How to Jailbreak FireStick (Everything You Need to Know)

In today’s guide, you will learn how to Jailbreak FireStick. The instructions provided in this guide apply to all models of the Fire TV devices including the Fire TV Stick 4K, Fire TV Cube, Fire TV Stick Lite, & so on.

Amazon FireStick is a portable and inexpensive entertainment device that allows you to enjoy movies, shows, live TV, sports, etc. And it gets all the more capable and better when you jailbreak it.

FireStick allows its users to stream various content from OTT platforms such as Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu, etc.  However, all of these platforms charge a hefty subscription fee for their services. The fees are fairly high, therefore not everyone can afford them. This exactly where FireStick Jailbreak comes in handy for Amazon FireStick users.  After you unlock or jailbreak FireStick, you will be able to exploit its full potential and access unlimited movies, TV shows, Fire Stick Jailbreak Channels and much more.

Legal Disclaimer: This guide is purely for educational purposes. TOPTVTIPS.COM does not endorse streaming copyrighted and/or licensed media. Streaming copyrighted content is illegal in many countries and could get you tangled in legal issues. Do look into the online streaming laws in your area before accessing copyrighted media. TOPTVTIPS.COM does not own or re-sell any streaming app or service mentioned in this guide. We also do not verify if the streaming apps or services mentioned in this guide are authorized to deliver the media available on their platform.



What is Jailbreak FireStick?

So, what is exactly FireStick Jailbreaking, you ask? It is simply tweaking some default FireStick settings to your advantage by allowing the installation of apps from third-party sources.

Jailbreaking is a term that was originally used in association with iOS devices. It actually involves changing the firmware of the device & manipulating core files in the OS, which requires high technical expertise. Whereas, in the case of FireStick Jailbreaking, we aren’t doing any such thing.

So, technically, we aren’t really Jailbreaking the FireStick but for the sake of the popularity of the search term, we chose this term, so viewers like yourself can find this article.

If you a FireStick user who wants to enjoy unrestricted content, Jailbreaking is something you should try. It is such an easy process that any layperson without any kind of technical skills can do it. We will take you through the step-by-step procedure of How to jailbreak a FireStick in this guide, all you have to do is simply follow them.

What are the Benefits of having a jailbroken Amazon FireStick?

By jailbreaking your Amazon FireStick, you will have access to a bottomless pool of TV shows, movies, live TV, sports, and a lot more.

Jailbreaking gives the FireStick users the upper hand and they will have access to much more apps and content than the regular user. It harbors a lot of other advantages too. Here are some of the major benefits of Jailbreaking FireStick:

  • Unlimited access to the content
  • Install third-party streaming apps, addons, etc. to your FireStick
  • Get access to many utility apps
  • Play third-party games that aren’t available in the Amazon Appstore

Is it safe to Jailbreak a FireStick?

FireStick Jailbreak is safe because we are not making any extreme changes to the FireStick device. Neither will we change anything in the operating system or the firmware of the device. As a result, this won’t cause your device any harm at all as

Moreover, you can easily undo the Jailbreaking process if you wish to. Jailbreaking won’t even annul the warranty of your FireStick.

Is it legal to Jailbreak a FireStick?

Jailbreak Fire Stick is absolutely legal. We are merely installing some apps from third-party sources that are not available in the Amazon app store. These apps are used by millions of people.

However, some content available within these streaming app may violate copyright laws.

Remember to only use these apps to stream for Movies and TV Shows available in the public domain. Otherwise, you may find yourself in legal issues.

Use a VPN to Jailbreak Safely

A good VPN will make your Jailbreaking process safer and secure. It will mask your IP address and maintain anonymity online.

Before we get into the FireStick Jailbreaking method, be sure to always use a VPN while streaming content with these third-party apps. We recommend using a reliable VPN with a zero-log policy such as Express VPN.

How to Jailbreak a FireStick 4K and other FireStick Models

So, let’s get to the burning question – How do you jailbreak a FireStick?

