The Best Ways to Fix Cinema HD Not Working – June 2024

Having trouble using Cinema HD APK? In today’s tutorial, you will learn the potential reasons and their solutions to fix Cinema HD not working errors.

These solutions will work on all devices that support Cinema HD APK. That includes FireStick, Android Boxes, NVIDIA Shield, Chromecast with Google TV, Android devices and more.

Cinema HD v2 App has been experiencing problems recently, with some users unable to access their favorite shows and movies. Therefore, many users are wondering if Cinema HD is down. So, why is Cinema HD not working?

The most common reason for Cinema HD not working is your internet connection. This is because the Cinema app relies on your internet connection to function. The other causes include Cache build-up, Geo-restricted content, Server Issue, Outdated App, etc.

We will look at all reasons behind this problem and also their solutions in this guide.

Cinema HD APK is one of the most popular firestick apps used by users across the world for streaming their favorite TV shows or movies online. Its elegant yet simple user interface with tons of features makes it a household name.

But like every other streaming app, Cinema HD too runs into some troubles like No links/streams, no connection issues, video unavailability, video buffering, crashing problems, Playback failed, Server error, Cinema HD playing wrong movie or episode, Black screen error, and more.

Learn How to Install & Use ExpressVPN on FireStick

Why is Cinema HD Not Working?

There could be several reasons why you are experiencing this issue. The most common reasons behind Cinema HD APK not working issue are:

  • Internet Speed too slow
  • Less Storage and RAM space
  • Cache Build-Up
  • Outdated Cinema HD App
  • Server Issue
  • Server bandwidth too low
  • Content Restriction in your location by your Internet Service Provider  (ISP)
  • Ad-blocker interfering

How to Fix Cinema HD Not Working Issue

It becomes frustrating when your favorite app stops working. If Cinema HD is your favorite app and unfortunately, Cinema HD v2 has stopped working, you have come to the right place. With the solutions that we have provided below, you should be able to get back to watching your favorite movies and TV shows ASAP.

Here are some hacks you should try to fix your Cinema HD not working problem right away:

1. Update Cinema APK to Its Latest Version

The reason for your Cinema HD not working on FireStick and other devices can simply be because you are using an outdated or older version of the app. Updating it to the latest version will solve Cinema APK glitches like no data, no streams, etc.

So, if you see a prompt window on your screen regarding an app update, it’s important to update the Cinema app to avoid such issues in the future. We have a guide on How to Update Cinema HD APK. Do check it out for detailed step-by-step methods.

But first check the version of your Cinema APK to find out if it is the latest version. Right now the latest version is 2.4.0. Here’s how you can check the Cinema APK version:

1. From within the Cinema APK

It is possible to find out the app version of Cinema app by opening the app. Let’s learn how to do it:

1. For checking the app version of Cinema, launch it first. Hit the Hamburger menu from the uppermost left side.

cinema hd not working

2. The version no. of the app will be visible at the top of the screen.

unfortunately cinema hd v2 has stopped working

2. From FireStick Settings

The app version of Cinema app can be checked from FireStick Settings too. Let’s learn how to do it:

1. Head to FireStick Settings (Gear icon)

Head to FireStick Settings (Gear icon)

2. Then, select Applications

cinema hd v2 not working

3. Hit Manage Installed Applications

cinema app not working

4. Scroll down to Cinema app to and you will find its version no. on the right side.

Scroll down to Cinema app to and you will find its version no. on the right side

2. Check Your Internet Speed

Your Cinema HD APK could show No Connection or Buffering problems if you have low internet speed. Or it could mean that you have simply exhausted your daily internet data limit which might be the cause for your internet speed being deteriorated. If this is the case, make sure too many devices are not connected to your Wi-Fi connection leading to bandwidth hogging.

You can also test your internet speed by doing a speed test using apps like Internet Speed Test App, Analiti, Ookla Speed Test, SpeedSmart, etc. You can get these apps on Amazon Appstore.

The screenshot below is of Internet speed test app. You may install the app on your device and click START TEST to check the speed.

