12 Best Titanium TV Alternatives for Ultimate Entertainment in 2024

In this post, I reveal a carefully curated list of top Titanium TV alternatives. These apps work superbly on a wide range of FireStick devices, including Fire TV, FireStick 4K, etc. as well as Android products including smartphones, tablets, etc.

Titanium TV is a well-known streaming application that became popular after Terrarium TV shut down. It has lots of TV shows and movies that users can stream online.

But recently there are many streamers who are unable to use Titanium TV as they are facing streaming errors or no working links problem.

This is quite a common problem for streaming apps. It happens when app updates become infrequent. Hence, glitches and bugs are not removed properly, and streaming links are not updated.

If you are also facing such issues, you should consider using alternative apps. There are many Titanium TV alternatives in the market that you can choose from.

We have selected some of the best Titanium TV alternatives for you that work similarly to Titanium TV, or have better functionalities. Take a look!

UPDATE: Titanium TV is not working currently!

Best Titanium TV Alternatives for FireStick, Android Mobiles, & Android TV

Here is our list of best Titanium TV replacement apps that works superbly on FireStick and also other Android products:

1. Cinema HD

Titanium TV alternatives

Cinema HD is one of the best Titanium TV alternatives that streams thousands of VOD content online. It can provide content of High Definition and also Standard Definition quality.

This app is one of the most used streaming apps worldwide and is loved by streamers of all age groups. It has a beautiful user interface that is also easy to navigate.

It boasts of a library that has plenty of content having multiple links that are updated frequently for users’ benefit.

Cinema HD also supports the linking of Real Debrid and Trakt. Do try this amazing app!

How to Install Cinema HD

2. FilmPlus


FilmPlus is a fabulous Titanium TV replacement app for watching movies and shows of your choice. It is capable of fetching HD links from its sources as it supports Real Debrid links too.

It possesses an interface similar to Terrarium TV that was once very popular but is not functional anymore.

The library of FilmPlus is gigantic, owing to the new addition of content almost every day. It also gets regular updates to improve its performance by removing any bugs if any and introducing new features.

The advanced content filtering technique of this app is also commendable.

How to install FilmPlus

3. HDO Box


HDO Box has a large selection of movies and TV shows. You can find almost anything, including new releases.

The UI design of the app is contemporary and neat. It has a responsive design that is easy to use.

HDO Box has subtitles support. It also includes a built-in media player, removing the need to download a separate media player to play content.

HDO box is a fine Titanium TV alternative. You will fall in love with this app immediately.

How to Install HDO Box

4. Nova TV

apps like Titanium TV

Nova TV is another Titanium TV  alternative that has thousands of online shows and movies to binge-watch online. The interface of this app is beautiful and also can be easily operated.

There are various filters that you can use to categorize the content with respect to genres.

The content library of Nova TV is also huge as it keeps on adding new content regularly.

The quality of video content is also superior since it also supports Real Debrid integration. Go and give this app a try!

How to install Nova TV

5. TeaTV


TeaTV is one of the popular Titanium TV alternatives right now that offers hundreds of movies and shows in Full High Definition quality.

It has a seamless user interface to make sure navigating the app is easy. This app is not cluttered with many irritating advertisements that can foil the user’s streaming experience.

It has a frequently updated database and tons of useful features.

TeaTV also features Real Debrid and Trakt support. It also has content filters to sort content categorically. Don’t forget to try this app!

How to install TeaTV

6. Morpheus TV

Titanium TV replacement

Morpheus TV is a fantastic streaming application comprising hundreds and thousands of online content to stream online. The interface of this app is stunning. The library of this app is also fantastic.

It supports the integration of Real Debrid, Debrid Cloud, and Trakt. These features are helpful in improving users’ experience.

This Titanium TV alternative also lets you filter and resolve sources. It offers mostly high-quality video content.

App updates are also carried out frequently to maintain the app’s performance. You should definitely install this app and give it a go!

How to install Morpheus TV

7. Ocean Streamz

alternatives for Titanium TV

Ocean Streamz is an awesome Titanium TV alternative that is relatively new in the online streaming business. It features plenty of shows and movies that you can enjoy anytime anywhere.

This app has a massive content collection that is updated frequently to provide you with more content in HD quality.

The user interface of this app is also user-friendly. The best thing about Ocean Streamz is that it features no irritating advertisements. Hence, you can enjoy your favorite content in peace without any disruption.

Moreover, this app also has hundreds of Live TV channels from many countries.

How to Install Ocean Streamz

8. CyberFlix TV

Titanium TV alternatives

Cyberflix TV is a good Titanium TV replacement app for avid streamers. This app has an impressive database of numerous movies and TV shows.

The app interface is also attractive and can be easily handled by anyone. Its server speed is fast and hence lets you watch videos with no interruptions.

This app regularly releases updates to improve its performance and fix glitches and bugs. The video quality of this app is also better than most of its competitors.

It supports both Trakt and Real Debrid integration. Give it a go!

How to Install CyberFlix TV

9. Viva TV

Viva TV

Viva TV is a wonderful Titanium TV alternative that contains thousands of TV series and movies that you can enjoy sitting on your couch.

The navigation in this app is smooth as butter owing to its simple yet attractive user interface.

It can offer content of high definition resolution, even 4K quality, by Real Debrid integration.

Viva TV also can help you sync media on all your devices with Trakt linking. The only requirement to stream content using Viva TV is to install TPlayer as it doesn’t support other video players.

How to Install Viva TV

10. Flixoid TV

apps like Titanium TV

Flixoid TV is a great Titanium TV replacement app that has a similar interface to CatMouse app. This app has hundreds of TV shows and movies, thanks to its big library.

You will also find new releases with fast and buffer-free server links on this app as soon as they are released. This app is updated frequently to counter any glitches or bugs that can deteriorate the app experience.

One of the advantages of Flixoid TV is that it has no ads and can provide HD links using Real Debrid linking.

Furthermore, it has Trakt and you can sort content by new, popular, trending, airing today, etc.

How to Install Flixoid

11. BeeTV

Titanium TV replacement app

If you are looking for apps like Titanium TV, BeeTV is a great option. You can watch both HD quality and SD quality content with this app depending on your preference and internet speed.

If you are someone who loves anime, this app has a separate dedicated section for you.

It also has a Calendar tool that can aid in searching TV shows and movies based on their released date.

BeeTV can sync all your media with the Trakt feature. It can also provide better quality links with the Real Debrid feature. Don’t forget to try this beautiful app!

How to Install BeeTV

12. Media Lounge

Media Lounge

Media Lounge is one of the top alternatives of Titanium TV. It has a big library that comprises both old and newly released content. This app can provide high definition quality videos.

It offers more than one streaming link so that we don’t have to switch apps to view content in case one link doesn’t work.

Media Lounge also features Real Debrid to fetch quality links from premium sources.

Additionally, it offers adult content and has hundreds of Live TV channels from many countries of the world.

How to Install Media Lounge

Winding Up

I am sure you will love all the Titanium TV alternative apps that I have mentioned in this article. These apps have enough content and features that can make you ditch Titanium TV. Do try all these apps. Who knows you might have a new favorite?

If you spotted any app that we missed mentioning in our post, please inform us so that we can add it to our list.

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