How to Reset FireStick to Default Settings With & Without Remote

Various reasons can crop up, prompting you to hard reset or factory reset your FireStick. In today’s post, we have discussed how to reset FireStick in different ways — with and without FireStick Remote.

The procedure given below works for all types of Fire TV variants including FireStick 4K Max, FireStick 4K, FireStick Lite, etc.

Note: Factory Resetting your FireStick will restore your device to its original state when you bought it. This implies that all installed applications, passwords, and other data stored on that device will be wiped out clean. So, before you factory reset, back up essential data that you’d regret losing.

Does your FireStick become unresponsive for a few seconds every now and then? If you notice frequent freezing, it probably necessitates a reset to function properly. Similarly, if your FireStick force closes itself or shows black screen too often, it demands a reset.

Slow app launches, slow navigation, FireStick not responding properly, FireStick stuck at logo, etc. could all be reasons to hard reset your Fire TV device.

Easy ways to Fix Buffering on FireStick

Sometimes, you may even have a problem on your FireStick that you can’t quite pinpoint. It can be frustrating if you are unable to figure out why your device isn’t working properly.

If such problems persists, resetting your FireStick is the only option you have to eradicate them.

Regardless of why you need to perform a FireStick factory reset, it is a quick and effective way to bring your device to function normally again.

This article teaches you how you can reset FireStick in just a few steps. Take a look at the below-mentioned ways to reset FireStick so that you can get back to streaming your favorite Channels, shows, and movies.

Types of Reset

There are 2 types of reset that you can try to fix persisting FireStick problems. Here they are:

1. Soft Reset

Soft reset simply means restarting or rebooting your device. This is a great way to start afresh if a FireStick app is causing any problems.

2. Hard Reset/ Factory Reset

Hard Reset or Factory Reset will remove device’s user data and revert it to its default settings. Simply put, hard resetting will bring the device back to its original state it was when you first purchased it. This guide is geared towards hard reset or factory reset.

When & Why Do I Need to Reset My FireStick to Factory Defaults?

While resetting it wouldn’t harm your FireStick, it’s worth knowing why you would decide to reset it in the first place. You may need to reset Firestick for many reasons. Some FireStick issues can’t be solved with other techniques and it is the only remaining option to solve your problem and let your FireStick run problem-free.

Let us look at the probable causes that might force/make you reset Firestick:

1. Low storage of FireStick

FireStick is a low spec device. Hence, it has low storage, varying from 8 GB to 16 GB. And on top of that, the operating system and system files of FireStick require one-fourth of that space. The problem with a low storage device is that it gets filled up quickly. This, in turn, can cause problems like FireStick hanging, slow to respond, etc.

Even if you uninstall apps that are not required, it will leave residual files behind. Also, if you have a few installed apps, still you can face this problem due to the build-up of cache accumulated over time.

Thus, you may need to reset FireStick if you are unable to clear FireStick space in other ways.

2. FireStick running slow

Sometimes your FireStick may become really slow. It is frustrating when your FireStick takes more than a couple of minutes to open your favorite app and start streaming.

In many cases, restarting your FireStick will solve this problem. But there are times when restarting your FireStick will not be able to eradicate this problem. Hence, you will need to reset Firestick.

3. FireStick froze or stops responding

Though FireStick freezing or stop responding is not a common problem, it can happen sometimes. In such cases, you will not be able to control your FireStick with remote. If you also unplug your FireStick and plug it in again, it will not do you any good.

The only way to solve this problem is to reset FireStick.

4. Bugs/Malware infestation

Many FireStick users nowadays use third-party apps for streaming. The reason for such inclination towards third-party applications is that they are either cheap or free and have plenty of content. But installing apps from unverified sources can also create problems. Many times the app updates released by apps are bugs infused or malware infested. This will deteriorate FireStick performance and hence, it will misbehave.

This requires resetting your FireStick to solve this issue.

5. To give FireStick a clean slate

Whether you want to give away your FireStick to someone or sell it, you will want to remove all your account credentials before doing so. Also, if you just want to remove all your Installed Apps and revert their settings to factory default, you have to reset FireStick.

In the next section, we will tell you how to reset Firestick to tackle all these problems.

