Install OnStream on FireStick for High-Quality Streaming

OnStream is a new streaming app for watching more than 1800 HD films and TV shows online. In this article, we will teach you how to install Onstream on FireStick.

A sideloading app, such as Downloader, is needed to install OnStream. Enter the URL: or the Downloader code: 714806  in Downloader URL Box. Select the Download OnStream option first and then, OnStream for android TV option to download the application file. Then, follow the on-screen instructions to install OnStream on FireStick.

The instruction procedure for installing OnStream is discussed below with relevant screenshots taken from Fire TV Stick Lite. The installation process is the same for other Android or Fire TV devices.

How to Install OnStream on FireStick  

Follow the below-mentioned instructions to install OnStream on FireStick:

1. OnStream is unavailable in the App Store. Hence, you have to install a sideloading app like Downloader to install OnStream on your device. Downloader can be easily installed from the Amazon App Store.

Then, from the FireStick settings, turn on the Install Unknown Apps feature.

For a more detailed overview, read our article on How to sideload apps using Downloader

2. Start Downloader by clicking its icon from the Apps & Channels section.

3. Click on the URL Box from the Downloader main screen.

Click on the URL Box

4. Type the OnStream URL: or the Downloader code: 714806

Click Go.

Type the OnStream URL

5. Then, select Download OnStream

select Download OnStream

6. Hit OnStream for android TV

Hit OnStream for android TV

7. OnStream application download will start.

OnStream application download will start

8. Hit INSTALL to begin installation.


9. Wait while the app is installing.


10. Then, click DONE.

click DONE

11. Remove the OnStream application file by clicking Delete.

click Delete

12. Confirm your choice by clicking Delete again.

click Delete again

How to Use OnStream on FireStick

Follow the steps below to start & access OnStream on FireStick:

1. Take your FireStick Remote and hold down its Home button for 5 seconds. Then, choose Apps.

2. Now, from the apps list, select the OnStream icon to start the app.

select the OnStream icon

3. On first starting the app, you can either sign up/ register or continue watching with registration.

Select Watch 1800+ movies/show option to access the content of OnStream without registration.

Select Watch 1800+ movies/show option

OnStream – Overview

The main screen of OnStream app is simple yet user-friendly.

main screen of OnStream app

The Home menu has many films and shows. The main categories are:

  • Latest movies
  • Popular
  • Latest TV Shows
  • Trending

There are 5 options in the left menu bar. These are:

  • My Board
  • TV Series
  • Home
  • Movies
  • Search
 main menu bar

The Search tool helps to find any movies or shows instantaneously without browsing manually.

The TV Series and Movies sections have lots of shows and movies.

My Board has these sub-sections:

  • My Profile
  • History
  • Continue
  • Settings
My Board

The Continue section is to resume where you left off.

The History section keeps track of the content you have watched.

The Settings section doesn’t have many options currently. You can either contact the developers of OnStream or exit the app from this section.


My profile section lets you manage your account. You can also sign in or register your OnStream account from here.

My profile

There are no Trakt & Real Debrid features present in this app. Hopefully, the developers will include them in the future.

Key Features of OnStream

The following are the Features of OnStream:

  • In-built media player for streaming content automatically
  • One-click play
  • High definition content
  • 1800+ TV Shows & movies at your disposal
  • Subtitles support
  • Play content even without any registration

How to play content on OnStream?

Follow the steps below to play content on OnStream:

1. Click the content you want to play.

2. Then, select Play now.

 select Play now

3. The content will automatically start to play.

4. You get a few options to control the media playback. Use the Right and left buttons of the navigational ring of your FireStick Remote to control the content playback.

5. At the top right corner, you will find two icons. The last icon (Gear icon) to the right extreme is to adjust the video quality.

Gear icon

Click on desired video quality.

Click on desired video quality

Next to that icon is another icon (Subtitle icon) which allows you to change the subtitles.

change the subtitles

Is OnStream Legal & Safe to Use?

I cannot say for sure whether OnStream is legal or not. This is because we don’t have adequate resources to find it out.

However, we suggest streaming from public domains. This will ensure that you don’t get entangled in legal troubles.

Also, connecting to a good VPN like ExpressVPN is recommended to keep your privacy safe and data encrypted.

I checked the APK file of OnStream with an antivirus and didn’t find any harmful content. So, it looks safe.

Recap: Install OnStream on FireStick

Onstream is a relatively new streaming app. The one-click play feature is the one that impresses me the most. However, Real Debrid and Trakt integration features are still not incorporated into this app.

A quick look at how to install OnStream on FireStick:

  1. Install Downloader from App Store.
  2. Turn on Install unknown apps.
  3. Then, start Downloader.
  4. Type the URL: or the Downloader Code: 714806 in Downloader.
  5. Then, select Download OnStream > OnStream for android TV > INSTALL > DONE