Watch NFL on FireStick for FREE | Football LIVE 2024

Want to watch NFL on FireStick without paying hefty cable bills? We’ve got you covered. Today, we will share with you all the possible ways to stream NFL on FireStick. You can also use these apps/ services mentioned in this guide to stream NFL on all Fire TV and Android devices. If you want to stream NFL via websites, you can access them pretty much on any device.

This post includes ways to stream NFL for free and also with premium subscriptions. Please read the full post so that you can decide which apps/services suit you the best for watching NFL on Firestick.

This post is dedicated to you, NFL fans! NFL is arguably the most popular sporting event in America. It has already started on 9 September 2021. All the 32 teams are battling out with each other on the football field for the ultimate glory.

Grab a popcorn bowl and cheer for your favorite team from your home along with your friends and family.

Legal Disclaimer: This guide is purely for educational purposes. TOPTVTIPS.COM does not endorse streaming copyrighted and/or licensed media. Streaming copyrighted content is illegal in many countries and could get you tangled in legal issues. Do look into the online streaming laws in your area before accessing copyrighted media. TOPTVTIPS.COM does not own or re-sell any streaming app or service mentioned in this guide. We also do not verify if the streaming apps or services mentioned in this guide are authorized to deliver the media available on their platform.



National Football League (NFL)

National Football League abbreviated as NFL is an American football league. It was formerly known as American Professional Football Association (APFA). This professional league consists of 32 teams fighting for the title. It is one of the most popular and major American sports leagues in the world. The teams that usually play are from National Football Conference (NFC) and the American Football Conference (AFC).

NFL consists of a 3-week preseason and an 18-week regular season. Every team plays 17 games. The regular season generally starts from September and continues till January. Teams advance to the play-offs after the end of the regular season. At last, the winner of NFC and AFC face each other for winning the championship in the Super Bowl, which is the final of NFL.

NFL is a cash-rich league and many popular companies endorse their products with their innovative commercials.

Green Bay Packers has won most NFL championships (13) combined, including the ones before and after the Super Bowl Started. Although after the Super Bowl Started, New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers have won the most championships (6). This time Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who won National Football League 2020, will defend the title.

NFL Schedule

NFL lovers were devastated when organizers canceled the preseason matches of NFL in 2020 due to the spreading of the Corona Virus. But this time though, all the viewers were able to enjoy all the preseason matches. The regular season started on 9 September 2021 when Dallas Cowboys (29) lost to Tampa Bay Buccaneers (31).

The regular-season finale will be on 9 January 2022. The Pro Bowl will be played on 6 February 2022 while the Super Bowl will be played on 13 February 2022.

No need to wait more to catch the live stream of NFL games. Take a look at the list of the apps below that you can use to stream NFL on Firestick.

Best FREE Sports Streaming Sites

How to Watch NFL on FireStick for Free Via Websites

Websites are the best way to watch NFL games. These websites can be accessed anywhere in the World via a VPN like ExpressVPN. A VPN will remove geo-restrictions, thereby allowing you to stream any region.

If you prefer an app over website, please skip to the next section where I cover both Paid and Free ways to watch NFL on FireStick via Apps.

To watch NFL on Firestick via websites, you will require a browser such as Silk Browser. It is Amazon’s in-house browser. Installing Silk browser is super easy, you can get it from the Amazon appstore. Once installed, launch the Silk Browser and enter the URL of the website to enjoy streaming NFL games.

📌 Please note that these websites are run by third-party owners, and hence we cannot verify their legality. Use a trustworthy VPN like ExpressVPN at all times to stay protected.

Let’s take a look at the websites that feature NFL games:

1. (Streams Portal)

NFL on FireStick


This website lists the current streaming domains of NHL, NFL, MLB, and NBA. If you click any of these options, you will be redirected to their respective streaming sites where you can watch the live stream. To watch NFL on Firestick via this website, click on the option where it says ‘Enter to current NFL site NFL5’. When you reach the streaming domain of NFL, click on the stream to play it instantly.

Similarly, you can click on other options if you want to stream other live sporting events.

  • NFL5

stream NFL on Firestick


This website allows you to stream NFL on Firestick. They are few settings that you can apply like Show Live game scores, Show final game scores, or Hide the score. Other Settings include enabling or disabling Auto Play. There is another feature called Turbo Intensity that lets you set the delay between the actual live event and the stream. This feature is unstable though, and how much you can push it, depends on your internet connection (ping and speed), your device, and even the stream itself.

