10 Best Typhoon TV Alternatives for FREE Movies & TV Shows [2024]

Today, we are going to talk about some of the best Typhoon TV alternatives that you can install on your FireStick and Android devices. These apps work equally well, if not better than Typhoon TV.

Typhoon TV was once a very popular app among users mainly for its vast VOD content. But over time, it stopped releasing its updates and now it is as good as dead.

Hence, the users are facing difficulty in finding apps that work like their favorite app, Typhoon TV. That’s why we decided to make a list of some of the apps which can replace Typhoon TV easily and can soon become your favorite.

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⚠️UPDATE: Reportedly, Typhoon TV has been shut down for good!

What are the Best Typhoon TV Alternatives?

We have prepared a list containing some of the best Typhoon TV alternative apps. Take a look:

1. Cinema HD APK

apps like Typhoon TV

Cinema HD is a Typhoon TV replacement to stream your favourite shows and movies. This app was formerly called  HDMovies.

It has an amazing interface and features tons of shows and movies of different genres.

You can also link your Real Debrid account to watch HD quality content on your FireStick.

Moreover, the developers of Cinema HD frequently release app updates to make it better and bug-free.

How to install Cinema HD

2. FilmPlus

Typhoon TV replacement

FilmPlus is another Typhoon TV alternative to stream TV shows and also movies. This app is modded from the now-defunctional Terrarium TV.

It supports Real Debrid links for HD quality video streaming.

This app has thousands of TV shows and movies in 1080p and also 4K quality. The content is frequently updated to ensure you are able to watch all the newly released movies and TV series as soon as possible.

How to install FilmPlus

3. HDO Box

Typhoon TV replacements

HDO Box is one of the best Typhoon TV replacements in the online streaming space. It has a huge list of shows and movies in its library database.

This app has a stunning user interface. The audio and video quality of the content it offers is superb.

HDO Box has subtitles support. It also has a built-in media player, which means you do not need to get an additional player just for this app.

Do try this app and I am certain you’ll love it.

How to Install HDO Box

4. TeaTV


TeaTV is one of the alternatives of Typhoon TV, which you can try. This app features plenty of online movies and TV shows for you to watch online.

The interface is well organized and clutter-free. New releases are added to the content list as soon as it is aired. Moreover, the Real Debrid and Trakt support only make it better.

How to install TeaTV

5. Cyberflix TV

alternatives of Typhoon TV

Cyberflix TV is a streaming app that can be used as a Typhoon TV replacement. It has super-fast servers for viewing online movies and TV series without Buffering issues.

This app also features a reliable UI. You can also integrate your Real Debrid and Trakt account with it. The best thing about this app is that it is not cluttered with too many ads.

How to install Cyberflix TV

6. Nova TV APK

apps like Typhoon TV

Nova TV is another great Typhoon TV alternative, which has tons of movies and shows lined up for your entertainment.

It has an amazing looking interface. Its huge database is updated daily so that you can watch new shows and movies as soon as it is aired.

Furthermore, you can sign in to your Real Debrid, All Debrid, Premiumize, and Trakt account within the app for better viewing experince.

How to install Nova TV

7. BeeTV


BeeTV is an amazing video-on-demand application and features a boatload of movies and also TV series. It also has a separate Anime section for all those Anime Lovers out there.

The interface is simple yet user-friendly.

Integrate your Real Debrid and Trakt account with it for a better experience. Definitely, one of the top Typhoon TV alternatives right now.

How to install BeeTV

8. UK Turks App

UK Turks App

UK Turks app not only provides VOD content but also supports Live TV streaming. The streaming quality is superb.

It also has radio channels from many countries of the world. T

his app has an ample amount of shows and movies of different genres. Hence it can easily be considered as one of the best alternatives of Typhoon TV.

9. Morpheus TV

Typhoon TV replacement

Morpheus TV is an app that allows you to stream movies and TV shows of your choice from its vast content library. And to aid its cause, it has more than 50 video providers.

This app has source filtering and source resolving features. These features are to filter and resolve source links. It offers Real Debrid integration for superior quality links.

You can also try out its premium features like Real Debrid Cloud integration by opting for a membership.

How to install Morpheus TV

10. Media Lounge

Typhoon TV alternatives

Media Lounge is a very good application for watching movies, TV shows, and also live TV channels.

This app also has a separate section for sports and also adult content. The app is regularly updated with the latest content.

So, now you can watch new movies and new TV show episodes as soon as they are aired.

How to install Media Lounge


We have discussed above some of the top Typhoon TV replacement apps. All of them work very well. These apps work on a variety of devices including FireStick devices.

We will keep on updating our list to accommodate the new best Typhoon TV alternatives.

If you know any other app that we have missed to add to our Best Typhoon TV Alternatives list, let us know via the comments below.