12 Best Oreo TV Alternatives for Live TV: Apps like Oreo TV

This post will introduce you to some of the Best Oreo TV Alternatives. The apps listed here work on all Fire TV devices including FireStick and also on all Android devices.

Oreo TV is an application that streams live IPTV channels. This app has gained immense popularity over the years and features thousands of channels from countries like the USA, UK, Canada, India, etc. This app also has VOD content to watch online.

But recently for the last few months, the developers of Oreo TV have drastically reduced the release of Oreo TV app updates. Hence, many users are having difficulties in either opening the app or live streaming on the app.

Moreover, rumors are rife that Oreo TV has shut down for good. However, right now there is no confirmation about it. Some people are still able to access some channels through Oreo TV, while for some, the app doesn’t open at all.

That’s why we decided to make a list of some of the best Oreo TV alternatives that work like Oreo TV.

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Best Oreo TV Alternatives

Agreed, that Oreo TV was one of the best Live TV apps with loads of on-demand content as well. That app rarely disappointed us.

The lineup of TV channels was nothing short of impressive – no other App could even come close to it. However, with Oreo shutting down, we need to look for its alternative.

Down below we have prepared a list of Oreo TV alternative apps. These are our favourite apps that work flawlessly on FireStick and a variety of other devices.

Moreover, they are super easy to use and all of them have a huge content catalog that can be enjoyed for hours. Take a look at them and also check out their installation guides(linked below each app) to learn how to install & use them:

1. HD Streamz

Oreo TV replacement

HD Streamz is a good Oreo TV alternative for viewing more than 1000 live TV channels. It has channels from different corners of the world, mainly from the USA, UK, India, etc. This app also has many radio channels and also features many movies and TV shows. Its interface is also pleasing to the eye.

HD Streamz also has a dead link reporting feature and a Channel Request feature. These two features help to fix dead links quickly and add new channels which are not currently available in this app. We recommend you to try this awesome app once!

How to install HD Streamz

2. Ocean Streamz

Top Oreo TV alternatives

Ocean Streamz is a new application for streaming thousands of live TV channels from many countries like the USA, UK, Canada, etc. It also has a boatload of TV shows and movies. Ocean Streamz has an intuitive interface. This app provides HD quality content and the content is also regularly updated.

Even though it’s new, it is a good app to stream live channels online. Hence, it can be considered as one of the top alternatives of Oreo TV.

How to install Ocean Streamz

3. Live NetTV

Live NetTV

Live NetTV is another alternative to Oreo TV for streaming 800+ live channels. Now watch channels from the USA, UK, Australia, and many other countries without paying hefty charges. It has an elegant UI. Other than that, you can also watch movies and TV shows online on this app. The content is also neatly classified and categorized for easier accessibility.

Another important feature of this app is that it allows video playing with external players like MX Player, Android Player, etc. We suggest you install this app and enjoy its wonderful features.

How to install Live NetTV

4. Ola TV

Best oreo TV alternative

Ola TV is a streaming app that has more than 50000 TV channels. These channels include not only local channels but also international channels from all parts of the world. The content and channel links are frequently updated. This is to ensure buffer-free entertainment.

This app is the clone of Relax TV which is not functional anymore. It supports Region-wise content filter along with genre-wise and category-wise filters. Currently, you can stream channels from this app using Kshaw and Ludio player only. So, you might not be able to customize your player settings the way you can with other video players. Still, Ola TV has ample features and content, hence worth installing.

How to install Ola TV

5. Strix

apps like oreo TV

Strix is an alternative of Oreo TV featuring live TV channels from many parts of the world. Stream Channels from the UK, USA, India, Germany, and many other countries. It has an intuitive user interface that is convenient to operate.

Strix also fetches quality links from trusted sources. The quality of video content is superb, mostly high definition quality. The content is segregated into different categories like Sports, News, Drama, Documentary, etc. Furthermore, it also contains many movies and TV shows. This app also has a separate adult content category.

How to Install Strix

6. UK Turks App

UK Turks App

UK Turks App is an awesome streaming APK for watching live TV. It has 5 different sections in the live TV category which are Live TV, Sports TV, Turkish TV, PPV Replays, and CCTV. Stream live TV channels from UK, Turkey, and also from other countries. It has a separate dedicated section for live sports. You can also watch highlights of different sport matches. Furthermore, it also has CCTV camera live feed.

Apart from that, it also has movies, shows, Stand-Ups, Concerts, and Radio Channels. The layout is also very unique and pleasing to the eye. Do try it!


best oreo tv alternative

AOS TV is an amazing Oreo TV replacement to stream live TV channels. It has more than 1000 live channels from countries like the USA, UK, Canada, India, and many others. It has a beautiful-looking interface. The streaming channel links are updated frequently to avoid any dead links. This app also has sports channels for watching live sports.

It has categorized its channels into different sub-categories via genre sorting for easy app handling. The streaming links of AOS TV are mostly of high definition quality. This app is highly recommended and you should try this app at least once.

How to Install AOS TV

8. Redbox TV

Alternative for Oreo TV

Redbox TV has as many as 1000 live TV channels including from countries like the USA, UK, Canada, and many other countries. This app has a minimalistic user interface with butter-smooth navigation. It offers channels of both SD and HD video quality.

Furthermore, you can request channels that are currently not available on Redbox TV. It also has multiple links for the same channel and that too of different resolutions. This way you can choose your video quality according to your internet speed and preference. For instance, you can opt for a lower SD quality instead of HD quality if your internet speed is slow so that your video does not buffer.

How to Install RedBox TV

9. Media Lounge

top Oreo Tv replacement

Media Lounge is an Oreo TV alternative for watching live IPTV channels from many countries of the world. IPTV has two different categories, namely Sports TV and Live TV. There are many sports channels for streaming live Sports in the Sports TV section. This app fetches high quality links, enhancing the entertainment experience.

Apart from that, it also has online TV shows and movies of HD quality. It has Adult content too and also has a dedicated section for sports fans.

How to install Media Lounge

10. TVTap

Oreo TV alternatives

TVTap is yet another application that allows users to access live TV channels. It offers a huge line up of channels from all over the World. You will find lots of content from different countries such as United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and many more.

TVTap has an elegant interface design. It is neat and user-friendly. This app updates its channel links regularly to make sure users get access to working links.

How to install TVTap

11. HDtv or HDtv Ultimate

Oreo TV replacement apps

HDtv (also known as HDtv Ultimate) has plenty of channels from several countries including the USA, the UK, Canada, and many more. It has a clean clutter-free interface. It also supports external video players such as MX Player, MX Pro, VLC, etc. However, you require Yalla Receiver to play the channels (you may check the guide link below to know how to install it)

HDtv has a variety of live TV categories including Sports TV, Live Sports Events, IPTV, etc.

How to install HDtv

12. Rokkr


Rokkr is another alternative application of Oreo TV that lets you stream many live TV channels from many countries. Not only this, but it also has tons of shows and movies. You can also use Rokkr to browse. Moreover, you can install many additional add-ons to make it even better. The interface is really awesome and user-friendly too. It has a disadvantage though, it only has SD quality video content.

If you want ad-free content on Rokkr, you can also take their annual subscription which will cost you 19.95 Euro. Currently, you can enjoy Rokkr premium subscription on multiple devices for one-time payment on a single account.

How to Install Rokkr

Winding Up

We have listed some of the best Oreo TV alternatives in this post. We will make sure that this list is updated and all the apps listed in this post work properly. Do comment below if we missed any of your favorite Oreo TV alternatives.

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