25 Best Live TV Apps for FireStick – FREE Live TV [May 2024]

In today’s guide, I have put together a list of the best Live TV apps for FireStick. These apps also work beautifully on devices such as Fire TV, Fire TV Cubes, Nvidia Shield, Smart TV, Android TV Box, Mi Box, Smartphone, TiVo Stream 4K, and many more.

Cable TVs tend to charge a hefty amount of money for letting you watch your favorite Live TV channels. Moreover, they offer a limited number of channels, which is often insufficient for our streaming needs.

As a result, more people than ever are choosing to cut the cord in favor of Live TV streaming. It’s certainly one of the great ways to save money.

These Live TV channel streaming apps offer you all your familiar channels you love watching, without the burden of paying eye-popping fee that a cable subscription requires.

Best FireStick Apps 2022

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There are so many live TV apps available, while some work amazingly, many don’t. With all that in mind, we have tested hundreds of apps and finally listed  some of the best Live TV Streaming Apps for FireStick. This is an evolving list. We will regularly update this list to provide you with the best free live tv apps for firestick.

Legal Disclaimer: This guide is purely for educational purposes. TOPTVTIPS.COM does not endorse streaming copyrighted and/or licensed media. Streaming copyrighted content is illegal in many countries and could get you tangled in legal issues. Do look into the online streaming laws in your area before accessing copyrighted media. TOPTVTIPS.COM does not own or re-sell any streaming app or service mentioned in this guide. We also do not verify if the streaming apps or services mentioned in this guide are authorized to deliver the media available on their platform.



Best Live TV Apps for FireStick 2022

Here we have listed some of the best Live TV Apps for Amazon FireStick, Fire TV & Android that are worth a shot:


Live NetTV

best live TV streaming app on FireStick

Live NetTV App is the best Live TV app for FireStick that allows you to watch live TV. It hosts more than 800 channels from countries all over the world like the USA, Australia, UK, India, and many more. This app has a neat, elegant and easy-to-use interface. It allows users to stream their content in different genres and categories like music, sports, news, lifestyle, entertainment, kids, travel, comedy, cooking, documentary, and more.

With LiveNetTV, you can enjoy its vast content without paying any money. Moreover, it supports playing video with external video players like Android Player, XMTV Android, or MX Player. This app is certainly worth a shot!

How to install Live NetTV




Ola TV lets you stream 50,000+ local and national TV channels from different corners of the world on your FireStick device. A regularly updated content clubbed with multiple servers for the same channel helps it minimize the traffic load on the servers and hence ensures buffer-free streaming.

Ola TV has a brilliant and intuitive interface. It is also known to be the clone of the now non-functional, Relax TV. It allows you to filter and sort content by different categories and genres and by region. You must install two external video players like Kshaw and Ludio Player with OLA TV to stream content. However, the only disadvantage of this app is that it does not support playing videos on other popular external video players like MX Player. However, OLA TV clearly harbors more pros than cons. In concise, Ola TV is definitely one of the few Live TV apps for FireStick worth installing.

How to Install OLA TV


HD Streamz

Live TV Apps for FireStick

HD Streamz is another pretty decent Live TV app for FireStick users. You can watch 1000+ live TV channels from as many as 19 Countries like the USA, Canada, UK,  South Africa, India, and many more.  You can also stream live radio channels and on-demand video content using this app. It has an easy-to-use easy-to-navigate interface that offers content of different genres and categories.

HD Streamz provides multiple working links for Channels and other media content. It also lets you report dead links to their developers for an earlier fix and provides quick user support for requesting currently unavailable channels. Definitely, a must-try app!

How to Install HD Streamz



Best Live TV Streaming Apps for FireStick

TVMob (previously: TVTap) allows users access to a stellar lineup of live TV channels from throughout the globe. You will find channels from the USA, Canada, the UK, Europe, Asia, and many more. The app features a clean and user-friendly interface.

TVMob has seen some ups and downs over the years. It stopped working then came back to life several times. Nonetheless, it still remains one of the top live TV apps for FireStick.

The app has varied categories such as News, Entertainment, Movies, Sports, Music, documentaries, Kids, and more. There is an option to sort the channels via country too.

It is indeed one of the top Live TV apps for FireStick. Do try it.

How to Install TVMob


Ocean Streamz


Ocean Streamz is an all-new application for streaming live TV channels. It has tons of live TV channels from US, UK, Germany, France, Arab, India, and many other countries. There are also dedicated categorizations of Sports TV, Kids TV, Religious TV, Wildlife and Science TV, etc. You can also import any channel by typing the Channels URL. Not only this, but Ocean Streamz also has online video-on-demand content. That means you can also watch TV shows and movies using the same app. Try it now!

How to install Ocean Streamz


HDtv/ HDtv Ultimate

best live TV app on FireStick

HDtv or HDtv Ultimate is a good app to watch live TV. Though this app is relatively new, it offers hundreds of well categorized and well-sorted channels from various parts of the world. It has an engaging and intuitive interface.