How to Reset FireStick to Factory Settings (Hard Reset)

In this section, we will learn all the three ways you can reset the FireStick device. These are:

  1. Reset FireStick from FireStick Settings.
  2. Reset FireStick with FireStick Remote.
  3. Using Fire TV App, reset FireStick without FireStick Remote.

1. How to Reset FireStick from FireStick Settings

We will learn now how to reset FireStick from FireStick settings. This technique will work if you are still able to navigate the device. If not, you may try other methods. Let’s take a look:

1. After you power on your FireStick, you will see the FireStick Home screen.

2. Select the Gear (Settings) icon on the right corner of the middle menu panel.

reset firestick

3. Choose the My Fire TV option.

Choose the My Fire TV option

4. Hit Reset to Factory Defaults

how to reset firestick without remote

5. You will be asked to confirm if you want to reset your FireStick to its original factory settings. Select Reset to reset FireStick.

how to reset firestick to factory settings

FireStick will reset within a few moments. Wait patiently.

2. How to Reset FireStick with Remote

If your FireStick froze, you may find difficulty in resetting it by navigating to FireStick Settings. Fortunately, you can still reset FireStick with remote without any hassle.

Let’s learn how to reset FireStick using FireStick remote:

Note: Ensure your FireStick remote works and the remote batteries are fully charged.

1. Power on your FireStick device.

2. Simultaneously, press and hold the Back Button and the Right navigation ring button of your FireStick Remote for about ten seconds. Or till the time a reset notification is visible on your screen.

press and hold the Back Button and the Right navigation ring button of your FireStick Remote for about ten seconds

3. When the Reset notification appears on your screen, select Reset to reset FireStick to Factory Defaults. If you don’t click Reset within 20 seconds, FireStick reset will automatically cancel.

4. Wait until FireStick reset is complete.

This is how you can reset FireStick to factory settings using a remote.

3. How to Reset Firestick without Remote/ via Fire TV App

If you are wondering whether you can reset FireStick without remote, the answer is Yes. That means you don’t have to worry even if your FireStick is not responding to the commands given by FireStick remote. Also, if your remote is damaged, you can use this technique to reset FireStick.

Fix FireStick Remote Not Working

FireStick has launched Fire TV app for iOS, Android & Kindle-supported devices. You can easily use this app to reset FireStick.

Let us learn how to reset Firestick without remote via Fire TV app:

1. First of all, download Fire TV App from respective App Store.

2. Connect your smartphone and FireStick to the same Wi-Fi network.

3. Open the Fire TV App and select the FireStick device you are using when a list of Fire TV devices appears.

4. Type the 4 digit code that appears on your TV screen on your phone to pair.

This is how the Fire TV app looks:

This is how the Fire TV app looks

5. Now, the next steps are the same as discussed before. Navigate to Gear icon (Settings) from Firestick Home screen.

6. Now, click My Fire TV

7. Next, select Reset to Factory Defaults

8. Confirm the same by clicking Reset when asked again.

It will take a minute or two to completely reset FireStick.

Note: Right after FireStick reset, you cannot control your FireStick via Fire TV app. You will need to set up the FireStick using a remote.

4. Reset FireStick with TV Remote

If you don’t have FireStick remote or your FireStick remote is not working, you can still reset it using TV remote. The only requirement is that your TV needs to have CEC support (Consumer Electronics Control). Turn on the CEC settings from your TV. It will let you use your TV remote for controlling your FireStick. Check your TV specification and find the CEC settings location as it varies across devices.

Now follow the steps discussed before and reset your FireStick from FireStick settings.

Can you Reset FireStick without remote or wifi?

It’s not possible to reset FireStick without remote or WiFi. You need either one of them to reset FireStick.

Also, you need to be on the same WiFi network on your smartphone and FireStick to reset FireStick.

However, if you are using a different Wifi connection for your phone, there’s a hack you can use to reset Firestick:

Mind that, you are not using the old Wifi connection saved on your FireStick anymore. Hence, you will not be able to connect to any new network connection considering your Firestick stopped responding.

That’s why you need to trick your FireStick to believe that you are using the same old wifi connection. You can achieve that by changing your new Wifi Router’s name & password as that of the old one.

Also, you can do that by using your mobile hotspot. But before connecting your FireStick to that network, you have to keep the name & password of your hotspot as the same as the old connection.

What to Do After Resetting FireStick to Factory Defaults?

