How to Rename FireStick /Change Fire TV Name Successfully

Own more than one Amazon FireStick? Then, changing the name of your device would be helpful in identifying the devices easily. In this article, I will teach you how to rename FireStick.

The methods discussed here will work on almost all Amazon linked devices including FireStick devices and Kindle.

Amazon FireStick has drastically changed the way we used to stream VOD content. Now, it’s more fun and easy to stream hundreds and thousands of HD content, be it live TV, Sports, TV shows, or movies. This is also a cheaper option and cost less than the usual cable subscriptions.

Your FireStick device is given a name by default once you link it to your Amazon account. Most people don’t care about renaming their FireStick device. And, you also don’t need to change your FireStick device name unless you want to give it a more identifiable name.

It becomes necessary when you have more than one FireStick device. In such cases, it becomes difficult to identify the devices. That’s why you might have to change FireStick name.

So, if you also want to change your FireStick device name, just follow the methods discussed below.

Prepare to Rename FireStick /Change FireStick Name

Your FireStick devices are assigned default names automatically. But whenever it comes to searching your device, it might get a little tricky if you have multiple devices. That’s why you might want to change FireStick name (the default one).

Here are the detailed steps on how to rename FireStick:

1. Check your FireStick Device’s Name First

If you have multiple FireStick devices, it becomes difficult to identify the FireStick that you want to rename. That’s why you need to know your FireStick device name before you proceed to change FireStick name.

Here’s how you can know/check your default FireStick device name:

1. Hit the Gear Icon (Settings) from FireStick Home screen.

change FireStick name

2. Select My Fire TV.

Select My Fire TV

3. Hit About.

How to rename FireStick

4. Choose Fire TV Stick 4K.

On the right side of the screen, you will notice the name of your FireStick device. Make a note of it. We will need it later.

change FireStick name

2. Think of a Name for your FireStick Device

Before you rename your FireStick device, you have to think of a name for your FireStick device that is easily identifiable. Make sure the name given is not the same as the other FireStick devices that you possess. Also, don’t give a difficult name. Keep a name that can be memorized easily.

Different Methods to Rename FireStick /Change FireStick Name

There are two methods to change FireStick name. One is by visiting the Amazon website. And the other is by installing the Amazon application on your Smartphone. We will discuss both of the methods in detail one by one.

1. Rename FireStick from Amazon Website

In this section, we will learn how to rename FireStick from Amazon Website. Let’s look at the steps:

1. Open any browser to go to the official website of Amazon.

2. From the top right corner of the website, select Hello, Sign in Accounts & Lists.

Then, hit Sign in.

Then, hit Sign in

2. Enter your email id or phone number and choose Continue.

How to rename FireStick

3. Next, type your password and hit Continue.

change FireStick name

Note: You can skip the above steps if you are already signed in to your Amazon account. In that case, open the Amazon website and follow the next steps.

4. After you have signed in to your account, go to the top menu bar of the website. Select Hello “Your First Name” Account & Lists. Select Content and Devices option under Your Account section.

Select Content and Devices option

5. The below screen will show up with Content tab selected

How to rename FireStick

6. Select Devices option

change FireStick name

7. And then select Fire TV. You will find the list of FireStick devices that are linked with your Amazon account. Select the device you want to rename below (the name you noted from your FireStick settings will now come in handy)

how to change FireStick name

8. Hit Edit option that is situated right next to FireStick/ Fire TV device name.

Hit Edit option

9. Now, enter the desired name on the box right next to Device Name option.

Select Save.

Hit Edit option

It’s that easy. Your FireStick device name is changed.

2. Rename FireStick from your Phone with Amazon Application

In this section, we will learn how to rename FireStick from your Smartphone using Amazon Application. Let’s look at the steps:

First of all, install Amazon application on your phone from Play store/ App Store. Skip this step, if you have Amazon app already installed on your phone.

1. Sign in to your account by typing your credentials properly.

2. Select Profile icon that is right next to Home icon in the bottom menu bar of the app.

3. Select Your Account.

Select Your Account

4. Hit Content and Devices.

How to rename FireStick

5. Choose Devices section.

6. You will notice a list of devices linked with your Amazon account. Choose the device you want to rename.

7. Hit the Edit button.

8. Name the device as you desire.

9. Finally, click Save.

10. A notification will confirm the successful renaming of your device.

Summing up How to Rename FireStick

So, this is how you rename FireStick. Both the methods mentioned above are easy to follow. You can use any one of these methods to change FireStick name.

Just make sure that the FireStick device name you choose is simple so that you can easily memorize the name. Also, make sure that the FireStick device name is different from the name of other FireStick devices you have.

You can also use these methods to rename any Kindle device you have.

If you have any other queries, drop a comment below so that we can assist you further.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How to rename FireStick device on phone?

Firstly, install Amazon app on your device and sign in to your account. Next, click Accounts icon next to Home icon. Select Your Account > Content and Devices > Devices. Choose the FireStick device that needs to be renamed. Hit Edit and then rename the device. Finally, select Save.

Do I have to reset my FireStick in order to change FireStick name?

No, you don’t have to reset FireStick to change FireStick name. It’s your choice completely, however if you have multiple FireStick devices, renaming would help you identify the devices.

Will my old files and accounts get deleted if I rename FireStick?

No, all your saved files and accounts will remain as it is after you rename your FireStick device.

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