This website will soon launch its premium subscription features for NFL and NBA. These features are currently available for NHL and MLB. It includes 97% available streams of past events and download of any replays with priority support for any problems you face.




USTVGO is a web streaming service that allows streaming of 90+ channels. The best thing about this site is that you don’t have to pay a single dime to enjoy its service. Also, it requires no registration for streaming channels. It has many categories of channels, be it Entertainment, Sports, News, Kids, or others.

This site has channels that stream live NFL games. You can directly click on the Sports Channel lists and find the channel that streams NFL and then click it to enjoy the live stream.

Try USTVGO if you are looking for a website to stream NFL on Firestick. This site is also included in our Best Live FireStick apps list.


stream NFL on FireStick


This website has NFL, top trending events, MLB, NBA, NHL, NCAAF, NCAAB, and WNBA live streams. You can use this site to stream NFL on Firestick. On the home screen, you can click on NFL LIVE STREAMS to play your favorite NFL games.

Other than it, the website also features many other sports and even movies. Right underneath the logo of YourSports Live, there is two section- Movies and Soccer. The movies section has many movies and the Soccer section has live streaming links of soccer matches.

There is also an option to opt for a premium subscription for $5 per month. It allows you to get access to an Ad-free streaming layout, pop-out video, and multi-stream features.

Update: It’s no longer available. Try other options.

4. StreamEast

how to watch NFL on FireStick


Streameast is another site with which you can stream NFL on Firestick. Not only NFL, but you can also watch NBA, MLB, NHL, CFB, and other sports from this site. This site has two tabs – Live and Upcoming. All the live matches will be automatically shown in the Live tab. And all the upcoming matches will be shown in the Upcoming tab. If you register and opt for a premium subscription, you will be able to get Multi-streams.

You can also directly click on the NFL option to find the details of the live and upcoming matches of NFL. Clicking on the streaming link will automatically play the live stream, if available.

5. Sportsurge



Sportsurge is a website used by sports fans from around the world to watch their favorite games, events, and more. If your country doesn’t allow this website to open, you can use a VPN to stream.

Choose any of the source links according to the resolution, framerate, device compatibility, and language. Click the link and it will start streaming. Although there is an option to log in, you don’t have to login in order to stream links.

Watch Football, Basketball, Motor Sports, Hockey, MMA, Boxing, and Baseball from this site. You can stream popular Football League games like CFB, NFL on Firestick using a browser from this site.

6. 123TV

NFL on FireTV


This site is a brilliant option to watch 80+ popular channels from all over the world. It has many categories like Top Streams, Latest Streams, United States (USA), etc. 123TV has streaming links for channels including NFL Network that streams NFL. Hence, you can easily browse this site and stream NFL on Firestick.

Another advantage of using this site is that it doesn’t require any prior sign-up before streaming your favorite channels. Owing to its vast collection of channels to stream, 123TV is also listed in our Best Live FireStick apps list.




It’s a sports website that can keep you updated with the recent sports news and also let you watch them live. This site has news and streams of American Football, Baseball, Hockey, Basketball, and Soccer. You can also keep a track of the Schedule of the upcoming sports and watch them. For streaming NFL on Firestick from this site, click on the Schedule tab, and then click NFL streams. Now, click on Watch to enjoy the live streaming of the match.

warningBut before you start streaming your favorite content online, please keep in mind that everything you stream online can be seen by the Government through your Internet Service Provider. Now, if you end up streaming copyrighted TV shows, Movies, Sports, or Live TV (knowingly or unknowingly), you could get tangled in serious legal issues.

We do not condone or endorse streaming illegal/copyrighted content. However, it’s not always easy to tell difference between legal and illegal content sources online. Fortunately, you can hide your online activity with the help of a reliable VPN service.

A good FireStick VPN will mask your original identifying IP Address [show_ip]. It will also help you bypass geo-restrictions & ISP throttling, which will allow you to stream everything without buffering.

I use ExpressVPN and recommend it to my friends & family. It offers blazing fast speed and utmost security online. It also has a zero-logs policy and dedicated apps for all kinds of devices and platforms including FireStick and Fire TVs.

ExpressVPN also offers 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee (no questions asked), although we don’t think you’ll ever want one.

Here’s how you can set up ExpressVPN on Firestick:

Step 1. First of all, Sign Up for ExpressVPN HERE

Step 2. Navigate to the Find Icon on your FireStick home screen.

