How to Watch Local Channels on FireStick without Cable [2024]

Want to cut the cord without losing the local channels? In today’s guide, we will share various ways to watch local channels on FireStick. Please note that I will be talking about local channels in the United States in this guide.

I have included both free and paid options, you may use whichever option is most suitable to you.

While there are loads of apps that offer national & international TV channels, not many specialize in local channels.

If you want to access local TV channels on FireStick or Fire TV device, you can easily do that. No need for a cable subscription.

As a matter of fact, Amazon also has its Local News App specifically made for Amazon devices.

You will find local channels such as ABC, FOX, NBC, PBS, and many more channels for streaming local programs.

How to Watch Local Channels on FireStick /Fire TV

We have 5 ways to get local channels on FireStick without a cable subscription. We will discuss each one in great detail and how you can get them. Try multiple options to potentially find the ones that work the best for you.

  1. Legal and Free Live TV streaming apps available on Amazon
  2. Paid Live TV Services or Skinny Bundles
  3. TV Antenna
  4. Third-party Live TV streaming apps
  5. Free Web-based Live TV Streaming Services

1. Legal and Free Live TV Streaming Apps Available on Amazon

Yes, Amazon has quite a few free yet legit apps that will allow you to stream local channels. Most of these apps also can be accessed via a web browser.

Here are some of them:

1- VUit

how to watch local channels on FireStick

VUit offers more than 200 local news stations for live streaming. It’s a one-stop-destination for all your local live TV needs.

To sweeten the deal, VUit is entirely available for free of cost.

You will be able to watch local news, weather reports, events, sports, documentaries, podcasts, and more on VUit. It also has some original content.

You also get HD-quality videos on VUit.

How to Install VUit

2- Local Now

Local Now

As the name implies, Local Now specializes in Local content for every zip code in the US.

It is yet another free streaming app to get local channels on FireStick. That includes local news, weather, and more. However, you may not find a lot of global news here.

Initially, the app only provided news but now it has much more than just news. You can stream thousands of movies and TV shows on the app.

The app also has a useful filter “NEWS”, which you can use to filter out just the news sources.

How to Install Local Now

3- Amazon News App

can I get local channels on FireStick

The Amazon News App is tailor-made just for Amazon users. With this app, you get live local news on your FireStick/Fire TV devices.

The app has over 120 channels, covering all kinds of news such as local, national & international.

You will find live news from media outlets including ABC, NBC, CBSN, and more.

The app is accessible in 88 major cities across the USA, including New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Dallas.

It automatically detects the location that you’re nearest to and serves you content according to that. However, you can change the location if you like.

Amazon News App also allows its users to customize their newsfeed to their taste.

4- NewsOn

watch local channels on FireStick

NewsON is one of the best ways to access local news in the US. It is available in more than 200 markets across the country.

NewsON, as the name gives away, is all about the news — local news, precisely.

The app detects the station closest to you and offers live and on-demand videos for you. You can however choose a station that is far from your current location.

How to Install NewsON

5- Haystack News

Haystack News

Haystack News is one of the leading apps for local channels. You can access local, national, or international through the app.

The app has an impressive lineup of channels – you will find more than 300 news channels in the app. The channel list includes ABC News, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, Euronews, Al Jazeera, Newsmax, CNET, Newsy, and many others.

There’s both live and on-demand news on the app.

You can search for any trending topic in any news category.

The news coverage is extensive, covering current affairs, sports, political, entertainment, business, social, and global news.

How to Install Haystack News

2. Paid Live TV Services or Skinny Bundles

Using legal live TV providers or Skinny Bundles is another great way to watch local channels and other content. Skinny Bundles are usually much cheaper than cable subscriptions. Make sure to get the free trial first and then decide if you want it for the long term.

Also please note that if a particular service is not available in your country, you can use a VPN to change the location and use the service.

Here are some of the leading live TV services for streaming local channels on FireStick & other devices:

1- fuboTV

Get local channels on FireStick

Trial period: 7-day Free trial

fuboTV is one of the best, verified IPTV services for watching local channels.

It has a huge lineup of channels that will allow you to watch both local and national channels.

You will find a wide range of programs from sports, news to entertainment, and more.

The local channels available on this service include ABC, CBS, CW, NBC, and FOX.

It also features various sports channels for you to choose from.

fuboTV Official Website 

2- Sling TV

Can I watch local channels on FireStick

Trial period: 3-day Free trial

Sling TV is the most popular legal Live TV streaming service. It was one of the first few services that revolutionized the cord-cutting phenomenon.

Sling TV is an affordable service when compared to its competitors but it still offers lots of channels to its subscribers.

