that well in your location. Do your research and then, choose your ISP wisely.

Other Fixes for FireStick Connected With Problems

1. Check your Cables and Wires

Wires and cables can become loose or damaged due to normal wear and tear. The best way to troubleshoot issues with cable is to re-insert them after taking them out. You could also swap them all out, if you have extra cables.

Check for any damage as well. Examine the cable to see if it is torn or has been chewed by a pet. Ethernet and phone cables are especially vulnerable to damage due to the copper wires inside them are very thin.

2. Check if there’s Amazon services Outage

Even though it’s highly unlikely, it’s worth checking whether Amazon services are down. In such a case, you can’t do anything. You have to wait till the services are restored.

You can confirm it by using Amazon services like Amazon Prime on other devices or even by doing a quick search on Twitter. If everything is working fine on other devices, you have to troubleshoot the probable issue that is causing such an error.

3. Try Reconnecting to the VPN service

VPNs like ExpressVPN have a feature called Kill Switch that restricts/blocks internet if you get disconnected from the VPN server. This makes sure that your IP address is not visible, which in turn keeps your online security intact.

If this is the case, launch the VPN application again and reconnect to a VPN server to solve the problem.

4. Try changing the connection protocol of VPN

Ensure that the connection protocol of VPN chosen is right/suitable. If you don’t know which protocol to choose, you can choose Automatic protocol. This will solve the internet connection problem.

Since I use ExpressVPN, I will demonstrate the steps of how to change VPN connection protocol using it. The steps are, however, similar for other VPNs too. The steps are given below:

1. Launch ExpressVPN on FireStick

2. Click Options from the bottom menu.

fix firestick connected with problems

3. Hit Settings.

Hit Settings

4. Select VPN Protocol.

firestick connectivity issues

5. Finally, select the right protocol for internet connection. If you are confused about what to choose, you can select Automatic option. This will ensure that VPN chooses the right option depending on your browsing habits.

fix firestick connected with problems

5. Uninstall the VPN app

Yes, I know I have told you umpteenth times that you should never compromise with your privacy and security. But truth to be told, some VPNs are not properly optimized for your FireStick device. That’s why they may cause FireStick connected with problems issue.

In that case, you have no option left but to uninstall the VPN app to see if the problem is fixed. But, I recommend switching to a better VPN service like ExpressVPN than simply not using one.

6. Consider Deregistering your Amazon account.

If your FireStick is unable to connect to the server, you may need to deregister your Amazon account to fix it. After that, you have to sign in back and check if it works.

Below are the steps to deregister your Amazon account and then sign in back:

1. Navigate to the FireStick home screen & choose Gear Icon ⚙️ (Settings).

amazon Fire Stick connected with problems

2. Select Account & Profile Settings.

Select My Account

3. Hit Amazon Account.

amazon Fire Stick connected with problems

4. Click Deregister

FireStick internet connected with problems

5. After successful deregistering, Register again by entering your Amazon ID credentials and click SIGN IN.

HERE is our guide on how to set up Amazon FireStick from scratch. It includes detailed steps to register and SIGN IN to Amazon FireStick.

7. Reset FireStick to Factory Settings

If you’ve tried everything else to no avail, it may be time to reset your device to its factory settings. It will change the FireStick settings back to default settings.

Please note that all the installed apps, log in details, and files will get erased after resetting. So, I suggest backing up your data before resetting FireStick. Below are the steps to reset FireStick:

We have published a detailed article on How to reset FireStick.

1. Navigate to the FireStick home screen & choose Gear Icon ⚙️ (Settings).

amazon Fire Stick connected with problems

2. Select My Fire TV.

Select My Fire TV

3. Hit Reset to Factory Defaults option.

FireStick connected with problems

4. Hit Reset to confirm.

amazon Fire Stick connected with problems

5. Wait for some time for reset process to get completed.

8. Repair your FireStick from an Authorized Service Center

If FireStick connected with Problems is because of a hardware issue, you might not be able to fix it by yourself. So, it is best to leave that to an Authorized Amazon Service Center and get the FireStick repaired.

9. Buy a Brand New FireStick

You can also buy a brand new FireStick instead of repairing the old one if the issue is due to hardware failure. Also, if the old FireStick is beyond repair, you have no other option but to buy a new one.

Wrapping Up

So, that brings us to the end of this article. I hope you are able to solve FireStick connected with problems issue after following the solutions mentioned above. If you are facing connection issue with a particular app and not all the apps, consider uninstalling it to reinstall it later. This will fix the problem.

It is to be noted that you should consider resetting the FireStick only after all the other methods fail to work. Also, you have to back up your data before resetting. Otherwise, you will lose your valuable data. But if there are any hardware faults in FireStick, you will have to get it repaired or buy a new one.

If you have any other queries, feel free to ask us.

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