Internet speed test app

If your internet speed is slow, consider switching your internet service provider for a better high-speed internet connection.

Here are the recommended speed for –

  • Standard Definition Videos: Minimum of 3 Mbps
  • High Definition Videos: Minimum of 5 Mbps
  • Ultra HD videos: Minimum of 25 Mbps

If your Internet speed is generally good and you have opted for a high-speed connection but it seems exceptionally slow today, try the below hack for quick and effective results:

1. Turn OFF your device.
2. Turn OFF your router/modem for 5 minutes
3. After 5 minutes are over, turn the router back ON
4. Lastly, turn ON device.

Check to see if your Internet speed is back to normal. Try streaming on Cinema APK again.

3. Use A VPN While Streaming to Fix Cinema HD Not Working

Sometimes you might be having trouble playing some particular content in Cinema HD app and your screen might display ‘No Data error’ or ‘No Links Available Error’.

It simply may be because these contents are restricted in your region or your Internet Service Provider (ISP) has blocked the content for streaming in your geographical location. If this is the case, you should think about using a VPN (Virtual Private Network ) service while streaming.

A VPN simply hides your IP address by rerouting your network through VPN host remote-server, hence ensuring a secure connection and a secured data transfer while giving access to regional content too. We recommend ExpressVPN, it is one of the best VPNs for online security and safety while streaming. Currently, they are offering 49% OFF on their Annual Plan with 3 months FREE service. Try risk-free with 30 day Money back guarantee.

If you are wondering how to get more links on Cinema HD, ExpressVPN may help unlocking geo-restricted links.

Here’s how you can use Cinema APK with VPN:

1. Sign Up for ExpressVPN HERE!

2. Turn on your FireStick and once the homepage loads, navigate to Find

cinema HD not working

3. Then, click Search

Click Search

4. Type in ExpressVPN and perform a search

cinema APK stopped working

5. Follow the on-screen instructions to install it on your FireStick

Follow the on-screen instructions

6. Once the installation process is finished, open the app

7. Enter your login credentials

expressVPN Sign In

8. Choose a server and click the Power Icon

Cinema APK not working

Once connected, you may try streaming on Cinema HD again.

4. Try Clearing APK Cache

If you are facing Buffering issues and your Cinema APK stopped working suddenly, it can be due to the build-up of cache in your Cinema HD app. Here’s how you can fix your buffering problems in Cinema HD FireStick app.

1. Navigate from your FireStick home screen to the Gear Icon (Settings)

Cinema HD not working

2. Click Applications

Cinema APK not working

3. Click Manage Installed Applications

Click Manage Installed Applications

4. Then, go to Cinema HD

Fix Cinema HD not Working

5. Scroll down and choose Clear Cache

Fix Cinema APK not Working

Once you clear your app cache, your wishlist, bookmarks, and downloads might vanish too. So, make sure you have a backup before you clear your app cache.

5. Link Real-Debrid with Cinema APK

If do not find any working link the movie or TV show that you are looking for, you should consider integrating Real Debrid with Cinema HD. Real-debrid is an affordable service, and is totally worth it in my opinion. For as low as 3.5 USD, you will gain access to premium links.

By linking real-debrid within Cinema APK, you will find lots more links that you won’t see otherwise. There will be many higher resolution links as well. Here are the steps:

📌To know more about Real-Debrid, visit our guide on How to set up & use Real Debrid with FireStick Apps

1. If you do not have a premium Real Debrid account, sign up HERE

2. Access the Hamburger Menu from the Cinema HD app’s home screen

Cinema HD not working

3. Open Settings

Cinema HD stopped working

4. Click ACCOUNT


5. Select Login to Real-Debrid

Cinema HD not working

6. On the next screen, you will see a verification code.

fix Cinema HD not working

7. On another device, visit

8. Type the verification code and choose Continue

Cinema APK not working

9. The Application allowed notification appears on your browser. Real-debrid is now authorized within Cinema HD.

Cinema HD stopped working

That’s all. Now, you should see many new links under movies and TV shows.

