How to Install Stremio on FireStick [Includes Stremio Addon Installation]

In today’s tutorial, I will guide you through the detailed instructions to install Stremio on FireStick. You may also apply these steps to all other Fire TV and Android TV devices.

Stremio is also officially available on Google Play Store for Android mobiles, tablets, and Android TV Boxes that run on stock Android OS. Since it is not officially available on FireStick & Android TV Boxes running on Android TV OS (Nvidia Shield & Mi Box), you may follow the sideloading method provided in this guide for them.

Supported DevicesAmazon FireStick, Fire TV, Android TV, Android Mobiles, Tablets, Chromecast with Google TV, Nvidia Shield, Roku, Mi TV Stick, TiVo Stream 4K, Computer
Type of AppAll-in-One
ContentMovies, TV shows, Live TV, Sports, Music, Adult, Games
External Video Player Support❌
Premium Sources❌ Support✅
Subtitle Support✅
Downloading Feature❌

Stremio is a media center app, which works in a similar fashion to Kodi as well as Plex.

You can install third-party addons within Stremio to stream movies, TV shows, live TV, Sports, and pretty much everything you want (More on that later). I find it much easier to use than Kodi.

Another cool thing about Stremio is that the add-ons you install on Stremio are installed online and not local storage. This also means if you install an addon on Stremio on one device, it will be available across all devices signed in with the same account. It is also great for low-storage devices such as FireStick – no need to worry about space.

You can also authenticate Trakt within the App to sync your content across devices.

We have decided to include Stremio in our Best FireStick Apps list.

How to Install Stremio on FireStick

I will take you through the whole installation process in simple steps with screenshots. Follow the steps to get Stremio on your FireStick:

1. Install Downloader App

We are going to use Downloader in this installation process. Downloader can directly be installed from the Amazon App Store. Here’s how you do that:

📌For more details, you may also read our guide on How to install Downloader on FireStick

1. On your FireStick home screen, navigate to Find

Stremio on FireStick

2. Underneath, click the Search button

Underneath, click the Search button

3. Now, start typing Downloader. Once you find Downloader, select it

Stremio FireStick

4. On the next screen, click Downloader icon

how to install Stremio on FireStick

5. Click Get/Download.

Click Get/Download

6. Shortly, Downloader will install on your device

7. Click Open

Stremio for FireStick

8. When asked to give Downloader access to your device, click Allow. This is mandatory to install APKs via Downloader

install Stremio on fire stick

9. Then, the Quick Start Guide will appear, click OK

Then, the Quick Start Guide will appear, click OK

2. Turn ON Install Unknown Apps

We will now prepare Downloader app for third-party app installations. Follow the steps:

1. Go back to the FireStick Home screen and click the Gear Icon (Settings) on the main menu bar.

Stremio APK FireStick

2. Scroll down and click My Fire TV

Stremio on Fire TV

3. Open Developer Options.

💡Note: Can’t find Developer Options? Go to: Settings > My Fire TV > About. Repeatedly select the first menu item 7 times. The message "No need, you are already a developer" will appear. Go back to the My Fire TV menu to find the newly revealed "Developer Options". Check out our guide with screenshots and video tutorial: How to Unhide/Reveal Developer Options.

open Developer Options

4. Click Install unknown apps

📌Note: If you see Apps from Unknown Sources option, click it. Then, choose Turn On and skip the step below this.

Stremio download

5. Click Downloader to switch it ON

how to get Stremio on Amazon FireStick

3. Install Stremio on FireStick

This is the final stage of the installation process. Follow the steps below to install Stremio on Fire TVs:

1. Hold down the Home Button on FireStick Remote for 5 seconds. Then, open Apps

download Stremio on FireStick

2. Open the Downloader app

Open the Downloader app

3. On the Downloader main screen, click on the URL tab

how to install Stremio App on FireStick

4. Here, enter the URL below:

(This is the official website of Stremio)

Click Go

📌Note: Instead of URL, you may also choose to enter the Downloader code for Stremio: 82452

Stremio APK download

5. Downloader will redirect you to Stremio’s website. Click Got it!

Downloader will redirect you to Stremio’s website. Click Got it

6. Click Hamburger menu (3 lines icon)

steps to install Stremio


Get Stremio APK

8. Under Stremio for Android TV, click Stremio x.x.x ARM APK.

click Stremio x.x.x ARM APK

9. You should see the APK being downloaded on your FireStick

how to use Stremio on FireStick

10. Click INSTALL

Stremio on FireStick

11. Stremio will now install.

Stremio will now install

12. We will delete the APK file so that you can save some space on your device. Click DONE.

Stremio FireStick

13. Click Delete

how to install Stremio on FireStick

14. Now, click Delete again

Now, click Delete again

Great! Stremio is now installed on your FireStick.

