How to Pair FireStick Remote in Seconds [Quick & Easy]

A paired Remote is a must in order to control the FireStick. This article will demonstrate how to Pair FireStick Remote with Amazon FireStick devices.

The methods outlined here work on all FireStick variants including FireStick 4K Max, FireStick Lite, etc.

Amazon FireStick is an awesome portable device that has the ability to revolutionize the way a person streams normally. It makes streaming easy. This device opens a whole lot of ways to maximize your entertainment experience. All you need is the FireStick device and its Remote.

Normally, the FireStick Remote that is included with the FireStick device comes paired beforehand. But sometimes, you may need to pair the FireStick remote by yourself.

For instance, your original FireStick Remote got misplaced or stopped working and now, you want to pair a new Remote. Or your Remote somehow got unpaired. Or you simply want to pair an additional remote.

So, if you are also looking to pair your FireStick remote, then this article is for you. We have discussed all the probable ways to pair FireStick remote. Continue reading to learn more.

Note: All of the methods discussed below will only work if you are using a compatible remote that works with your FireStick.

How to Pair FireStick Remote

Let us learn how to pair FireStick remote. We will discuss two methods here. If the first one didn’t work, opt for the next one.

Method 1:

This is a quick method to pair FireStick remote. It mostly works when you are setting up your new FireStick first time with a remote. Here’s how:

1. Hold down the Home Button of your FireStick Remote pointing towards your TV screen for 10 seconds.

Pair FireStick Remote

2. You will notice that the small light placed on the top of FireStick remote will start to blink. This will confirm that your FireStick is paired with FireStick Remote.

3. You may also receive a confirmation message on your TV screen regarding the successful pairing.

Method 2:

If Method 1 didn’t work, you have to try this method. In this method, you have to reset your FireStick Remote and then pair it. Here’s how:

1. The first step involves unplugging FireStick from power source for a minute.

2. Next, press the Back button, Left button on the navigation ring, and Menu Button simultaneously for 12-15 seconds.

Next, press the Back button, Left button on the navigation ring, and Menu Button simultaneously for 12-15 seconds

3. Remove the FireStick Remote batteries.

4. Start your FireStick device and wait for about a minute.

5. Re-insert FireStick Remote Batteries properly by aligning them in the correct direction.

6. Press & hold the Home Button of your FireStick Remote for 10-12 seconds. It will get paired.

7. Repeat the previous step after some interval if it fails to pair the remote in the first attempt.

How to Pair a New FireStick Remote/ Replacement Remote

If your old FireStick Remote stopped working or got damaged/misplaced, you may want to pair a new/replacement FireStick remote with FireStick. Here’s how to pair it:

1. The first step requires unplugging of FireStick from power source for a minute or two.

2. Next, insert the remote batteries.

3. Start FireStick. You will see its main screen after a minute or so.

4. Check whether the Remote got paired automatically. If not, hold down the Home Button of the remote for 20-30 seconds.

5. In some cases, a message might notify you about the successful pairing of remote with FireStick. If you didn’t see the message, check whether the remote works or not when you press any navigational buttons on the remote.

How to Pair an Additional FireStick Remote

FireStick lets you pair a maximum of 7 number of remotes with it at a time. Pairing an additional remote with FireStick saves you from problems you might face if the original remote somehow got misplaced or stops working. So, if you also want to pair an additional FireStick Remote, here’s how:

1. Head to the FireStick Main Screen and hit Gear Icon (Settings).

How to Pair an Additional FireStick Remote

2. Select Controllers & Bluetooth Devices.

How to Pair FireStick Remote

3. Now, select Amazon Fire TV Remotes.

Now, select Amazon Fire TV Remotes

4. Hit Add New Remote tile.

How to Pair Amazon FireStick Remote

5. FireStick will scan for any nearby compatible remote. Meanwhile, you have to press & hold the Home Button of the remote you want to pair for 10-15 seconds.

Pair Amazon Fire TV Remote

6. After FireStick successfully scans the additional remote, hit the Home Button on the new remote until you see the pairing confirmation of the additional remote.

How to Pair Portable/Mobile Remote (Connect Phone to FireStick via Fire TV Application)

Your Smartphone can also work as a remote for FireStick. You just have to install Fire TV Application from the Play Store.

We have a detailed post on Amazon Fire TV App, you may check to learn how to install it and use it.

Here’s how to pair your Smartphone Remote with FireStick:

1. Firstly, install the Fire TV Application on your Smartphone.

Firstly, install the Fire TV Application on your Smartphone

2. Connect both FireStick and your Smartphone to the same network connection.

3. Launch the application.

4. Choose your FireStick device from the available options.

Note: If you are unable to spot your FireStick device, hit Set Up New Device.

pair FireStick remote

6. Use appropriate credentials for logging in to your Amazon account.

7. You will notice a 4 digit code on your TV screen.

pair remote with FireStick

8. Type the code on your smartphone to complete the pairing.

enter 4 digit code

Now, you can control your FireStick with your Smartphone.

What to do if your FireStick Remote isn’t pairing?

If your FireStick remote is not pairing, there can be various reasons that may not allow you to pair FireStick remote with your FireStick successfully. Here are a few things you can do:

  • Check whether you are trying to pair a remote that is compatible with your FireStick.
  • Make sure that the FireStick Remote is not faulty or damaged.
  • Ensure that the batteries inserted in the remote are aligned in the right direction.
  • Remove any obstructions that may hinder the pairing process.
  • Minimize the distance between the FireStick and the Remote you want to pair.

How to Unpair FireStick Remote?

If you wish to unpair your FireStick remote, you can do that as well. Here are the steps:

1. Hit Gear Icon (Settings) from FireStick Main Screen.

2. Then, hit Controllers & Bluetooth Devices.

3. After that, select Amazon Fire TV Remotes.

4. Choose the Remote you wish to unpair.

5. Hit the Menu (3 Horizontal parallel lines button) on any other paired Remote. Press SELECT/OK Button on the same Remote for unpairing confirmation.

In Closing

The FireStick Remote that is provided with your FireStick device generally comes paired with the device. But if it’s not paired, you can easily pair it by pressing the Home Button of the remote for a few seconds.

We are hopeful that by following the methods discussed above, you will be easily able to pair FireStick remote with FireStick.

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