As we have discussed before, we are looking to install third-party apps that are not a part the official Amazon Store. For that, we need sideloading tools that allow us to install third-party apps and add-ons to your FireStick. I have included three sideloading tools in this guide.

Now, let’s get right into how you can jailbreak a FireStick. Make sure you follow all the steps carefully:

A. Jailbreak FireStick with Downloader

To Jailbreak FireStick, we are going to use the most popular side-loading tool Downloader. We are going to primarily use this app for Jailbreaking. The good news is Downloader app is available on the official Amazon store.

📌 To learn more about Downloader, visit our guide: How to Sideload Apps with Downloader

1. Install the Downloader App

Installing the Downloader App is super easy. Here are the steps:

1. Navigate from the FireStick home screen to Find

How to jailbreak a FireStick

2. Next, click Search

FireStick Jailbreak

3. An on-screen keypad will appear on the screen. Use that to enter the word Downloader. Alternatively, you can use the Alexa Voice feature. From the suggestions below the keypad, click Downloader

click Downloader

4. Click the Downloader app icon

How to jailbreak FireStick

5. Click Get/Download (the first-time installers will see “Get”)

Fire Stick Jailbreak

6. You will have Downloader installed on your FireStick in a few seconds. And you will see that the Download has changed to Open.

Jailbreak Fire Stick

2. Enable Install Unknown Apps Feature for Downloader App

Now, our next step is to enable the Install Unknown Apps feature for the Downloader App. Here’s what we need to do:

1. Return to the FireStick home screen by pressing the Home button on your FireStick remote.

2. Then, click the Gear Icon (Settings) located on the main menu bar.

click gear icon

3. Next, go to My Fire TV

Jailbreak Fire Stick 4K

4. Click Developer Options

Jailbreak a FireStick

5. Then, click Install unknown apps

📝 Note: If the option says Apps from Unknown Sources, choose Apps from Unknown Sources > Turn On. Skip the step below this.

Jailbreak Amazon FireStick

6. Go to the Downloader app and click once to enable the install unknown apps feature for Downloader. That’s all. We are now ready to install any third-party app on the FireStick.

click Downloader app

3. How to Install a Jailbreak App on FireStick via Downloader

After you have installed the downloader app and taken care of the security setting, our final step is to install a third-party app on FireStick. You can install any third-party app that you want. The process is pretty much the same – all you need to do is change the URL for each app.

For demonstration purposes, I am choosing the most popular Cinema HD app. Here are the steps:

1. Hold down the FireStick Remote’s Home Button   for a few seconds. Then, from the following options, click Apps

click apps

2. Launch the Downloader app that we installed in the first step by going to Downloader Tile

How to Jailbreak FireStick 4K

3. On the first launch, the Downloader app will seek permission to access your files and device. Hit Allow

Jailbreak Fire TV

4. Then, click OK to dismiss the Quick Start Guide

click OK

5. When the Downloader home screen loads, click the URL box

Fire Stick Jailbreak Channels

6. Enter the URL for the app that you wish to install (I am entering the download URL for Cinema HD here):

(This is the official website of Cinema APK)

Click Go

How to Jailbreak Amazon FireStick

7. You will be redirected to the website name that you entered. Click DOWNLOAD NOW

How do you jailbreak a FireStick

8. The APK will start downloading shortly on your FireStick

Jailbreak FireStick

9. Click INSTALL


10. Wait for the app to install on the device

How to jailbreak a FireStick

11. Once App Installed notification appears, choose DONE to delete the APK file. We don’t require it anymore.

FireStick Jailbreak

12. After that, click Delete

click Delete

13. Click Delete again

How to jailbreak FireStick

That’s all! Now you can start using Cinema HD app on your FireStick

Best Jailbreak Apps for FireStick

1. Cinema HD

Cinema HD brings you access to all the TV Shows or Movies that you might want to watch. The interface of the Cinema HD is intuitive and easy to use. The content library is rich with all the latest and popular titles. You can also integrate Real-Debrid within Cinema HD, thereby unlocking loads of HD & 4K streams.

