12 Best TeaTV Alternatives That You Should Try [Oct 2022]

Best TeaTV Alternatives

Today, we are going to reveal our list of Best TeaTV Alternatives. These apps works perfectly on every FireStick and Android products.

TeaTV is a streaming app having a huge library with Full HD content. Though TeaTV is one of the Best Streaming Apps for FireStick, it surely is not the only one. There are several apps out there that will also keep you entertained for hours.

From time to time, TeaTV stops functioning properly, forcing you to look for its alternative. Moreover, sometimes you may find it difficult to locate any working link for the content you eagerly wanted to binge-watch. It also features irritating commercials which keep popping on your screen time-to-time.

So, if you are one of the users looking for an alternative that works like TeaTV or maybe even better, you are in the right place. Take a look at our list of the best TeaTV replacement apps mentioned below.

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Best TeaTV Alternatives for FireStick, Android Mobiles, & Android TV

We have listed below the top rated TeaTV replacement apps for your FireStick as  well as other Android products:

1. Cinema HD

Tea TV replacement

Cinema HD is a terrific application for streaming your preferred movies and shows. It ensures quality content and that too in high definition resolution.

This app was earlier famous as HDMovies. The interface is also well-sorted and organized. The app library is updated daily and new releases are added to the library.

It also supports multiple server links and allows Real Debrid integration too. Cinema APK is a must-have TeaTV replacement!

How to install Cinema HD

2. FilmPlus

Apps like TeaTV

Another app like TeaTV which is recently launched but gaining popularity is FilmPlus. It scrapes superior quality links including Real Debrid links from sources.

This app has a layout similar to the once-popular Terrarium TV. Its database has thousands of new movies and shows for you. The developers of this app come with frequent updates of the app to fix bugs and improve the app interface.

This app also features an advanced filtering option to sort your app categorically.

How to install FilmPlus

3. Flixoid

teatV alternative

Flixoid has a basketful of premium quality video content to stream online. It has a regularly updated library accommodating all the latest new releases.

This app has a well-sorted interface to help the users handle it more easily.

It offers fast and reliable server links by allowing Real Debrid integration. We consider this app as one of the best alternatives of TeaTV.

How to install Flixoid

4. HDO Box

HDO Box teatv replacement

HDO Box is yet another wonderful TeaTV replacement app to stream both HD and FHD quality movies and series. It has a stunning User Interface that is also easy to operate.

Its vast library is updated daily with new shows and movies to ensure your daily entertainment dose.

How to install HDO Box

5. Nova TV

Nova TV

Nova TV is one of the top alternatives of TeaTV which works superbly. This app has a nice-looking interface featuring hundreds of online TV series and movies.

The app has filtered its content into various genres and categories like Western, Crime, Comedy, etc. for letting you access content quickly.

For improving the quality of video links, you can also try integrating Nova TV with your Real Debrid account.

How to install Nova TV

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6. Ocean Streamz

Apps like TeaTV

Ocean Streamz offers on-demand content for movies & TV shows, just like TeaTV. Besides, it also offers live TV channels.

The list of content available on this app is long.

You can browse through various categories to find the title that you are looking for. It also has a reliable Search function.

The App is fairly new yet it is outperforming its competitors that have been there for a long time. We also think that Ocean Streamz is one of the best TeaTV alternatives available right now.

How to Install Ocean Streamz

7. BeeTV

best TeaTV alternatives

BeeTV is an awesome TeaTV alternative with a massive library of online video content. This app offers content in both Standard Definition and High Definition quality.

It also has a separate Anime section for Anime enthusiasts. BeeTV has a Calendar tool for finding movies and shows according to the aired date.

It also allows integration of Real Debrid and Trakt.

This app is a great TeaTV alternatives.

How to install BeeTV

8. CyberFlix TV

CyberFlix TV

Cyberflix TV is an app best suited for avid streamers. It has a mammoth media collection of shows and movies.

This app owing to its ultra-fast server speed, lets you stream your content without interruption. It also has a reliable user interface.

Cyberflix TV also supports Trakt and Real Debrid linking.

It is undoubtedly an excellent TeaTV alternative to install on your device.

How to install Cyberflix TV

9. Viva TV

TeaTV replacement

Viva TV is an impressive TeaTV alternative for binging tons of movies & TV shows from your device. It facilitates fluid navigation with an interface that is easy to handle.

The app pulls HD links up to 4K as it allows Real Debrid integration.

This app also allows Trakt integration for syncing your media across devices.

You need to install an additional video player, TPlayer to watch videos from Viva TV.

How to Install Viva TV

10. UK Turks App

TeaTV alternative

UK Turks is a phenomenal app for streaming a boatload of video-on-demand content. This app features a huge content catalog.

The interface is kept simple for easy navigation. Other than movies and shows, it also has Documentaries, Stand-up, Cartoons, and Concerts in the video-on-demand category.

UK Turks also has a Live TV section and has radio channels too. Definitely a top TeaTV alternative!

How to install UK Turks App

11. Media Lounge

Media Lounge

Media Lounge is another TeaTV alternative that has a huge database to accommodate thousands of shows & movies. You can find HD quality content on this app.

It also offers multiple streaming links to reduce the chances of ending up with dead streaming links. This app also has an adult section and supports Real Debrid integration too.

Media Lounge also has live TV channels from different countries around the globe.

How to install Media Lounge

12. Morpheus TV

TeaTV alternative

Morpheus TV is a lightweight application that allows video streaming of plenty of TV series and movies online. This app has a stunning interface packed with many unique features.

This app allows Debrid Cloud integration along with Real Debrid and Trakt support.

It also has source filtering and source resolving features. Try this TeaTV alternative today!

How to install Morpheus TV

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Navigate to the Find Icon

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go to the Search option

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Enter the ExpressVPN
Step 5. Now, click the ExpressVPN icon under Apps & Games section

Click the Icon
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Click on Get
Step 7. Click Open to launch the ExpressVPN app

Click Open
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Enter your login credentials
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click the power icon to connect
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Winding Up

We have listed some of the top-rated TeaTV replacements here, in case you want to try similar apps like TeaTV. All these apps are equally good and can give TeaTV a run for its money.

If you know any other wonderful TeaTV alternative which we failed to mention in our list, inform us by commenting down below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I use instead of TeaTV?

There are quite a few Apps that you can use instead of TeaTV. Some of them are Cinema HD, FilmPlus and Morpheus TV. For the full list, do check out this guide.

Why has TeaTV stopped working?/ What happened to teaTV?

Some time ago, TeaTV had stopped working as the developers stopped releasing its updates. But now, the updates are back and it is working properly.

Is TeaTV banned?

No, as of now, TeaTV is not banned. However, it is always a good idea to stream content available in the public domain.

Is TeaTV working?

Yes, TeaTV is working. Nonetheless, it is good to have alternatives for TeaTV as it is not uncommon for these streaming services to go out of service.

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