6. Disable Show Debrid Only Option

Not everyone uses real-debrid with Cinema HD. But if the Show debrid only option is turned on, then you may not see any links if the real debrid isn’t linked with Cinema APK. Although this feature is disabled by default, you could have turned it on by mistake.

Here’s how you can disable this option and get regular, non-debrid links too:

1. From the home screen of Cinema HD, click on the Hamburger Menu icon.

Cinema HD APK not working

2. Scroll down and click Settings

Scroll down and click Settings

3. Click ACCOUNT

Cinema HD not working

4. Scroll down and check if the Show debrid only option is enabled. If it is, click the toggle to turn it OFF.

fix Cinema HD not working

7. Disable the Auto Play Feature

There’s an auto-play feature available within Cinema HD. When autoplay is enabled, Cinema APK will automatically pick a link and try to play it. When the links Cinema is trying to play are broken, you may get the playback failed error.

To select streaming links yourself, turn the Auto Play feature off. Here’s how:

1. From the home screen of Cinema HD, click the Hamburger Menu.

Cinema HD APK not working

2. Scroll down and open Settings

Scroll down and click Settings

3. Disable the below settings:

  • Autoplay next episode (TV/Show)
  • Auto next with first subtitle in list
fix Cinema APK not working

4. Try playing a couple of shows or movies and see if you are able to stream now.

8. Uninstall the Cinema HD APK & Re-install It

If the solutions above didn’t work, you should simply try uninstalling your old application and reinstall the latest version available.

This may solve your problem. Especially when you are using a bug-infused app version, this trick will work.

First of all, let’s learn how to uninstall the Cinema app. In fact, there are two ways to do it. We will learn both of them one by one. Then, we will learn how to reinstall Cinema app.

Method-1 to Uninstall Cinema HD 

These are the steps for the First Method :

1. Press and hold the Home button on your FireStick Remote. Hit the Apps icon.

cinema app on firestick not working

2. Choose the Cinema app. Then, press the FireStick remote Menu button .

You will see a set of options on the lower side of the screen. Hit the Uninstall option.

Hit the Uninstall option

4. Again, hit Uninstall.

cinema hd no links available

5. Select OK for confirmation.

cinema not working on firestick

Method-2 to Uninstall Cinema HD 

These are the steps for the Second Method :

1. Hit Settings (Gear icon) from the FireStick main screen

Head to FireStick Settings (Gear icon)

2. Select Applications

cinema hd v2 not working

3. Hit Manage Installed Apps

cinema app not working

4. Choose Cinema HD V2 from the available app list.

Scroll down to Cinema app to and you will find its version no. on the right side

5. Hit Uninstall.

Hit Uninstall

6. Select Uninstall again.

cinema hd app not working

7. Let the app uninstall.

Re-install the App

After the uninstallation process is complete, you need to install Cinema app again. These are the quick steps to reinstall it:

For detailed steps, read our Guide: Install Cinema HD on FireStick.

1. Select Find > Search and then install the Downloader application following the on-screen instruction.

cinema hd firestick not working

2. Start Downloader. Select the URL field.

Select the URL field

3. Type the Downloader code for Cinema HD which is 86051. Alternatively, you can also type the URL:

Then, click Go.

is cinema hd down

4. Download the app .

5. Hit Install to install Cinema app.

cinema not working

9. Force Stop Cinema App

If Cinema App is not working, you can force stop the app to see if it has solved the issue or not. This trick may work if the app is misbehaving. It’s because it denies the app access to the cache files for the time being by killing the running instance of the app. Let’s learn how to force stop Cinema app:

1. Start FireStick device and head to FireStick Settings from its main screen.

Head to FireStick Settings (Gear icon)

2. Hit Applications

cinema hd v2 not working

3. Select Manage Installed Applications

cinema app not working

4. Choose Cinema HD V2 app from the available list.

Scroll down to Cinema app to and you will find its version no. on the right side

5. Hit the Force Stop option to force stop the app.

how to get more links on cinema hd

10. Clear Data of Cinema HD App

Another solution that might help you to solve Cinema HD not working issue is by clearing app data. So, if the app is infused with bugs or malware, clearing app data will remove them. It will revert the app settings to factory default. Let’s learn how to clear Cinema HD app data:

Note: All your downloaded files/history will get erased and you will be logged out of your linked premium sources account after app data clearing.