How to install Cinema APK

2. Bee TV

BeeTV offers thousands of Movies & TV Shows that you can binge for hours. It also features a dedicated section for Anime content, making it a popular choice among Anime fans. Additionally, the layout of the app is similar to Cinema HD and is as easy to use. BeeTV also supports Real-Debrid, allowing you access to several HD streams.

How to install BeeTV

3. Strix

Strix is an all-in-one streaming app for FireStick. You will find Movies, TV Shows, Live TV, Sports, and even an Adult section in the app. The content library is huge and regularly updated. It is incredibly easy to use. It is a great app to have if you want all kinds of content in a single app.

How to Install Strix


OLA TV 10 is a must-have app for you if you love watching live TV. The content catalog of the app is huge and offers nearly all channels from across the globe including channels from the USA, Canada, UK, and more. Additionally, OLA TV offers high-quality streams that you can enjoy with zero buffering.

How to Install OLA TV

B. Jailbreak FireStick with FileLinked

This Method Doesn’t Work as FileLinked has Shut Down. 

FileLinked is another popular sideloading tool used by cord-cutters. It allows you to download and install multiple files with just a single code. You don’t need to enter different URLs for different app. Unfortunately, FileLinked is not available in the Amazon Appstore, so first, we are going to install it using the Downloader app that we installed before. Then, I will also show you how you can use Filelinked to sideload other third-party applications. Here are the steps:

(You may also check out our detailed guide on FileLinked)

1. Install FileLinked on FireStick

First, we will install the FileLinked App. Follow the steps:

1. Launch the Downloader app and then, click on the URL tab with http://

Fire Stick Jailbreak Channels

2. Enter the URL given below:

 (This is the official website of FileLinked)

Click Go

Fire Stick Jailbreak

3. It will redirect you to the FileLinked website. Click DOWNLOAD FILELINKED

Jailbreak Fire Stick

4. The APK will now download on your FireStick

Jailbreak Fire Stick 4K

5. Click INSTALL


6. Wait until the app is installed

Jailbreak a FireStick

7. Once installed, click DONE to delete the APK file, we don’t need it anymore.

Jailbreak Amazon FireStick

8. Click Delete

Fire Stick Jailbreak Channels

9. Then, click Delete again to confirm

click Delete

2. Install a Jailbreak App on FireStick via FileLinked

Now, let’s see how we can install a Jailbreak app using FileLinked. Here’s what we need to do:

1. Hold down the FireStick Remote’s Home Button   for a few seconds. Then, from the following options, click Apps

click apps

2. Now, launch the FileLinked app by going to FileLinked Icon

How to Jailbreak FireStick 4K

3. When FileLinked app loads, click where it says Enter Code!

Jailbreak Fire TV

4. Enter the FileLinked code: 24498736 (I have uploaded some of the popular third-party apps under this FileLinked code, I will keep adding more apps to this in the future.)

Note: You may also enter any other code that you might have.

Then, click Next

enter code

4. Click Continue

How to Jailbreak Amazon FireStick

5. Click Dismiss

How do you jailbreak a FireStick

6. You will be able to see the files available for download under the code

7. You may choose any app that you wish to download. For demonstration purposes, I am choosing Strix

8. Click on the Download Icon next to Strix

Jailbreak FireStick

9. Wait for the file to download

How to jailbreak a FireStick

10. Once downloaded, click the Play Icon

click the Play Icon

11. Then, click INSTALL

FireStick Jailbreak

12. Wait until the app is installed

How to jailbreak FireStick

13. Once installed, you may either click DONE or OPEN

click DONE or OPEN

Clicking OPEN will launch the app you just installed.

Clicking DONE will take you back to the list of Downloads within FileLinked

Repeat the process with as many apps as you may wish to download from this.

