4 Easy Ways to Update Cinema HD on FireStick

In today’s guide, you will learn how you can update Cinema HD on FireStick. These instructions also apply to other Fire TV and Android devices.

Cinema HD is one of the best streaming apps for streaming quality content on your FireStick. This app offers you to stream and enjoy thousands of movies, shows, videos, and other exclusive content on your devices.

To improve its interface and make it more streaming friendly, Cinema HD app developers come up with updates from time to time. Furthermore, it also fixes its minor bugs which might cause hindrance while streaming your favorite movie or TV episode.

If you are having trouble updating Cinema HD app on firestick, don’t worry, my friend you are on the right page. This Guide will help you to update Cinema HD on your FireStick.

Why Should You Update Cinema HD on Your Device?

It is always a good practice to update any app to its latest version to fix any glitches or minor bugs if there are any. Same applies to Cinema HD.

Likewise, Cinema HD app updates can bring enhancement to users’ streaming experience, add new features, and fix bugs and other issues.

Moreover, in case of Cinema HD, streaming links from providers are also updated, removing the problematic ones. This reduces the probability of dead links and hence enhances streaming experience.

How to Update Cinema HD on FireStick / Fire TV/ Fire TV Cube

Being a third-party app, Cinema HD does not update automatically on its own and requires manual intervention. Therefore, you have manually update Cinema APK on FireStick. Follow the steps below to update Cinema APK on FireStick within a few minutes:

✅ Pre-requisite Steps to Update Cinema HD on FireStick:

To update Cinema HD app on FireStick, you need to allow the install unknown apps feature. If you have already enabled this feature, you do not need to do it again.

However, do check to make sure it’s enabled. Here’s how to do it.

1. Go to Gear Icon(Settings) on your FireStick home screen

How to Update Cinema HD on FireStick

2. Now, find My Fire TV and click it.

update Cinema APK on Fire Stick

3. Next, click on Developer Options

update Cinema APK on Amazon FireStick

4. Click Install unknown apps.

📌Note: In some interfaces, you may see Apps from Unknown Sources instead. In such cases, click Apps from Unknown Sources > Turn On. Then, ignore the subsequent step.

Click Install unknown apps

5. Scroll down to the Downloader app and click once to turn the option ON for the Downloader app

How to Update Cinema APK on FireStick

✅ Method-1: Update Cinema HD on FireStick via Update Prompt

Whenever there’s a new update to the app, you will be able to see the update information in the prompt window when you open Cinema HD app on FireStick. Use the below-mentioned steps to update it:

1. You will see the below dialog box telling you to update the app to the latest version, whenever there’s a new update. Click on INSTALL

new version available

2. The update will soon start to be downloaded and it will take roughly 1-2 minutes depending on your internet speed.

How to Update Cinema HD on FireStick

3. Next you have to click INSTALL on the prompt visible on your screen

How to Update Cinema APK on FireStick

4. You might have to wait for a few minutes for the update to be installed.

How to Update Cinema APK on Fire Stick

5. After the installation is complete, you may either choose DONE or OPEN.

choose DONE or OPEN

6. A popup window displaying Change Logs will be visible if the app is opened after the immediate update. Just click OK on the prompt and continue using the app.

How to Update Cinema HD on FireStick

✅ Method-2: Update Cinema APK on FireStick via Settings

In this method, we will tell you how to update Cinema HD on FireStick if you ignored the update prompt and did not click INSTALL. Here are the steps:

Note: Clicking on New Update available!!! may not work for some users. In that case, please use Method-1 or Method-3

1. Firstly, click on the Menu Icon (3 horizontal line button). You can locate it in the top-left corner of the Cinema HD app.

How to update Cinema HD on Fire Stick

2. Now if you scroll down, you will see New Update available!!! option. Click on it.

How to update Cinema HD on Amazon FireStick

3. Finally click on the INSTALL button and just follow the onscreen instructions as you did before. Voila! Done updating. Enjoy!

new version available

✅ Method-3: Update Cinema HD on FireStick using Downloader app

Another method to update Cinema HD is by simply replacing/overwriting the old version of Cinema HD with the latest version. Here are the quick steps how to do it:

For more detailed step-by-step tutorial, read our guide on How to install Cinema HD on FireStick .

1. Navigate to the Find option from the main menu panel of FireStick home screen.

2. Hit Search button.

3. Install Downloader app after searching it using the Search tool.

4. Launch Downloader app and select the URL section.

5. Type the code 86051 or the URL cinemahdapkapp.com/download. Then, hit Go.

update cinema APK FireStick

6. Download the app.

7. Once the app is downloaded, hit INSTALL.

Once the app is downloaded, hit INSTALL

It’s that easy. Now, you will notice the app has been updated to its latest version when you launch it.

✅ Method-4: Update Cinema HD from Hamburger Menu

There’s another way to update Cinema HD from Hamburger Menu within the app. If you don’t get the prompt or the New Update available option, you should regularly Check for updates.

Note: Clicking on Check for updates may not work for some users. In that case, please use Method-1 or Method-3

Here’s how:

1. Launch Cinema HD app and hit the Hamburger Menu from the upper left corner.

How to update Cinema HD on Fire Stick

2. Choose Check for updates.. option.

Choose Check for updates option

3. Next, you will be redirected to the official site of Cinema HD. Here, you can check for any latest updates and download the updates, if any.

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Navigate to the Find Icon

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go to the Search option

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Enter the ExpressVPN
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Click the Icon
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Click on Get
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Click Open
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Enter your login credentials
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click the power icon to connect
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Summing Up

Cinema HD app for FireStick is one of the revolutionary streaming apps available in the market. The successor of Terrarium TV does not disappoint us in any way and provides quality content every time everywhere.

In this guide, I have talked about how to update Cinema HD in your FireStick whenever there’s a new update. The process of updating this app is really easy and quick too.

If you are still having any problems or have any other queries, please let me know in the comment section.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I update Cinema HD on other devices?

Yes! You can update Cinema HD on all Android devices, including Android phones, Android Smart TVs, Mi Box, Nvidia Shield, etc., and not only on FireStick. The steps mentioned in this guide are almost the same for updating it on other devices.

Is Cinema HD APK for FireStick regularly updated?

Not Anymore! Cinema developers have abandoned the app for now. Unless they change their minds, there won’t be any new updates.

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  2. My cinema HD on Amazon fire stick does not update. Where it supposed to say click for updates mine has check for updates when I click on it it boots me out of cinema back to the homepage of the fire stick where do I do.

    • Hi Eve, your Cinema is probably up-to-date, which is why you aren’t seeing new update availble. Let us know the version that is installed currently.


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