1. Hit the Hamburger Menu from the uppermost left side after launching Cinema HD app.

cinema hd not working

2. Hit Settings.

Hit Settings

3. Then, choose Backup and Restore

cinema hd not working

4. Select Backup for backing up app files. This is required to ensure you don’t lose any important files.

unfortunately cinema hd v2 has stopped working

5. Head back to FireStick Main Screen by pressing FireStick Remote Home Button .

6. Select FireStick Settings.

Head to FireStick Settings (Gear icon)

7. Start Applications.

cinema hd v2 not working

8. Then, hit Manage Installed Applications.

cinema app not working

9. Choose Cinema HD V2

Scroll down to Cinema app to and you will find its version no. on the right side

10. Hit Clear Data for clearing app data.

cinema hd v2 not working

11. Choose Clear Data again

Choose Clear Data again

12. Once done, you can come back to this Backup and Restore settings and choose Restore to restore all your Cinema APK settings.

11. Check Real-Debrid Account Status

If you have linked Cinema app with your Real Debrid account, you should check the following things if Cinema app is not working:

Please note that this solution won’t be useful if Cinema app is not linked with Real Debrid. In that case, try the other solutions mentioned in this post.

1. Head to your Real Debrid account for checking the status of your account. If your Real Debrid subscription has expired, you will stop receiving premium source links for content. This can also be the reason for Cinema app not working. If that’s the case, it’s time to renew your subscription.

cinema hd v2 not working

2. Sometimes, Real Debrid links might not work due to server maintenance/ outrage. You can verify if that’s the case by looking for any announcements made by Real Debrid Twitter handle. The only solution to this problem is to wait till the Real Debrid server is online again.

12. Free Up Storage Space On Your Device

If your FireStick device has low storage, it is likely to behave erratically. This can be one of the causes that can lead to Cinema HD not working.

To solve this problem, consider uninstalling apps that you hardly use. Also, you should remove unnecessary files to free up space on your device.

13. Enable Providers

Since Cinema app fetches links from sources provided by different providers, it is advisable for enabling all providers especially if you don’t have any premium sources account linked to it. This will ensure that Cinema HD also works if some links provided by the providers stopped working. Generally, Cinema app enables all providers but sometimes, they might get disabled by mistake. Let’s learn how to enable all providers:

1. Select the Hamburger menu of Cinema app.

cinema hd not working

2. Hit Settings

Hit Settings

3. Choose the Performance option.

Choose the Performance option

4. Select Choose providers to enable…

cinema app not working

5. You will be able to see the list of all the providers (free). Manually check whether any of the providers are disabled. And enable the ones that are disabled.

cinema app on firestick not working

14. Try Other Cinema APK Alternatives

You might face problems while streaming in Cinema APK due to low server bandwidth or simply due to host and server problems or heavy traffic in server. Or you might come across some dead links since Cinema HD does not have its own links, it is completely dependent on the links provided by host websites. Hence you could face issues like ‘Video Not Available’ or ‘Server Error’.

If you face such issues, you will need to wait until the developers find a solution for the problem with its app updates and bug fixes. Meanwhile, you can try other working Cinema APK alternatives. There are tons of alternatives to choose from, the best ones being FilmPlus, CyberFlix TV, BeeTV, Media Lounge, and UK Turks app.

📌 For a complete list of alternatives, visit our list of Best Cinema HD Alternatives

15. Stop Using AdBlocker

You may face ‘No Data Error’ while streaming if you are using any AdBlockers. AdBlockers like AdGuard can block your content from loading. In such cases, disable AdBlocker and restart device. Then, reopen the APK and try streaming again. Your problem should be solved.