C. Jailbreak FireStick with Kodi

Kodi is an open-source Media Centre. Installing Kodi on FireStick was what led to jailbreaking a FireStick originally. The app is still as popular among users. Kodi is only getting better with time. After you have installed Kodi on your firestick, you can add Kodi addons or Kodi builds to access a limitless pool of content.

Here are the steps to install Kodi on FireStick:

1. Open the Downloader app.

2. Click on the URL tab with http://

Fire Stick Jailbreak Channels

3. Here, enter the URL given below:

 (This is the official website of Kodi)

Click Go

Fire Stick Jailbreak

4. It will redirect you to Kodi’s official website. Click Download Now

Jailbreak Fire Stick

5. Choose Android under Select Your Platform

Jailbreak Fire Stick 4K

6. Then, click ARMV7A (32BIT)

click ARMV7A (32BIT)

7. You should see the Kodi APK being downloaded on your FireStick

Jailbreak a FireStick

8. Click INSTALL

Jailbreak Amazon FireStick

9. The app will now install on your FireStick

Fire Stick Jailbreak Channels

10. When you see the App Installed notification, click DONE. This is to delete the APK file.

click DONE

11. Then, click Delete

How to Jailbreak FireStick 4K

12. Click Delete again to confirm

Jailbreak Fire TV

13. Hold down the FireStick Remote’s Home Button   for a few seconds. Then, from the following options, click Apps

click apps

14. Launch the Kodi app by going to Kodi Icon

How to Jailbreak Amazon FireStick

15. Click continue

Click Continue

16. Then, click Allow to give Kodi the necessary permission.

How do you jailbreak a FireStick

You are now ready to use Kodi.

Best Jailbreak Kodi Addons For FireStick

To stream media within Kodi, you need to install Kodi addons. There are various types of addons like on-demand, multipurpose, live TV, IPTV, sports, and more. Here we have included some of the best jailbreak Kodi Addons that you can kick start with:

1. Exodus Redux

Exodus Redux is one of the best Addons for Kodi. It offers a massive choice of TV shows, movies, and documentaries. It also pulls lots of high-quality streaming links with mostly no buffering issues. Exodus Redux offers fast playback and navigation. You can also set up Real-Debrid within the addon to get even better-quality streams.

2. Nemesis AIO

As the name suggests, Nemesis AIO is an all-in-one addon for Kodi. Apart from the regular Movies and TV Shows categories, you will also find special categories like Documentaries, Gaming Videos, Cartoons, Anime, and more. It offers an amazing streaming experience by fetching quality streaming links.

3. Seren

Seren is another incredible Kodi addon that offers superb performance. However, Seren requires the integration of premium hosters like Real Debrid. It does not offer any free streaming links as of now.

It’s a great choice if you don’t like sifting through non-working links to find one that works. There are much better-quality streams available within Seren and it offers much faster playback.

Best Jailbreak Kodi Builds For FireStick

Kodi Builds are not mandatory to install. However, if you are new to Kodi and do not know which add-ons you need to get, you must try Kodi Builds. They come pre-loaded with various kinds of Kodi addons that will cater to diverse entertainment needs. These Builds are also great if you want to change your Kodi skin completely. Here are some of the popular jailbreak Kodi Builds that you can try:

1. Titanium Build

Titanium Build is one of the most popular Kodi Builds. This build lets you wide-ranging categories such as enjoy Movies, Shows, Live Sports, Live TV, and more.

Titanium build comes pre-loaded with numerous popular add-ons. The interface of the build is clean and offers a superior user experience.

2. Xanax Build

The Xanax build is a successor of the previously popular Build, Durex. The layout and the design of the app are modern and sophisticated. It comes with top-of-the-line Kodi addons. The Build is extremely easy to use. You can watch all sorts of content such as movies, shows, Live TV, and more with this Build.

3. Misfit Mods Builds

Misfit Mods Builds offer quite a few amazing builds that you can choose from. With these builds, you can watch TV shows, movies, sports, and live TV. There are multiple categories in each section. The Builds available within Misfit Mods come pre-packed with top Kodi add-ons.