Navigate to the Find Icon

Step 3. Now, go to the Search option

go to the Search option

Step 4. Enter the word ExpressVPN using the onscreen keypad and select it from the Search results.

Enter the ExpressVPN
Step 5. Now, click the ExpressVPN icon under Apps & Games section

Click the Icon
Step 6. Click on Get /Download and wait for it to install on your FireStick

Click on Get
Step 7. Click Open to launch the ExpressVPN app

Click Open
Step 8. Enter your login credentials that you used when you registered for ExpressVPN. And click Sign In

Enter your login credentials
Step 9. Choose a server location of your choice and click the Power Icon to connect to the server.

click the power icon to connect
Once connected to ExpressVPN, your IP address will change automatically. You can verify this by checking the IP address data above after refreshing this page. This means your Internet activities are now anonymous and anything you stream on this device is safe from the prying eyes.

For detailed review & installation process, read our guide: ExpressVPN Review: Installation & How-to Use 

How to Watch NFL on Firestick via Apps (Legal & Official Apps)

You can watch NFL on Firestick in a lot of ways without taking any Cable TV subscription. You also get free trials with most of the services so that you can experience their services and contemplate before you opt for a monthly subscription. Visit the section How to Watch NFL on FireStick for FREE via Apps if you are interested in the Free options.

There are lots of channels in the United States that stream NFL games. These are ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC. Hence, you can stream NFL with those services that have these channels.

Most of these Apps are listed in the Amazon App Store. Hence, you don’t have to go through the hassle of sideloading them.

However, these services are available in a limited number of countries and you may require a good VPN like ExpressVPN to access these services to watch NFL games.

Check out the list of the apps below that you can use to watch NFL.

Stream NFL on Firestick in the United States (USA)

Below are the apps that you can use to watch NFL in the United States (US):

1. Official NFL Application

stream NFL games on FireStick

You can enjoy NFL games from the NFL Network. They have launched their official app that you can install on your FireStick to stream football games. It has live games as well as highlights, and preseason matches.

You can watch multiple matches with the NFL app that are airing at the same time. The annual subscription charge of the NFL Game Pass is $99. Its service is currently available in the United States, Europe, Middle East, and Asia.

2. fuboTV



fuboTV has 100+ channels including live and on-demand channels with Cloud DVR support. It has sports channels, entertainment channels, and news channels of upto 4K quality. You can watch NFL on fuboTV from the NFL RedZone Channel. You also can opt for more extra channels by subscribing to channel add-ons as per your preference.

Currently, there are three monthly subscription plans of fuboTV which has NFL RedZone channel.

(Note: You can also add Sports channel to your existing fuboTV plan for $10.99 per month if it doesn’t have sports channels)

Starter: $64.99/ month. 109 channels with 250 hours of Cloud DVR. Can be used on 3 devices simultaneously.

Pro: $69.99/month.109 channels with 1000 hours of Cloud DVR. Can be used on 10 devices simultaneously.

Elite: $79.99/month. 157 channels and 48 fubo Extra channels with 1000 hours of Cloud DVR. Can be used on 10 devices simultaneously.

I recommend you to use the Starter plan rather than other plans to watch NFL on Firestick unless you want to spend more. All these plans mentioned above comes with 7 days free trial.

3. YouTube TV

NFL on Firestick


YouTube TV is another streaming option provided by Google to watch NFL. You can expect fast reliable streams with no buffer whatsoever from YouTube TV. It has 85+ channels of entertainment, news, live sports, & more. This includes sports channels like NFL RedZone, MAVTV, TVG, and more. You can watch 3 streams at a time and also can record without storage limits.

YouTube TV offers 14 days free trial. After that, you can get YouTube TV for $54.99/month for first 3 months and $64.99/month thereafter.

Why not try YouTube TV to watch NFL on Firestick?




DIRECTV, formerly known as AT&T, has many channels to stream from, including sports channels to watch NFL and other sporting events. Stream live local and national channels using this service.

It offers three packages, Entertainment package being the cheapest. All these packages offer cloud DVR of 20 hours. You can also get unlimited cloud DVR for $10/month excluding taxes.

Entertainment package: $69.99/month excluding tax.

It has 65+ live channels and local TV stations with 40,000 on-demand titles. This includes major sports channels

Choice Package: $84.99/month excluding tax.

It has 90+ live channels and local TV stations with 45,000 on-demand titles. This includes Regional Sports Networks. You also get HBO Max free for first 3 months.