After resetting FireStick to factory defaults, all your account credentials will be erased out and all applications will be gone and it will be as good as new. Thus, you have to register your Amazon account with your FireStick again, pair your remote, download Applications, etc. Let us look at how you can proceed after resetting your FireStick:

1. Setting up FireStick

Setting up your FireStick is the first step you have to take after resetting FireStick. Connect to a good internet connection and pair your FireStick remote with your FireStick device if it is not already paired. This step also involves registering your Amazon account with your FireStick.

If you need guidance in setting up your FireStick, you may check out our guide: How to set up FireStick

2. Reinstall your VPN before you start streaming

You should always connect to a trustworthy VPN before streaming any content. This is to enhance your cyber security and also to hide your IP location from potential scammers. VPN also can bypass geo-restrictions and remove internet throttling by Internet Service Providers (ISPs). That’s why you should consider reinstalling VPN and ensure you connect to it before streaming any content.

I swear by ExpressVPN and recommend it too. It offers blazing fast speed and utmost security online. It also has a zero-logs policy and dedicated apps for all kinds of devices and platforms including FireStick and Fire TVs. Although we don’t think you’ll ever want one, ExpressVPN also offers 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee (no questions asked).

Here’s how you can set up ExpressVPN on Firestick:

1. First of all, sign Up for ExpressVPN HERE

2. Navigate to the Find Icon on your FireStick home screen.

Navigate to the Find Icon
3. Now, go to the Search option

go to the Search option
4. Enter the word ExpressVPN using the onscreen keypad and select it from the Search results.

Enter the ExpressVPN
5. Now, click the ExpressVPN icon under Apps & Games section

Click the Icon
6. Click on Get /Download and wait for it to install on your FireStick

Click on Get
7. Click Open to launch the ExpressVPN app

Click Open
8. Enter your login credentials that you used when you registered for ExpressVPN. And click Sign In

Enter your login credentials
9. Choose a server location of your choice and click the Power Icon to connect to the server.

click the power icon to connect
Once connected, your IP address will change automatically. Meaning, your Internet activities are now anonymous and anything you stream on this FireStick device is safe from the prying eyes. It will also unblock geo-restricted content.

For detailed review & installation process, read our guide: ExpressVPN Review: Installation & How-to Use

3. Jailbreak FireStick to use Third-party Apps

There are many resourceful third-party apps that have plenty of VOD content and live TV streaming channels. These apps have either zero or paltry subscription charges. However, these apps are not available on Amazon Store.

If you want to install third-party apps that are not available on Amazon App Store, you have to jailbreak FireStick. This is rather easy. You just have to give permission to FireStick to install apps from sources other than Amazon Store.

For a better understanding and detailed step-by-step guide, visit our guide: How to Jailbreak FireStick

4. Download your Preferred Applications

Resetting FireStick also removes all the apps you have installed before. So, you have to download and install them again to enjoy streaming. You can download apps either from Amazon Store or from third-party sources.

Now that you have jailbroken your FireStick, you will also be able to install third-party apps like Cinema HD, FilmPlus, etc. that offer hundreds of online Video-on-demand content. For live TV streaming, you can use Ocean Streamz, HD Streamz, etc.

Check out our guide for full list: Best Apps for FireStick

Wrapping Up

Now that you have reset your FireStick successfully, I hope all the associated problems that were troubling you before, have vanished. Your FireStick will now return to its original factory settings and hence you need to set it up again. Establish a strong Wi-Fi connection and pair your remote before registering your Amazon account with FireStick.

If you have any other queries about how to reset FireStick, do contact us for further assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is resetting your FireStick safe?

Resetting FireStick is completely safe. Only thing that you should keep in mind that it removes all data from FireStick and wipes it clean. So, do keep a backup before resetting.

If I reset my FireStick, will I lose everything?

Resetting FireStick will remove all your personal data, account credentials, and files including installed apps.

How to reset firestick from phone?/ How to reset firestick without remote?

Install the Fire TV App on your phone and pair it with your FireStick device. Now, go to FireStick Settings< My Fire TV< Reset to Factory Defaults< Reset.

Will my Firestick reset if I unplug it?

No, the FireStick will not reset to factory defaults if you unplug it. It will only do a soft reset and restart the FireStick.

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