You have to manually search for what you want to watch and stream it within the app or using other media players like MX Player. An additional plugin called Web Video Caster can be added to cast your content on other devices. It’s one of the best Live TV apps for FireStick .

How to install HDtv or HDtv Ultimate


Redbox TV

Redbox TV

Redbox TV is another Live TV App for FireStick and other Android devices. You can watch 1000+ live TV channels from countries like the USA, Canada, UK, India, Australia, etc. It lets you play your content instantly without any delay. This app offers multiple streaming links to make sure you don’t have to stop watching if you find a dead link.

It is a user-friendly lightweight app and also works smoothly on low-spec devices. Give it a go!

How to Install RedBox TV


Media Lounge

Live TV app for FireStick

Media Lounge is a popular All-in-one app for FireStick. It also has a live TV streaming option. You can access a wide array of live TV channels from various genres such as News, Sports, Kids, Wildlife & science, movies, Religious and more.

You will also find channels from all over the world including the USA, Canada, the UK, and more. Nearly all of the channels work flawlessly, offering a great viewing experience.

Media Lounge app has a simple and user-friendly interface. The app allows for quick and easy navigation. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t try it!

How to Install Media Lounge



Strix App

Strix is one of the top-rated apps to watch Live TV from different corners of the World. It offers hundreds of TV channels for you to explore, ranging from sports, kids, religion, entertainment, etc. You will find live TV channels from various countries including the USA, France, UK, Canada, Spain, and more.

This app fetches high-quality links from different sources so that you can watch your favorite content in HD quality. It has a regularly updated database. It additionally has dedicated sections for movies, TV shows and even Adult content.

In a short time, Stix has gained a lot of loyal users. And I can see why! This app delivers everything and more you would expect from top of the line Live TV app for FireStick.

How to Install Strix



top Live TV apps for FireStick

Stremio App is another popular FireStick app for watching Live TV. The app requires you to install addons for the content that you wish to stream. This means the possibilities are endless. The app is a lot like Kodi.

Besides, Live TV, the app has other types of content like movies, shows, sports, etc.

The app has an easy-to-use and intuitive interface, which means you can browse the channels with great ease. Stremio has been around for some time now and still works perfectly.

If you want a live TV app for FireStick, you must try Stremio.

How to Install Stremio


UK Turks App

Best Live TV apps for FireStick

UK Turks App is an all-in-one FireStick app specially designed to let you relish countless hours of streaming. The main reason for the popularity of the app is its user-friendly interface. It offers top-notch Live TV channels from across the World. Apart from that, you can also watch your favorite Sports channels on this app.

Moreover, the contents delivered by UK Turks app are well-organized and of high quality. It can easily be regarded as one of the best live TV apps for FireStick. Try it now!


Rapid Streamz

Live Tv Apps for FireStick

Rapid Streamz offers 800+ live TV channels from different countries around the World like the USA, UK, Germany, France, India, UAE, and several others. It also features Live events including all major sporting events.

You will find content from various categories like News, Movies, TV Shows, Sports, Reality TV, History, and many more. New Channels are added regularly to the app. Besides, you can also request channels via the App.

How to Install Rapid Streamz


Swift Streamz

Swift Streamz

Swift Streamz is a highly popular app to watch live TV on FireStick. It hosts more than 700+ channels from various countries, namely UK, USA, Canada, India, and more. You can choose from a vast array of genres and categories including News, Movies, Sports, Religious, Wildlife & Science and much more.

This app categorizes TV channels by country of origin and also has a separate music section for music videos and TV channels. This app has a huge library and its user interface and navigation tools are easy to work with. Swift Streamz also supports external video players such as MX Player. If you love to watch live TV on FireStick, this apps deserves a chance for sure.

How to Install Swift Streamz



Live channels streaming apps FireStick

Rokkr is just not only a top Live TV app for FireStick but also features lots of video-on-demand movies and shows. Additionally, this app can also be used as a regular browser.

Additional package must be installed in Rokkr to access content of your choice. The only shortcoming it has is that most of the content available in Rokkr is of standard definition quality and not HD quality. However, the advantages truly outshine the disadvantages. Do give this app a try!

How to Install Rokkr


Peacock TV

Peacock TV

Peacock TV is a US-based streaming app created by NBCUniversal. While the service largely has content from NBCUniversal studios, it also offers other content too. It also aired the 2021 Olympics.

Peacock TV has garnered 25 million+ users in the USA alone, and rightly so. It features a stellar list of live TV channels for news, sports events, and more. Besides that, it also has movies and TV shows.

Peacock TV has both Free and Premium versions.

If you live in the USA, you can simply install the app from Amazon AppStore. If you don’t live in the USA but have an Amazon.com account, you can still access Peacock TV with a VPN like ExpressVPN.