How to Use Stremio on FireStick

Let’s open the Stremio app that we just installed. Here are the steps:

1. Hold down the Home Button on your Amazon FireStick Remote for a few seconds. Then, choose Apps

download Stremio on FireStick

2. Click the Stremio icon to run it

Stremio for FireStick

When you see the below prompt, click Allow. You may also choose to click Not Now.

When you see the below prompt, click Allow

To use Stremio you will be required to sign in to the app. Let’s sign up first:

Sign Up for Stremio

This is how the signup/login screen looks like:

install Stremio on fire stick

You can sign up for a Stremio account via Facebook or Email. The Facebook option will require you to authenticate your account by filling in your Facebook credentials.

However, we recommend signing up by email instead. It is a much more anonymous process if you use it in conjunction with a VPN such as ExpressVPN.

Also, it’s best to use a separate email account for all of these streaming apps.

The email sign-up process is extremely easy. All you need to do is enter your email and a password. That’s it! Stremio doesn’t even require you to verify your email address.

Stremio APK FireStick

Once done, enter your email address & password to log in to Stremio.

Overview of Stremio on FireStick

Let’s take a look at the Home Screen of Stremio on FireStick:

Home Screen of Stremio on FireStick

As you can see, the Home screen has quite a few categories such as Top Movies, Top Series, YouTube Channels, Public Domain Movies, and more.

To explore the app further, go to the Hamburger menu (3 lines icon) in the upper-left corner. It has the below categories:

  • Board
  • Discover
  • My Library
  • Settings
  • Addons

The Discover category has sub-categories such as MOVIES, SERIES, CHANNELS, TV CHANNELS, and OTHERS. You can browse them by going to each category. They’re categorized by genre, rating, recency, and more. There are various genres such as Action, Adventure, Crime, Drama, Romance, and more.

Discover category

You can also use the Search feature on the home screen and simply type a name to find what you are looking for.

My Library displays the titles you have marked as favorite. The Trakt synced items will also be here. You can sign into Trakt from your computer or mobile by going to

The Settings section has quite a few features that you can play around with.

Stremio on Fire TV

The Addons feature is by far the most important feature of this app, which lets you stream content on Stremio for free. To find detailed instructions to install Stremio addons, click HERE.

Best Stremio Addons

How to Install Addons on Stremio

To stream your favorite content on Stremio, you need to install addons. As mentioned earlier, Stremio addons are installed online therefore you only need to install them on one device and they will be synced across other devices with the same Stremio account.

Unlock All Stremio Addons & Content with VPN

There are 2 types of addons on Stremio:

  • Official
  • Community

There’s also another section called Installed. Stremio comes with some pre-installed addons such as YouTube

We are interested in the Community addons in particular as they are the third-party addons that let you stream free movies, TV shows, live TV and more.

Here are the steps to install the addons on Stremio:

1. From the Stremio home screen, go to the Hamburger menu (3 lines icon) in the upper-left corner

Home Screen of Stremio on FireStick

2. Click Addons

Click Addons

3. This is how the Addons screen looks like:

install Stremio addons

You can use the Search feature to look for a particular addon. Or Use filters to find the addon that you like. If you click on All, you will find various filters like Movies, Series, Channels, TV Channels, Others, Sports, Music, Games, etc. And the Community filter is pre-selected by default, so you need not do anything.

Let’s say, you want to install 123movies addon

Navigate to 123movies and click Install

how to get Stremio on Amazon FireStick

Click Install again.

download Stremio on FireStick

That’s it, you will now find 123movies addon in the installed addons. You can install as many addons as you like following the same method.


Stremio works similarly to Kodi and Plex.  I would however say that the app is easier to navigate than Kodi. The Stremio addons allow you to stream free movies, TV shows, live TV, sports, and more.

Right, that brings us to the end of this tutorial. Should you have any questions, please feel free to drop them down below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I watch Stremio for free?

You need to install Stremio addons to watch Stremio for free. Stremio also has a separate section for the public domain.

Do you need VPN for Stremio?

Using a VPN with Stremio is recommended to maintain online privacy while streaming. You’ll also need a VPN to unblock geo-restricted Stremio add-ons.

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