RedBox TV Alternatives |15 Best Apps like RedBox TV

In this article, we are going to list the best Redbox TV alternatives. All the apps that we have listed below can be installed on any FireStick or Android device.

RedBox TV is truly an amazing app for streaming live TV. The ability to stream HD as well as SD video quality channels clubbed with a user-friendly interface makes it popular. But unfortunately, this app is not free from problems.

In fact, all streaming apps face problems at a certain point of time. And Redbox TV is no different. So, it is wise to keep a few backups in case Redbox TV fails to work.

So, if you are also looking for the best alternatives to RedBox TV, you can just look at our Redbox TV alternatives list. We have also attached separate guides for each app in our list in case you want to install any of them on your device.

Best RedBox TV Alternatives for Live TV

Searching for apps like Redbox TV? Your search ends here. Check out our Redbox TV alternatives list below.

1. Ocean Streamz

best redbox tv alternative

Ocean Streamz is one of the Redbox TV alternatives that has 1000+ live TV channels. Watch popular channels from countries like Australia, the USA, the UK, India, etc.

This app also offers movies and TV shows. Not only that, but it also has adult content & Anime. The thing which sets it apart from other apps is that it doesn’t have any advertisements even though it doesn’t require any premium subscription.

Installation Guide: How to install Ocean Streamz

2. HD Streamz

HD Streamz

HD Streamz is a brilliant Redbox TV alternative APK. It gives you the option to choose from thousands of live channels from as many as 19 countries. Enjoy channels from Canada, Spain, the US, the Netherlands, the UK, etc.

Another great thing about the app is that it provides multiple streaming links for channels. This makes sure that the entertainment never stops even if there is a dead link. Other than live channels, it also offers live radio channels.

Installation Guide: How to install HD Streamz

3. TVMob

top redbox tv alternative

TVMob has 500+ live channels that you can enjoy anytime you want. It was earlier called TVTap. Watch channels of different genres from the US, Spain, the Netherlands, the UK, etc.

The interface of this app is also easy to use. New channels are added periodically. Also, it updates the links of the channels regularly for minimizing dead links. You can use external players like MX Player, Go Player, etc. to stream channels from it.

Installation Guide: How to install TVMob

4. Live NetTV

best redbox tv alternative

Live NetTV is another fantastic Redbox TV replacement that has more than 800 channels to stream online. This app has channels of various genres including Kids, Sports, News, entertainment, etc. And you can watch all these channels without paying any money.

The interface of this app is also simple and hence user-friendly. Give it a try!

Installation Guide: How to install Live NetTV

5. Rapid Streamz

best redbox tv alternative

Rapid Streamz is another top live TV streaming application that can stream 800 channels. You will find popular channels from many countries including the UK, Germany, France, the USA, etc.

It has channels of various genres including  News, History, Movies, Sports, etc. The dead channel links issue is handled quite tactically by the developers of Rapid Streamz with the introduction of multiple channel links.

Installation Guide: How to install Rapid Streamz

6. Media Lounge

best alternatives to redbox tv

Media Lounge is one of the best alternatives for Redbox TV. It has plenty of live IPTV channels from the USA, France, the UK, India, etc. It has dedicated channels for sports fanatics. Moreover, this app also has a decent VOD section.

You can also access the adult section that it offers. Navigation is also smooth in this app, thanks to its simple interface.

Installation Guide: How to install Media Lounge

7. Ola TV

Ola TV

Ola TV is a good Redbox TV alternative that offers dozens of channels from several countries like the UK, UAE, Canada, USA, etc. Whether you are searching for national channels or local channels, you will find it all here.

One of the advantages of using Ola TV is that it has multiple links. This is extremely helpful in cases where one or more links fail to work. There is also a noticeable drawback in this app – no inbuilt player support. But still, it’s a very good app that is worth installing.

Installation Guide: How to install Ola TV

8. Stremio


Stremio is a fantastic app for watching not only live TV but also VOD content. You just need to install suitable addons on Stremio based on your streaming preference. For example, if you want to watch live TV and live sports, you have to install a live TV and sports add-on.

The interface of Stremio is also user-friendly. Overall, it’s a great app and you should consider installing it.

Installation Guide: How to install Stremio

9. UK Turks

best alternatives to redbox tv

UK Turks is another brilliant alternative to Redbox TV. If you are a fan of British and Turkish channels, this app is perfect for you. And it doesn’t end here.

It also has many channels from other countries. What more you ask? It has radio channels and lots of VOD content. The interface of UK Turks is unique yet user-friendly. Give it a try!

10. HDtv

best redbox tv alternative

HDtv or HDtv Ultimate is a nice app for streaming live TV channels. Enjoy channels from several countries like Canada, the US, the UK, etc. You will find channels of different genres including IPTV, Sports, etc.

Streaming channels from HDtv is also very easy. You just have to click on your preferred channel to start streaming it. This app also offers external video support.

Installation Guide: How to install HDtv

11. Pluto TV

Pluto TV

Pluto TV offers more than 250 live TV channels. It not offers you access to exclusive Pluto TV channels but also channels like NBC News, NFL Channel, etc. It also has on-demand content.

The only thing that is a bit irritating is the advertisement that pops up once in a while. But it’s a compromise you have to make to enjoy VOD content and live TV for free.

Installation Guide: How to install Pluto TV

12. Airy TV

best alternatives to redbox tv

Airy TV is also a pretty decent app for streaming hundreds of live TV channels. You will find channels of different genres in this app. You don’t have to subscribe or sign up to stream channels.

Airy TV also has many TV shows and movies. It doesn’t charge any fee for accessing its content. However, it shows some ads in between.

Installation Guide: How to install Airy TV

13. Peacock TV

best redbox tv alternative

Peacock TV streams live TV channels that you can enjoy whenever you want. This app also offers lots of VOD content including movies & TV shows.

It has two versions- one is free and the other one is premium. The free version offers many content sans exclusive content. The premium version offers similar content and also exclusive content including live TV streaming of WWE and Premier League. This version is also free from ads contrary to the free version.

Installation Guide: How to install Peacock TV

14. KlowdTV

top redbox tv alternative

KlowdTV has plenty of channels for streaming. This app has news, movies, and many basic channels. It is trying to expand its channel quantity through the regular addition of new channels.

The free version of this app doesn’t need any sign-up. If you want more channels and features, you can subscribe to its premium membership.

KlowdTV has a simple interface and it is also easy to use.

Installation Guide: How to install KlowdTV

Summing Up

This guide will surely help you find out the best replacement for Redbox TV. Our list contains only those apps that are working currently.

Do visit this guide again as our list of apps will keep changing based on the availability and reliability of the app. Meanwhile, you can let us know if you know of any other apps that we failed to mention in this guide.

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