You can also opt for an ad-free/modded version of the APK so that you don’t have to worry about intermittent apps while streaming your favorite content.

16. Check APK Compatibility

If your Cinema APK and your FireStick device are not compatible with each other, you will face a Parse error. Check whether your device supports the APK or not. If not, find a compatible one and install it. You might face a similar issue if your APK file is broken, in that case, simply uninstall the app, download it again and reinstall it.

HERE is our detailed guide on How to Fix Problem Parsing the Package Error.

You can install the app using the Downloader code for Cinema HD: 86051. Or, the URL:

For detailed steps, read our guide on How to install Cinema HD.

17. Clear Real Debrid Download History/Torrents Regularly

If you have been using Real Debrid for some time and your Cinema HD v2 is not working. It’s a good idea to also clear its download history/torrents. It can sometime interfere with Cinema, leading to no links.

Here’s how:

1. Visit

2. Login to your account using your username and password


cinema hd v2 not working

4. Scroll down and click on Download History

Cinema HD v2 not working

5. Then, click the Cross Icon (red color) on top right. You may have to do it a couple of times depending on your download history. Clear it until all the history is gone completely.

Cinema APK not working

18. Use External Media Player

Although the Cinema app has its own media player, using a dedicated external player like MX Player is a better option to play content. This will ensure that the content plays properly even if there is an issue with the app’s internal player.

After MX Player is installed on your device, head to its app Settings. Then, select General. Manage the Playback settings here and choose it as the default media player.

I have included detailed steps for MX Player integration within Cinema in our guide: How to Install Cinema HD

19. Fix Cinema HD playing Wrong Movies/ TV Shows

Recently, a lot of users have been complaining that Cinema app on firestick is playing wrong movies and TV episodes. When they look for a particular title and play the available links, some of the links turn out to be wrong links of a different movie or show altogether.

If you have tried all the other solutions in this guide and Cinema app is not working still, it is probably because you are trying to watch a movie or TV episode that is not available on Cinema HD FireStick App yet.

Also, please understand that if uploaders mislabel files, there isn’t much Cinema HD can do. It’s only a scraper trying to match the name of the search term with the name of the file. We would recommend opting for GoogleVideo links if available – they rarely seems to be labelled wrong.

Sometimes, you click a link to your favorite movie/show, but to your disappointment, another movie starts playing. This can be irritating and it will likely spoil your mood. But fortunately, it’s possible to figure out whether you are clicking the right link(s) to play your preferred content. Let’s learn how:

1. Hit the Search tool at the top menu bar of Cinema app.

2. Enter the content name that you desire to watch.

For example, I will search for It’s a Wonderful Life. It’s a public domain movie.

3. Select the resulting option.

4. You will now be able to see all the available lists.

Long press any link for a few seconds. Pressing and holding the Select button or the button at the center of the navigational ring of Remote will do the trick for FireStick or similar devices. And for Android smartphones, simply tap the link and hold it for a few seconds.

cinema hd playing wrong movies

5. A new window will open. Verify whether the name of the file shown in the window is the same as the content name you desire to watch. If the file name is the same, most probably it is the right file.

cinema app on firestick playing wrong movies

20. Fix Cinema HD No Streams or Links

Sometimes, there are no available free streaming links for content. This can be one of the causes for Cinema HD not working.

To tackle this problem, you have to link Cinema app with a premium sources account like Real Debrid. Real Debrid provides HD streaming links for content.

However, if you are not finding any links after Real Debrid linking, it’s probably because the content has no working links.

In that case, you can try finding working links for the content on other similar apps.

21. Fix Cinema HD Playback Failed Error

A corrupt link can result in playback failure. The Cinema app will then try playing another link automatically. This process will continue till the app is able to find a link that is working.

But, in rare cases, you will not find any available working streaming links for particular content. Since Cinema app fetches links from outside sources and has no content of its own, the developers of this app will be of no help. You have to wait till a new working link is provided by the providers. However, you can link your Real Debrid account with Cinema app to find more streaming links.

