13 Best Live TV Addons for Kodi | Enjoy Live TV in 2024

Cord cutters have plenty of excellent choices to watch Live TV. In this post, we will reveal our list of Best Live TV Addons for Kodi.

All the add-ons mentioned here work on all Kodi-supported devices including FireSticks, Androids, Windows, and iOS devices.

The current inflation has also affected the price of cable TV. Cable TV is getting more expensive with each passing day. But does it mean we have to compromise on our streaming experience? Not at all.

If you are a Kodi user, you will get hundreds of add-ons that allow you to stream live TV for free. But, it can be overwhelming to check each and every add-on and find out which one works best. We have tested hundreds of addons over the years and have come up with this list.

These add-ons that have adequate features and channels to keep you entertained every day.

Best Live TV Addons for Kodi

We have drafted a list of Kodi add-ons that we think are best for live TV streaming. This list is subject to change in the future on the basis of the functionality and availability of the add-ons.

Here’s the list of best Kodi addons for Live TV:

1. The Crew

Best Live TV Addons for Kodi

Host: The Crew Repository (https://team-crew.github.io/)

The Crew addon has thousands of IPTV channels that you can stream live. It also has plenty of movies & TV Shows that you can watch anytime anywhere. This add-on also has channels for Sports enthusiasts.

The content is segregated into different categories like Kids, Stand Up, etc. for ease of use.

It is definitely worth a try as you get pretty much everything in one single addon.

How to Install The Crew Kodi Addon


LNTV Live TV addon

Host: https://warehousecrates.github.io/TheWareHouse

OR https://tinyurl.com/twhr19

LNTV is a fantastic Kodi add-on for live TV streaming. It has plenty of channels that you can watch anytime anywhere. You will find channels from many countries including the UK, USA, Canada, Germany, Australia, and many more.

The channels range from cooking, sports, and Kids to Entertainment, News, and Lifestyle.

It has multiple streaming links for channels. This ensures that you don’t have to wait to watch your favorite channel if you find a dead link. That’s why this add-on features in our list of Best live TV Kodi add-ons.

How to Install LNTV Kodi Addon 

3. Mega IPTV


Host: The South Paw Repository (https://southpawlefty2468rocky.com/repo/)

Mega IPTV is another Kodi addon that offers numerous live TV channels from more than 180 countries. You will easily find both popular channels and local channels from countries like the US, UK, France, Australia, etc. It also has Fluxus IPTV channels that include local channels too.

This add-on has sorted its channels on the basis of country and also category. You will find different genres of channels here. It includes Comedy, Anime, Kids, Cooking, Lifestyle, etc. Although it is new, this add-on has enough channels to keep you entertained. Do try this add-on!

How to Install Mega IPTV Kodi Addon


USTVgo kodi addon

Host: The WareHouse Repository ( https://warehousecrates.github.io/TheWareHouse )

Instead of browsing the USTVGO website to watch channels, you can use USTVGO Kodi addon to stream channels. It has 90+ popular live channels from USA that you can stream whenever you want.

And the best thing is that you don’t have to spend a single penny to watch them. This add-on has some interesting categories like News, Entertainment, Kids, Sports, etc.

The stream quality is also very good (1080p). Some of the channels might require a VPN for bypassing geo-restrictions in order to work. Do try it!

5. TV One

Live TV kodi addons

Host: Narcacist Repository (http://www.narcacist.com/repo)

tvOne, also known as tvOne111, is a brilliant Kodi add-on suitable for streaming Live TV.  It has hundreds of channels from different countries of the world including USA, UK, India, Australia, etc.

You will find different genres of channels in this add-on. These include Religious, Sports, Science, Kids, etc.

The best thing is that you can stream any channel you want with just a single click.

TVOne offers content of both SD and HD quality. For all these reasons and more, we have added this add-on to our Best Live TV Kodi Addons list.

How to Install tvOne Kodi Addon

6. Fido K19

Best Live TV Addons for Kodi

Host: Fido Repository (http://fantazyrepo.uk/repo)

Fido K19 addon also has great live streaming capabilities. It can stream live TV channels from different countries like USA, UK, New Zealand, etc.

This add-on also has live feedback from World cams, live music, and radio channels from different countries.

Other than that, it has a video-on-demand section that has movies, TV shows, video clips, and documentaries of different genres. You will love this add-on. Give it a try!