Recommended Services for Effortless Streaming Experience

The below services will enhance your streaming experiences tenfold:

1. Real Debrid

Real Debrid is a premium hoster that allows its users to access premium streaming links. The subscription plan starts at 4€ ($4.64) per month. Real-debrid used to have free version with some restrictions, it only worked from 6 am to noon Central European Time (5 am to 11 am GMT). But they have stopped offering its free version in 2019. Therefore, we recommend getting a premium subscription if you want to improve your streaming experience. And the costs are nominal. Get it HERE!

2. Trakt

Trakt helps you sync the movies and shows that you watch across numerous devices and platforms. It keeps track of watch history and offers you suggestions of content based on your previous preferences. Trakt doesn’t require a subscription, however they do offer a VIP plan. All you need to do Sign Up and then integrate it within your apps, addons, and services to get the benefits. Sign UP HERE!

Best Jailbreak Utility Apps for FireStick

You may also install some utility apps like:

1. Background Apps and Process (Available on Amazon App Store)

Background Apps & Process List app will show you all the apps that are currently running in the background of FireStick. It also lets you stop them from running in the Background to ensure optimal performance.

It frees up RAM by stopping unnecessary processes running in the background offering a smooth streaming experience. You can download it from the Amazon App store directly.

2. Mouse Toggle (Third-party App)

Mouse Toggle works as a Mouse and allows you to navigate third-party apps that are not FireStick remote compatible. It removes all the frustration of not being able to navigate an app that you like. The app is also incredibly easy to use.

How to install & use Mouse Toggle

3. Internet Speed Test App (Available on Amazon App Store)

This app lets you test your internet speed on your Amazon FireStick. It shows you the accurate download and upload speed of your Internet connection. It’s a great way to check if the speed promised by your ISP is correct. One single click is all you need to test the Internet speed. You can download it from the Amazon App store directly.

Winding Up

So, this brings us to the end of our complete guide on how to jailbreak FireStick. As you can see, the Amazon FireStick can do so much more after you jailbreak it. Hope this guide helped you unlock the full potential of your FireStick.

Most importantly, make sure to use a good VPN service while streaming through any third-party application. This will ensure that you do not compromise your online privacy.

If you are still having any issues with the jailbreaking process, then please let me know in the comment section. I will get back to you at the earliest.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a VPN for Firestick?

You do not need a VPN per se but we recommend using a VPN while streaming if you wish to keep your online activity private and anonymous. It also allows you to bypass ISP throttling.

Is there a monthly fee for a Firestick?

No, there is no monthly fee for FireStick. You have to pay a monthly fee only if you purchase a subscription services such as Netflix, Prime Video.

Will my Firestick become damaged if I jailbreak it?

No, Jailbreaking does not cause any harm to your device. We are not manipulating the core files or hardware of the FireStick, so it is a safe process.

Can I buy a jailbroken fire stick?

I strongly suggest against buying a jailbroken FireStick. You do not know if there are any malware or other harmful files on the jailbroken device you buy from a stranger. And why pay for an overpriced jailbroken device when you can easily do that yourself within minutes. As you have seen in the tutorial, the steps to jailbreaking FireStick are incredibly easy to follow.

Can I jailbreak a Fire TV Stick 4K?

Yes, you can jailbreak any model of Fire TV with the steps provided above. This includes Fire TV Stick 4K, Fire TV Stick (all previous Generations), Fire TV Cube, etc.

Is jailbreaking a Firestick illegal?

Jailbreaking a FireStick is not illegal. However, third-party applications may contain pirated or copyrighted content. So, what you access through the jailbroken FireStick may be illegal. Only stream content in the public domain.

Can I undo jailbreak on Firestick?

Yes, you can easily undo the jailbreak. Simply, disable the installation of unknown apps for downloader. And uninstall other third-party apps. Or, you may even reset your device to factory default and your device will be as good as new.