22. Fix Cinema APK Not Downloading Error

If the Cinema app version that you are trying to install is incompatible with your device, then it will not get installed. ‘Problem parsing the package’ issue can also occur if you are trying to install an older version of the app instead of the latest version.

Always, ensure that you are installing the latest Cinema app version. You can install the app using the Downloader code for Cinema HD, which is 86051. Or, the URL:

Read our Guide on How to install Cinema HD for detailed steps.

23. Fix Cinema Subtitles not loading

If you don’t turn on Play with subtitles feature on Cinema app, it will not display subtitles while playing a content. The Subtitle unable to load problem can also be fixed easily.

We have a detailed guide on How to fix Cinema Subtitles not Working Issue. Read it for further details.

Final Thoughts On Cinema HD Not Working

I hope that these hacks helped you fix your Cinema HD Not Working problem. If you are facing a different problem, kindly write to us in the comment section about your issues and we are happy to help you.

Please note that, in case of server /internal app issues with Cinema HD, you will have to be patient until the Cinema HD developers fix the problem. They are usually pretty quick to fix such issues.

Please let us if you know any other solutions to these problems, this could help other fellow Cinema APK users.

35 thoughts on “The Best Ways to Fix Cinema HD Not Working – June 2024”

  1. I have not been able to access Cinema HD for almost a week now. I get the message “sometime server has been died because many people access at the same time…. I have done everything to fix this but to no avail. Can you help?

    • Hi Sharon, I just checked Cinema HD. It’s working fine for me. Have you tried the solution provided in this guide? For example, try updating the app to its latest version if it’s not already. Use it with a VPN and/or Real debrid.

    • Hi Elizabeth! Please uninstall the previously installed Cinema HD APK and then re-install it from the Cinema APK website: Usually the previous version creates conflict with the new version when you encounter such as an error. Let me know if this helps.

  2. Failed to connect to api.the moviedb. org
    Please help me get Vinema up and working again.
    Thank you so much

    • Hi Otis, some ISPs seem to block Are you using a VPN with the Cinema? If not, using a VPN should help in this case.

    • Hi, Lisa! Try Cinema with Real-debrid. You will get access to lots more links with that(steps are available in the guide). If you have VPN, you can connect to that as well, sometime, some working links are not available in some region.

    • I deleted the cinema app when I pick a movie and the stream come I click on it and then a different movie comes I have to go thru all the streams before the right one comes

      • Hi Lynn! If uploaders mislabel files, there isn’t much Cinema HD can do. It’s only a scraper trying to match the name of what you are looking for with the name of the file. Go for GoogleVideo if available – it rarely seems to be labelled wrong.
        Also, trying Real Debrid may help as free links can have this problem usually.

  3. I have cinema HD on my firestick. I really love the app it has a great variety of 1000’s of movies and TV shows as well. But there are 2 issues I have with the app. First problem is when you locate a movie to watch and then search for the links you may get many links to choose from or just a few. Then you click on the link you chosen and turns out to be the wrong movie or TV show. When this happens you need to back out of that link and choose another link to play and even that turns out to be the wrong movie or TV show. This happens many times. Secondly when you search and find a movie or show you want to watch there are no links available to play. There is nothing wrong with my WIFI. nothing wrong with my firestick and nothing wrong with my TV. So what could be the problem?

    • Hi Joe, try Cinema with Real-debrid. You will get access to lots more links with that(steps are available in the guide). If none of the solutions from this guide work for you, please try any other on-demand app from our Best FireStick Apps list.

  4. I already use real- debrid and I looked at your list of apps and they aren’t as good as cinema. I have other opinions about the list that I saw. None of them beat cinema. Can you just please fix the issues with cinema app, would be much simpler than coming here and discussing it then waiting a day or two for a answer.

    • Hi Joe, we do not own or operate Cinema HD, so it’s not up to us to fix it. This blog is only for educational purposes. If none of the solutions work for you, then you may have to wait until the cinema developers fix the problem.