It features local, national, and also global channels.

Sling TV also offers 100 live channels and countless on-demand movies & TV shows for FREE.

You can also get addon channels after choosing a subscription plan of your choice.

Sling TV Official Website



Trial period: 7 days Free trial

DIRECTV, formerly known as AT&T, is another leading player in the paid IPTV services market.

DIRECTV offers a robust lineup of channels, unlike its Skinny Bundles competitors. However, this also means that DIRECTV comes at a higher price than its competitors.

There is a wide-ranging channel list covering local news, national news, sports, entertainment, and educational channels.

You can provide your zip code on the DIRECTV website for it to serve local and regional channels catered to you.

DIRECTV Official Website

4- YouTube TV

how to watch local channels on FireStick

Trial period: 7 days Free trial

YouTube TV is a popular legal IPTV service, offering live channels, local programs, and even on-demand content.

It is however an expensive alternative to its competitors.

It offers a huge lineup of channels and unlimited DVR storage, which is an attractive feature for many individuals.

YouTube TV has 80 live TV channels featuring local news, sports, and more. These channels include ABC, CNN, NBC, FOX, and CBS.

It covers nearly all markets in the US, so if you live in the US, YouTube TV is a great option to access local channels.

YouTube TV Official Website

5- Vidgo

watch local channels on FireStick

Trial period: 7 days Free trial

Vidgo is a great option for local channels with 100+ LIVE channels. The categories available include sports, entertainment, news, and local programming.

Content is available in both English and Spanish.

The Core plan offers various entertainment channels including A&E, ABC, Comedy Central, Discovery, Cheddar, and FOX News.

Networks like ABC and FOX allow viewers to access local news and regional sports content too.

Vidgo Official Website

3. TV Antennas

To access free local channels, you can also get over-the-air (OTA) TV antennas.

We recommend using an Outdoor OTA Antenna for streaming local programs instead of Indoor antennas. Even though Indoor antennas are more popular owing to their ease of use, Outdoor OTA antennas are best for this particular purpose.

All major networks such as ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, and more are available via TV antennas. Media is delivered in High Definition. And the best part is that these local channels are available for free!

4. Free Third-party Live TV Streaming Apps

These apps are unverified and not available in the Amazon App Store. You must sideload them on your FireStick device, so I am providing an installation guide link under every app description.

For more such apps, check out our list of Best Live TV Apps

1- Live NetTV

Live NetTV

Live NetTV is one of the most popular apps for local TV on FireStick. There are thousands of live TV channels from across the world.

Users will get access to both local channels and international channels from various countries. The media is available in a wide range of categories like news, entertainment, sports, and more.

It also supports external players such as MX Player, VLC Player, etc.

How to Install Live NetTV

2- RedBox TV

Get local channels on FireStick

RedBox TV is an excellent app to get local channels on FireStick devices. It features 800+ live TV channels from different countries.

The app has an easy-to-use interface.

RedBox TV offers categories like News, Sports, Documentaries. Some channels are also listed via their Country of origin.

Redbox TV supports external players like MX Player, VLC Player, YesPlayer, and others.

How to Install RedBox TV

5. Free Web-based Live TV Streaming Services

These free web-based services are hassle-free. You don’t need to install any app – all you need is a browser. If you are using FireStick devices, you can access them on browsers like Amazon Silk Browser.

1- USTVgo

how to watch local channels on FireStick

USTVGo is an excellent website to watch local TV channels on FireStick.

You don’t need to install any app, simply open a browser and access their website to start watching live TV.

There are over 80 channels on this website. The number is always growing as they expand their lineup regularly.

The channels categories include Local, News, Entertainment, Sports, Kids, and more.

How to Watch USTVGo

2- 123TV


123TV is yet another streaming site for Live TV. This site can be accessed on any web browser.

The channels lineup is impressive. The interface is minimal.

There are channels across categories that include the United States, Top Streams, Latest Streams, Football, and more.

How to Watch 123TV

Summing Up Watch — Local Channels on FireStick

You certainly don’t need a cable subscription to get local channels on FireStick. Use any of the methods mentioned in this guide and you will be able to watch the local news, sports, and even TV shows.

Do try them and let us know your favorite way to access local channels on Fire Stick.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cheapest streaming service with local channels?

Sling TV is the cheapest streaming service with local channels. It costs $30/month. It also offers more than 100 channels and lots of on-demand content for free.

Are IPTV services legal for watching local channels?

Not all IPTVs are illegal. If the service in question holds proper licensing, then it’s legal to watch local channels through them. Some of the legal IPTV services include fuboTV, Sling TV, Vidgo, and others mentioned in this guide.