How to install HD Streamz on FireStick, Fire TV & Android Devices

We will provide you detailed steps to install HD Streamz on FireStick in this article. It will also work on other Fire TV & Android devices namely Nvidia Shield, Chromecast, Mi Box and more.

Supported DevicesAmazon FireStick, Android TV, Android Mobiles, Tablets, Chromecast with Google TV, Nvidia Shield, Roku, Mi TV Stick, TiVo Stream 4K
Type of AppLive TV (includes a small collection of VOD content)
ContentSports, Entertainment, Music, News, Movies, Kids
External Video Player Supportβœ…

HD Streamz is one of the top live TV channels streaming app which offers 1000+ channels from more than 19 different countries. These countries include the USA, Qatar, UK, India, UAE, France, Portugal, Netherland, Ireland, Spain, Canada, South Africa, Germany, and others. This app has multiple streaming links for channels so that if one link doesn’t work, you have other link options. The Channels and the links are updated on a frequent basis. You can also report any broken link or request a new channel.

Apart from the live TV channels it offers, it also many radio channels from different locations of the world. Though this app also has a separate VOD section, this section is not working yet. Hopefully, it will work soon.

HD Streamz has all the important features required in a live TV streaming app and hence included in our Best Live TV Apps for FireStick List. It also deserves to be in the Best FireStick Apps List.

How to install HD Streamz on FireStick

Follow the complete step-by-step instructions below to get HD Streamz APK on your FireStick. It will only take a few minutes:

1. Install the Downloader App

With apps that have to be installed from a third-party source, the process is a bit complicated. HD Streamz is one such app that needs to be sideloaded to your FireStick. I will explain the steps in detail. Simply follow the steps underneath:

πŸ“ŒTo read more about Downloader, visit our guide: How to Sideload Apps on FireStick with Downloader.

1. Go to the home screen of your FireStick and select Find on the main menu bar in the middle.

how to install HD Streamz on FireStick

2. Now, click the Search button below

click search

3. Enter the word Downloader with the help of the keypad available on the screen. Now, scroll down and select Downloader from the search results

HD Streamz APK

4. Select Downloader app icon under the Apps and Games section.

Select Downloader app icon under the Apps and Games section.

5. Click Get/Download.

install HD Streamz on fire stick

6. Allow FireStick some time to download & install the app

how to get HD Streamz on Amazon FireStick

2. Turn ON Install Unknown Apps

Install Unknown apps is a FireStick setting, which is by default disabled. To install third-party apps, one must enable this setting. Follow these steps below:

1. Click the Gear Icon on the FireStick home-screen from the menu bar in the middle

HD Streamz download

2. Click My Fire TV on the next screen

Click My Fire TV on the next screen

3. Choose Developer Options.

πŸ’‘Note: Can’t find Developer Options? Go to: Settings > My Fire TV > About. Repeatedly select the first menu item 7 times. The message "No need, you are already a developer" will appear. Go back to the My Fire TV menu to find the newly revealed "Developer Options". Check out our guide with screenshots and video tutorial: How to Unhide/Reveal Developer Options.

download HD Streamz on FireStick

4. Click Install unknown apps

πŸ“ŒNote: If the option says Apps from Unknown Sources, click Apps from Unknown Sources > Turn On. Skip the next step.

set up HD Streamz on FireStick

5. Turn the option ON for Downloader

HD Streamz APK download

3. Install HD Streamz on FireStick

Now, let’s move ahead with the final installation steps for HD Streamz on FireStick. Here are the steps:

1. Launch Downloader app

2. On the first launch, Downloader app requires you to give certain permissions. Click Allow

how to install HD Streamz on FireStick

3. Then, click OK to close the Start Guide

Then, click OK to close the Start Guide

4. On Downloader app’s home screen, click where it says Enter a URL.

steps to install HD Streamz

5. Type in the following URL for the HD Streamz APK:

You may need to connect to a VPN to access this website.

Click Go

πŸ“Œ NOTE: You may also use the Downloader Code for HD Streamz, which is 95015

Get HD Streamz APK

6. Once the website loads, click on the Download link of your choice. If you get parsing error with any link, simply try other links.

HERE is our detailed guide on How to Fix Problem Parsing the Package Error.

HD Streamz on FireStick

7. Then, click Download File

HD Streamz for FireStick

8. Downloader app will shortly begin to download this APK file

Downloader app will shortly begin to download this APK file

9. When the download is complete, the installation process will initiate. Click INSTALL

how to install HD Streamz on FireStick

10. Wait while the HD Streamz App installs on your FireStick.

HD Streamz APK

11. Once installed, you should see the App Installed notification, click DONE

install HD Streamz on fire stick

12. Click Delete to remove the APK file from your FireStick. FireStick storage is limited, so it’s best to delete the files that you no longer need.

Click Delete to remove the APK file

13. Click Delete again to confirm.

how to get HD Streamz on Amazon FireStick

How to Use HD Streamz on Fire TV and FireStick

Let’s learn how to open the HD Streamz  app:

1. Hold Down the Home Button on Amazon FireStick Remote  for 5 seconds. When you see a menu like below, click Apps

how to install HD Streamz APK on FireStick

2. Find the HD Streamz icon from the installed apps list and click it to open.

download HD Streamz on FireStick

A pop-up page will open when launched for the first time. HD Streamz lets you remove ads if you share available device resources with customers to pass web traffic through your device. Select either of the two- Remove ads (use device available resources) or Keep ads (don’t use device available resources).

Select either of the two options

Shown below is the Main Page of HD Streamz  on FireStick:

how to use HD Streamz on FireStick

Overview of HD Streamz APK:

The Homepage of HD Streamz shows all the live TV channels categorized by the country of origin. The top of the Homepage shows the recent sporting events going on for quicker access. It also has an option to sort Channels by different Categories like Live Sports, Entertainment, Music, Infotainment, Lifestyle, News, and more.

The topmost panel has Hamburger Menu, Search Icon, Refresh button, and Three dots icon. Right below them, we get the option of switching between Live TV, Radio Channels, VOD, and Favourites. The VOD section currently does not offer any on-demand videos.

HD Streamz has a powerful search option. Click the refresh button to refresh all the channels and their links. The three dots icon currently only has the Exit button.

The Hamburger Menu has three very important features – Network Stream, Report Channel, and Settings other than the Copyright section. Furthermore, you can contact the team of HD Streamz, visit their website and Facebook page and also share the app from the Hamburger Menu.

Hamburger menu

The Copyright section is just a disclaimer page telling the user that all the links of the Channels provided in HD Streamz are collected from the web and don’t belong to them. The Network Stream button lets you manually enter a Network URL so that you can stream it. The Report Channel button is for reporting any broken links of channels.

The Settings section lets you manage your default video player, theme, and an option to remove ads by sharing available device resources.

download HD Streamz on FireStick

Here you can also manage the settings of the in-built HD Streamz Player.

HD Streamz APK download


HD Streamz offers more than 1000 channels both in HD and SD quality. It has a simple interface powered by a Smart search option. Explore Channels of different Categories like Live Sports, Sports, Entertainment, Music, movies, Kids, Infotainment, Lifestyle, News, and Religion. It also supports playing video in external players like MX Player and X player. If you don’t have an external video player, you can also play videos in its in-built HD Streamz Player. Other than that, you can get broken channels links fixed by reporting them and also request new channels. Try it today!

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