Ultimate Package: $84.99/month excluding tax.

It has 125+ live channels and local TV stations with 55,000 on-demand titles. This includes Regional Sports Networks and STARZ ENCORE channel. You also get HBO Max free for first 3 months.

Try DIRECTV to stream NFL on Firestick.

5. Sling TV

Sling TV


Sling TV is one of the most affordable options to enjoy NFL. This app is great for all the sports enthusiasts. Its subscription charges are less compared to the other service subscription. You can also record 50 hours of live TV for free with Sling TV. This service is available on Android & FireStick devices, Roku, Windows, and iOS devices.

Currently, Sling TV offers three packages. And the good thing is that you can watch NFL on Firestick with all of the packages mentioned below:

Orange: Offers 32 channels.

Blue: Offers 43 channels. It includes NFL Network channel to stream NFL games.

Sling TV charges 10$ for the first month and then $35 from next month onwards for Orange and Blue packages respectively.

Orange & Blue (Combined): Offers 51 channels and includes all the combined channels of Blue and Orange packages.

The subscription charge for this package is 20$ for the first month and then $50 from next month onwards.

Visit the below page to find out several ways you can watch NFL on Sling TV:

Stream NFL on Firestick in Canada

DAZN has the official right to stream NFL games in Canada. It works superbly and is ideal for watching NFL on Firestick.


NFL on FireStick


DAZN is the best way to watch NFL games on Firestick in Canada. It also works on Android and iOS devices. You can stream NFL, Premier League, Champions League, and many more with DAZN. It also has Award-winning shows and sports documentaries. This one has a clean clutter-free interface. DAZN is suitable for those who want to ditch Cable TV and are unwilling to pay hefty charges.

It has NFL Game Pass, MLB Network, Soccer, Boxing, Tennis, Cricket, Basketball, Darts, Pool, Extreme Sports under the Sports Category. Also features a schedule of the everyday games happening currently.

DAZN monthly subscription is $20 while the annual subscription is $150. It also comes with a free trial of 3 months.

Stream NFL on Firestick in the United Kingdom (UK)

In the United Kingdom, you can watch NFL on Firestick with Sky Go and NFL Game Pass. Let us discuss them in detail.

1. NFL Game Pass

NFL game pass


With NFL Game Pass, stream all your favorite NFL games, and on-demand and live shows. It features NFL RedZone that streams live every Sunday, NFL Originals featuring inside scoop about your favorite teams and NFL programs. Watch popular NFL shows online including Good Morning Football, NFL Game Day, NFL Total Access, etc.

You can stream live NFL games on up to 5 devices at the same time.

Although there is a free version of NFL Game Pass available which only requires signing up, it has limited features. You can watch NFL Network Live 24/7. Highlights are also available but for a maximum of 5 minutes. There are other two subscription packages that you can choose from. These are:

Essential: Live and On-demand shows. Costs £39.99 per year.

Pro: Live and On-demand show including 270+ NFL games both live and on-demand. Watch Super Bowl LVI Live, NFL Network Live 24/7, and also download content. Costs £147.99 per year (can be paid in installments of 4 £37.00) or £14.99 per week.

Pro pack comes with a free trial of 7 days.

 2. Sky Go (Paid Only)

stream NFL on FireStick


This one is not exactly for ditching Cable TV. You can only use Sky Go app on your phone, tablet, Smart TV, or laptop if you have a subscription to Sky TV cable. Sky TV has the official right to stream NFL games in the UK.

Ensure you have added sports channels to your current subscription pack. Now, open Amazon Store on your FireStick and search for Sky Go app. Install it and log in with Sky TV account credentials. That’s it. Now, head to the sports section and find Sky Sports NFL to enjoy NFL on Firestick.

Apart from that, Sky Go has 10000+ hours of on-demand content, 18 dedicated Sky Channels, 150 Channels not on Freeview, and lots more. To watch NFL and other sports, take Sky TV & Sky Sports plan which starts from £43/month for first 18 months.