Luckily Peacock TV can be accessed from a browser as well, so even if you do not have an Amazon.com account or live in the USA, you can still access it on FireStick via a browser.

How to Install & Watch Peacock TV



Live channels streaming apps

USTVGo is a very popular Live TV streaming website that lets you stream as many as 93 live TV channels from the US. This website does not charge any subscription fees and hence does not require any prior sign-up before streaming your favorite TV channels. Whether you want entertainment channels, News channels, Kids channels or Sports channels, USTVGo delivers it all.

It still hasn’t launched an official app. Hence, you can only access it via Web browsers like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Silk Browser.

How to Watch USTVGo



Live channels streaming apps

123TV is another trendy Live TV streaming website for streaming more than 80+ live TV channels. It allows Online IPTV Streaming and has sorted its channels according to genres and categories for easy access. You can watch pretty much all the popular channels through 123TV.

It requires no prior sign-up or subscription for watching your preferred channels. 123TV still hasn’t launched its official app. So, you can only access it using web browsers like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Silk Browser. This website has introduced a dark mode feature built especially for night streaming to reduce eyestrain. Another likable feature of 123TV is that it shows very few ads while streaming.

How to Watch 123TV



Best Live TV Apps FireStick

Zattoo brings to you a big lineup of live TV channels from 6 different countries. There are 200 channels and counting from various genres like Sports, Live TV, News, Music, and more.

You can access live sports, news, cartoons, entertainment, movies, TV series, and more.

As of writing this guide, Zatttoo is only available in Switzerland, Germany, and Austria. In those countries, you can find the Zattoo app on Amazon Appstore. However, you can still access it in other counties with a VPN such as ExpressVPN.

If you live outside of the Zattoo works best on a browser as the third-party app is not very FireStick-friendly. I suggest you give it a shot.

How to Watch Live TV with Zattoo



Live TV Apps for Fire TV

AOS TV is one of the top live TV streaming apps for FireStick in the market.  It allows you to watch 1000+ satellite channels from countries like the USA, Turkey, Italy, France, UK, India, Canada, UAE, and more. It has a fuss-free easy-to-navigate interface that works well on both Firestick and other Android devices.

You can choose from a wide range of genres and categories, for example, drama, news, documentary, music, kids, travel, sports, radio, lifestyle, and many more. If you are a sports enthusiast, you can watch the latest live sporting events from all around the globe using this app. A well-sorted library along with a separate tab for accessing your favorite contents and trending topics section makes this app more exciting overall.

How to Install AOS TV

Free+Legal Best Live TV Apps for FireStick & Android

You can also enjoy legal live TV apps. I have included some of them below:


Pluto TV

Legal Best Live TV Apps

Pluto TV offers both Live TV channels and on-demand content such as movies and TV shows.

You will find some popular channels such as CNN, Sky News, NBC News, NFL Channel, CBSN, MTV, and more. Aside from that, there are several in-house Pluto TV channels for you to enjoy as well.

How to Install Pluto TV




AiryTV offers more than 100 channels for streaming Live TV. More and more channels are being added regularly.

In addition to live TV, Airy TV also has on-demand content like movies and TV shows.

It also features genre-specific content such as classic TV Shows, celebrity news, cartoons, and lots more.

How to Install AiryTV



Best Live TV Apps for FireStick

Tubi is a streaming service with both On-demand content and Live TV channels. There are over 35,000 movies and TV shows available on this app.

Apart from that, there are also 95+ local and live news channels. You will find content from almost every major Hollywood studio.

How to Install Tubi



free Live TV Apps for FireStick

VUit is a streaming platform that provides you access to FREE live local news, local events, shows, and original programming.

It features over 200 stations available in select locations. More channel options are added regularly. With VUit, you will be able to access local newscasts from various markets in the United States.

How to Install VUit




KlowdTV is currently offering 100+ channels and as mentioned on KlowdTV website they are constantly looking to expand their channels list.

You can stream basic channels, classic movies, news and more with KlowdTV.

How to Install KlowdTV



stirr live tv FireStick app

Stirr can stream more than 200 live TV channels. This app offers channels in a variety of genres, including entertainment, live news, movies, and sports.
You can view the specifics of each channel’s forthcoming programs with this app’s EPG feature.

Stirr provide its services only in the USA. If you are in another country, you can still use it by connecting to a VPN like ExpressVPN.

How to Install STIRR

stream safely

Summing Up – Live TV Apps for FireStick

In this post, we have talked about some of the very popular and best live TV apps for FireStick. Besides the savings, these live TV streaming apps give you the freedom to watch any channel you may wish to watch. With these apps, you will never miss your familiar cable box. 

Try these apps and tell us which one is your favorite. Also if we have missed any of your favorite Live TV streaming apps on FireStick, do let us know in the comment section. Happy Streaming!