Install Tubi on FireStick & Android [Free+Legal]

Tubi is a free streaming app for watching movies, TV shows & live TV channels. In today’s post, I will guide you through the steps to install Tubi on FireStick and Fire TV devices.

Tubi app can be downloaded from Amazon App Store, Google Play Store, Apple App Store, Roku, and many others.

Tubi can also be accessed via Browser by visiting their official website:

Tubi Official Website

Tubi is a streaming service with both On-demand content and Live TV channels. There are over 35,000 movies and TV shows available on this app.

Apart from that, there are also 95+ local and live news channels. You will find content from almost every major Hollywood studio.

It is an ad-supported platform, so you will run into ads while streaming.

Tubi library is continuously updated with new titles for a splendid streaming experience.

Tubi is available in the US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, and New Zealand.

💡Note: If Tubi is not available in your country, you can still install it following our guide on How to install and use Amazon Fire TV Apps Outside their Intended Country.

We have included Tubi within our Best Free Streaming Apps for Movies & Shows list.

How to Install Tubi on FireStick & Android

Installing Tubi is easy. You can download it from the Amazon app store. No hassle of sideloading the app. Here’s how you can get Tubi on FireStick:

1. Go to the home screen of your FireStick and select Find on the main menu bar.

how to install Tubi on FireStick

2. After that, click the Search button below

Note: If you are using an Android or Roku Streaming device, simply search for the Tubi app within your respective app store.

After that, click the Search button below

3. Enter the word Tubi with the help of the keypad available on the screen. You can also use the Alexa voice command to search. Navigate to the search results and select Tubi

Tubi for FireStick

4. Select the Tubi app.

install Tubi on fire stick

5. Click Get or Download.

Click Get or Download

6. Allow FireStick some time to download and install the app

Tubi FireStick

7. When the Open button is on screen, it means the app is now installed on your device successfully.

Tubi on Fire TV

How to Use Tubi on FireStick & Fire TV

If you are new to using Amazon FireStick and need some assistance to access the app after installing. Let me help you. This is what you need to do to open Tubi on Fire TV:

Press and hold the Home Button on the FireStick Remote. Click the Apps shortcut from the menu.

Tubi download

Navigate to the Tubi app icon and select to open it.

Navigate to the Tubi app icon and select to open it

Tubi will take you through a welcome guide carousel. If you would like to check out the Tubi features, you can click Next until you reach the Sign In page. Or simply choose Skip to move on to the next step.

download Tubi on FireStick

You can use Tubi without any signing in or registration. However, using Tubi signed in will enable you to sync your viewing history, queue, and more across the devices you want to use Tubi on.

If you are using an Amazon Fire TV device, you can login using your Amazon account. Choose the Sign In with Amazon option. If you don’t want to sign in, choose Continue as Guest

Note: You can also visit and sign up using your email or Facebook or Google account. Then, sign in when you are on the Tubi app’s home screen. Sign in option is availble on the left main Menu bar.

how to install Tubi App on FireStick

Choose Allow

Tubi APK download

Enter your age and then click Start Watching.

Tubi FireStick

Here’s is the home screen of Tubi on FireStick:

home screen

Overview of Tubi:

On the top menu bar, you will find 4 categories: For You, Movies, TV Shows & Live TV. You can click on each category and browse the content.

To access the main menu on the left, you need to press the Back Button on the remote

how to get Tubi on Amazon FireStick

On the Main Menu bar on the left, My List option is available. Select a TV show or Movie and choose Add to My List to start curating your list.

tubi app

Click Categories on the main menu on the left. The available categories will show up. There are plenty of categories within Tubi. Pick a category and start exploring the content.

Click Categories on the main menu

Go back to the Menu bar and choose Networks to explore the Networks

Tubi FireStick

The Settings section has the following are the options (honestly, there aren’t many):

  • Parental Controls: Great for parents with children
  • Closed Captions: Enable or disable the subtitles universally within the Tubi app. Other than that, you can also customize the subtitles with the options like Captions On/Off, Font, Caption Background Color, Character Color, Character Opacity, Character Size, etc.
  • About: Find out more about Tubi
  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms of Service
  • Do not sell my info
how to install Tubi App on FireStick

Winding Up

Tubi is perfect for enjoying free movies, shows, and live TV on FireStick and other supported devices. It is a legal app and is free to use.

Although you may not find the most sought-after and recent movies or shows here, you will run into many incredible titles here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Tubi Legal?

Yes, Tubi app is legal. You can download it from all major app stores. 

Is Tubi app Free?

Yes, the Tubi app is free and it lets you enjoy live channels, movies, shows, and more. Tubi runs advertisements throughout the streams to generate revenue, making sure users do not have to pay anything from their pocket.

Does Tubi Have Ads?

Yes, Tubi does have ads. To keep Tubi free for its users, it relies on ads to earn revenue.