  5. I’ve had Cinema 2.4.0. since it was released, but recently I’ve been unable to download shows, and sometimes it freezes so that I’m forced to use the Firestick home button. I use a VPN, Real-debrid, and have intenet speeds >90 mbps.

    • Hi Doc, that is strange. I use Cinema 2.4.0 and it works fine for me. Have you tried re-installing it? Please uninstall the previous one before that. If nothing works for you, you may try some alternatives from the guide: Cinema HD alternatives

  6. Hi
    I have been using cinema hd app for over a year now via an android box. However suddenly the series I have been watching stopped having any links. Be it midsomer murders, Vera, inspector lynley mysteries. This is annoying. I have installed, uninstalled, clear cache, even installed older version from 2.4 to 2.3.7 something. Please help!!!

    • Hi, Gnyanesh! Try Cinema with Real-Debrid as it gives access to premium links or you may even consider a VPN as some links are not available in certain regions. If nothing works for you, then you may try some alternatives from the guide: Cinema HD alternatives

  7. Hi, I’ve been using cinema to watch a lot of my tv shows, recently I tried to watch some of my favorite shows but no links pop up. when I try to watch my shows I can’t seem to get any links for it. I have a VPN and I am using the latest version of cinema Hd. I’ve tried reinstalling it, clearing the cache and data but nothing seems to work. I would really appreciate some help.

    • Hi Maya! Are you trying to watch something that’s newly released? Sometimes, it takes a week or so for the titles to be available in such cases. You may try integrating Real debrid if you have it. If nothing works, then you may try some alternatives from the guide: Cinema HD alternatives

    • Hi, Graeme! Sorry to hear that. Cinema, CucoTV, etc. are working great for us. I hope you have tried the solutions provided in the guide.

  8. So… this is so strange, but, as of last week, no new episodes are showing up for me. If I check anything from a week or two before, the links show up fine. Nut literally anything I check from the last week or so shows absolutely no links. And I’ve checked every show I can to see if it’s a consistent problem and it really is. I have expressVPN hooked up and beyond that and clearing my cache, I’m completely lost as to what to do next. Can someone please help me figure this one out? I’ve also noticed I have the same problem on Titanium TV and CatMouse. So i have no clue what to make of it.

    • Hi Nathan, Titanium is not fetching links anymore and Catmouse too has been discontinued. However, Cinema HD is working great for us. Make sure your APK is updated. If you would like to try other Cinema HD alternatives, do check our guide: Cinema HD alternatives

  9. I have used Cinema hd for years. I love it. I also use real debrid with vp vanish. But lately on my firestick (and my sisters) when you pull up a link for a movie, it plays some random movie. This happens A LOT. It’s really weird. Is there any fix for this?

    • Hi Melody, if uploaders mislabel files, there isn’t much Cinema HD can do. It’s only a scraper trying to match the name of the search term with the name of the file. However, we have noticed that GoogleVideo and fMovies links rarely seems to be labelled wrong, do try them if available.

    • Hi Eric, I have checked a couple of newly released TV episodes(including Curb your enthusiasm and Dexter) and they work great. Let me know the name of the show you are trying to watch and I will check for you.

  10. No matter what I try to watch, there’s no streams. I have cleared the cache, deleted it and installed a new version. I have tried several shows and always shows no streams. My internet works great so that’s not the issue. Trying to watch older shows like Judge Judy or Survivor so there should be lots of streams.

    • Hi Jennifer, yes, unfortunately Cinema HD doesn’t have any links for these shows. You may try other Cinema HD alternatives and see if they have any links. Here’s our Cinema HD alternatives guide: Cinema HD alternatives

  11. My app works fine, but when I put anything in search I only get the round circle. Even shows that I have already saved don’t show up, nada.

    • Hi Nancy! When you search for a title, Cinema doesn’t show you any results at all? Did I get that right? Let us know the Cinema Version that you’re using.

    • Hi Lisa! Does it show any error when you search? Please be informed that Cinema doesn’t receive any updates any longer as the devs have decided to focus on other projects. You may try other Cinema HD Alternatives from this list.

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