How to Install Fido K19 Kodi Addon

7. Asgard

Best Live TV Addons for Kodi

Host: Narcacist Repository (http://www.narcacist.com/repo)

Asgard is another great add-on that supports Live IPTV streaming. Besides that, it has a dedicated section for sports enthusiasts. You can watch live sports and highlights from this section.

It also has a huge video-on-demand section that lets you watch hundreds of movies, shows, and documentaries.

The video quality of content is superb as it can offer up to 4K quality video streams.

How to Install Asgard Kodi Addon

8. Ghost

Live TV kodi addons

Host: The Crew Repository (https://team-crew.github.io/)

Ghost is an awesome add-on that is capable of live TV streaming. It also has VOD content.

There is also a section for the sports and Kids content.

Not only can you stream live TV channels from different regions, but you can also stream live radio channels from around the world.

I find this add-on appropriate for users of all age groups. The video quality of streams in this add-on is mostly HD quality.

How to Install Ghost Kodi Addon

9. Catch Up TV & More

Best Live TV Addons for Kodi

Host: Official Kodi Repository

Catch-Up TV & More is an amazing Kodi add-on for live TV streaming. It has channels from different countries of the world including the US, the UK, France, etc.

The add-on is mainly used by users to watch content they have missed when it actually aired. It collects content from many Catch-Up TV Channels, websites & services.

And the best thing about this add-on is most of the Live Channels can be streamed without paying any money. Why don’t you try it yourself?

How to Install Addons from Official Kodi Repository

10. Pluto TV

Best Live TV Addons for Kodi

Host: Official Kodi Repository

Pluto TV addon is another Kodi add-on that has not only on-demand content but also live TV channels. This add-on has plenty of popular live TV channels including exclusive Pluto TV channels from various locations of the world.

The channels are sorted according to the genres. For instance, it has genres like Crime, Entertainment, Kids, Sports, Reality, Comedy, etc.

Pluto TV offers HD quality content (720p and 1080p). The on-demand section is also pretty loaded. Since it doesn’t have any premium subscription, you may encounter intermittent ads while playing content.

How to Install Pluto TV Kodi Addon

11. NewsOn

Live TV kodi addons

Host: Official Kodi Repository

NewsOn is a live news streaming Kodi add-on that has almost 200 News TV stations. It has local US channels that are hard to find in other live-streaming Kodi add-ons.

It is a free addon for streaming news channels and hence, you will see some intermittent ads.

The live streams are of 720p quality. This means you don’t have to rely on hefty cable subscriptions to watch local news channels.

Apart from live streaming, NewsON allows you to watch news broadcasts for up to 48 hours.

How to Install Addons from Official Kodi Repository

12. iPlayer WWW

Best Live TV Addons for Kodi

Host: Official Kodi Repository

IPlayer WWW is a great Kodi add-on to stream Live TV channels from the United Kingdom. It has both live TV and VOD content.

You can watch popular live channels like BBC Two, BBC One, BBC Three, BBC News Channel, etc. Simply put, you can watch every content in this add-on that BBC Network offers.

This is mainly catered to the UK audience, but people outside of the UK can also use it by connecting to a VPN such as ExpressVPN. You will however need a UK TV license to use this add-on in a legal way.

How to Install Addons from Official Kodi Repository

13. PVR IPTV Simple Client

Live TV kodi addons

Host: Kodi Repository

PVR IPTV Simple Client addon is another Kodi add-on that people use to watch live TV. It fetches live TV channels from your subscribed IPTV providers and has no content of its own. You have to link this add-on with the IPTV provider by either EPG or M3U URL.

This add-on comes in handy for people who don’t have Android devices. It’s because most of the IPTV providers have dedicated streaming apps only for Android devices and not other devices. Since Kodi is supported on many OS platforms, PVR IPTV Simple Client is used on other devices to stream live content.

How to Install PVR IPTV Simple Client Addon

Summing Up

I hope you found your favorite live TV addons from this Best Live TV Kodi Addons list. All the live TV add-ons mentioned here work perfectly.

We will keep on checking all the add-ons and update the post accordingly. If we find any new add-on that streams live TV, we will add it to this list. So, keep on checking this post from time to time to stay updated.

If you know any other add-ons that are not included in our list, do tell us so that we can add them to our list.