How to Watch NFL on FireStick for FREE via Apps

A. Using Free Trials (Legal Apps)

Most of the premium apps/services discussed above offer free trials. Hence, you can use the free trials and stream most part of the NFL season for free. You can use different email IDs to sign up each time to take the advantage of free trials since this feature is only applicable for new customers. You can even also use a VPN to enjoy the free trial services of the apps not available in your country. Once your free trial duration ends, cancellation of subscription is required to avoid payment. Although we have mentioned them before as well, let us take a quick look at the apps once again that offer free trials:

  • NFL Game Pass Pro offers a free trial of 7 days.
  • YouTube TV comes with a free trial of 14 days.
  • fuboTV offers 7 days free trial.
  • DAZN offers 3 months free trial ( Canada Only)

B. Using Third-Party Live TV Streaming Apps

There are many streaming applications that you can use to watch Live NFL on your Jailbroken Firestick. These apps are not available on Amazon Store and hence need to be downloaded from third-party sources using a sideloading app like Downloader.

📌For further instructions, visit our guide: How to Install Downloader

TOPTVTIPS.COM is not equipped to verify the legality of these apps. Hence, user discretion is necessary while streaming with those apps. Also, we recommend you to use a trustworthy VPN like ExpressVPN at all times while streaming to hide your IP address and be safe.

Best Live TV Apps for FireStick

Look at the apps below:

1. Live NetTV

Live NetTV

Live NetTV is a live streaming application. It can also be used to stream NFL on Firestick. This app has 800+ channels from all across the world. It also offers VOD content.

The interface of this app is user-friendly. You can request any Channels that are not available in this app and also report dead streaming links to get it fixed soon. This app has so many features and hence it is a part of both Best FireStick apps list and Best Live FireStick apps list.

How to Install LiveNetTV on FireStick

2. HD Streamz

stream NFL on Firestick

HD Streamz is one of the best applications for Live TV streaming. It offers more than 1000 channels from 19 different countries. This app offers multiple streaming links so that you don’t have to worry about dead links.

If you want to stream NFL on Firestick using this app, click on the sports category and search for NFL Network channels to enjoy the live matches.

HD Streamz has a simple interface that is easy to navigate. It also includes a small collection of VOD content. We have added this app to our Best Live FireStick apps list and Best FireStick apps list.

How to Install HD Streamz on FireStick


NFL on Firestick

OLA TV is a live streaming application that can be used for watching NFL on Firestick. It has more than 1000 TV channels including both local and national channels. Find popular channels from countries like the UK, USA, India, etc.

This app has a neat user interface. However, you will require Ludio and KShaw in order to stream from this app. Our list of Best Live FireStick apps also has OLA TV in it.

How to Install OLA TV on FireStick

4. TVTap


TVTap is a fantastic streaming app that facilitates live TV streaming. It has a bucketful of channels from many as 10 different countries including the USA, UK, Canada, etc. TVTap also has channels that stream NFL.

It has a clean interface. The channel links are also refreshed periodically. You can remove the intermittent ads by sharing your idle resources. It is present in our Best Live FireStick apps list.

How to Install TVTap on FireStick

5. Kodi

NFL on Firestick

Kodi is an open-source media player app that also has the capability of streaming NFL on Firestick. It has everything- be it Movies, TV Shows, Live TV, Sports, or anything else. The only requirement is to install add-ons so that you can enjoy streaming the content. It can also play all types of media files, both local files, and files from online sources.

You will need to install an additional sports add-on on Kodi to watch NFL games. Some of the add-ons you can install to watch NFL on Firestick via Kodi are ApeX Sports, Sportowa, Rising Tides, etc.

How to Install Kodi on FireStick

Winding Up

NFL has started and it’s now better than ever. Though you can buy tickets and enjoy  NFL games live from the stadium, it is now risky to do so because of the ongoing pandemic. But you don’t have to worry, you can also watch NFL from your home. There are many services out there that stream live NFL games.

There are many third-party applications and websites available for streaming of NFL on Firestick. But, we suggest you use trustworthy legal apps, even though you need an active subscription to stream. These apps also offer a free trial and hence you can try their services before you decide to pay for the subscription.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to stream NFL on FireStick for free?

Yes, it is possible to stream NFL on Firestick for free by opting for free trials from premium apps that offer NFL streaming. But you have to make payment once your free trial is over. You can also use websites to access NFL on FireStick. There are also many applications from third-party sources that also stream NFL. But we cannot guarantee the legality of these services/apps. To get more details about the possible ways to stream NFL on Firestick for free, please read this article.

Can NFL games be streamed on FireStick?

Yes, NFL games can be easily streamed on FireStick. There are many apps and services that consist of channels streaming NFL games live. I recommend you to go through this article to get a proper idea of how to stream NFL on Firestick.

Can I install NFL application on FireStick?

Yes, the official NFL application can be installed on Firestick and other related devices. It is also supported on iOS and Android devices.


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