How to Watch Korean Netflix from Any Country| Unblock Korean Netflix

If you are an avid K-drama watcher (or K-popper) and are itching to gain access to Korean Netflix, we’ve got you! In this guide, I will share with you the easiest way to watch Korean Netflix in the USA or any other country.

Korean Dramas are taking the world by storm. While there are various ways to watch Korean content, Netflix features over 4,000 Korean titles, many of which are Netflix specials. But if you don’t live in South Korea, you won’t get access to most of these titles.

It is because Netflix has a different library for each country/region, and what you can access is determined by your location. But you can use a VPN to circumvent that. And the great news is that you don’t need a separate Netflix account for this.

VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) allow you to bypass geographical restrictions by changing your IP address. When connected to a VPN, it will make you appear to be streaming from a different location.

As a result, when connected to a South Korean server and Netflix attempts to scan your IP address to determine your location, it will think you are in Korea and will give you access to Korean content.

I’ll show you how you can unblock Korean Netflix and stream the entire catalog from anywhere in the world. Keep reading!

How to Watch Korean Netflix from a Different Country

Since accessing Korean Netflix requires a VPN, you need to subscribe to a reputable VPN service first. You must select a VPN service carefully. While almost all the VPNs are likely to have servers in Korea, some VPNs do not work with Netflix. Here’s a list of the VPNs I think are the best for Netflix Korea.

Check our Best FireStick VPNs Guide for a detailed comparison.

I use ExpressVPN personally and recommend it as well. However, you must take advantage of the risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee. Both ExpressVPN and Surfshark offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, if you find that the service isn’t working out for you, you could get a refund anytime within the first 30 days. It’s essentially a free trial.

There are no hidden terms and conditions. You get to experience the full version of the VPN service even during those 30 days. It’s also great if you just want to access Korean Netflix for a short period.

Let’s look at the process to unblock or access Korean Netflix from other countries including the USA, UK, Canada, and more.

Access/Unblock Korean Netflix on FireStick/ Fire TV Devices

The process to watch Korean Netflix on FireStick is quick and easy. Please follow these simple steps below:

1. First of all, sign up for ExpressVPN HERE

2. Navigate to the Find Icon on your FireStick home screen.

Navigate to the Find Icon

3. Now, go to the Search option

go to the Search option

4. Enter the word ExpressVPN using the onscreen keypad and select it from the Search results.

Enter the ExpressVPN

5. Now, click the ExpressVPN icon under Apps & Games section

Click the Icon

6. Click on Get /Download and wait for it to install on your FireStick

Click on Get

7. Now that ExpressVPN has been successfully installed on your device, you can use it to change your location. Click Open to launch the ExpressVPN app.

Click Open

8. Enter your login credentials that you used when you registered for ExpressVPN. And click Sign In

Enter your login credentials

9. Select a server to which your traffic will be routed. In this case, it should be a server in South Korea to demonstrate to Netflix Korea’s Geo-blocking system that you are in the correct location. Then, click the Power Icon to connect to the server.

connect to a korean server

Access/Unblock Korean Netflix on PC

You can watch Korean Netflix on your PC using a browser. Simply follow these steps:

1. Subscribe to a VPN that has South Korean servers. I recommend ExpressVPN.

2. Install the VPN app on your computer. Download the app for the OS that you are using.

watch netflix korea

3. Sign in with your Email or simply enter the ExpressVPN activation code.

How to Watch Korean Netflix from a Different Country

4. Connect to a server in South Korea.

connect to korean server

5. Navigate to the Netflix Korean website and sign in.

6. Look for a TV show or movie that you’d like to watch and enjoy streaming.

Access/Unblock Korean Netflix on your Smartphone (Android & iPhone)

If you’d like to watch Korean Netflix on your smartphone, simply follow the instructions below:

1. Subscribe to a VPN that has South Korean servers. I recommend ExpressVPN.

2. Get the ExpressVPN app from your respective Appstore:

Google Play Store

Apple Appstore

(Note: If the app is not available in your Appstore, you can get it from the ExpressVPN website)

3. Sign in with your credentials.

4. Connect to a server in South Korea.

5. Open the Netflix app on your device. Or just access the Netflix Korean website and sign in.

6. Look for a TV show or movie that you’d like to watch and enjoy streaming.

How to Get English Subtitles on Korean Netflix

It’s easy to set up English subtitles. There’s no need to change any settings in your account. If you have been using Netflix for a while, I am sure, you are familiar with it. If not, this is how it’s done:

1. Open Netflix.

2. Play the title you want to watch.

3. In the bottom-right corner of the video, click or tap on the Text icon.

Select English under Subtitles.

korean netflix

4. The change will happen instantly. You can change it to any other subtitle language the same way.

Can’t access Korean Netflix with a VPN?

Sometimes Netflix blocks VPN servers, so it can happen that even with a VPN, you are unable to access Korean Netflix. If you receive an error message “Something is not right” when attempting to access Korean Netflix, the first step is to ensure that your VPN is connected.

I haven’t had any problems with ExpressVPN or Surfshark. You can try these and see if you are able to access Korean Netflix on your device.

Here are some of the most common reasons why you may be unable to access Korean Netflix:

  • Your true IP address is being exposed.
  • Korean Netflix has blocked the servers that your VPN is connecting to.
  • Your device’s GPS location and IP address do not match.
  • There are cookies on your device that indicate you are not in the United States.
  • The VPN you are using cannot unblock Korean Netflix.

Now let’s look at some of the solutions to remedy the aforementioned issues:

  • Get in touch with your VPN’s customer support to see if their service can unblock Korean Netflix. They will be able to guide you correctly.
  • Try accessing Korean Netflix on a different browser.
  • Enable your VPN’s leak protection setting.
  • Remove all cookies from your device.
  • Try a new VPN provider.


Korean Netflix has garnered a lot of popularity among K-drama lovers from all over the World. Luckily, you can watch Korean Netflix regardless of your location. All you need is a VPN. It will change your IP address to make it appear as if you are in Korea.

We have explained the process to access everything Netflix has to offer in Korea in this guide. The steps are super simple. Aren’t they? Why don’t you give it a try? Also, let us know which K-drama have been wanting to watch, we love a good recommendation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I watch Netflix Korea with free VPNs?

We do not recommend using free VPNs and it can do more harm than good. Free VPNs are susceptible to cyber-attacks. And they are unlikely to have unblocked servers in Korea. But if you are so inclined, do give it try!

Can I get into trouble for changing my Firestick location settings?

It’s unlikely that you will get in trouble for changing the country. Loads of people access the content they already pay for at home while they are traveling.

Is Using a VPN legal?

Yes, using a VPN is perfectly legal in most countries including the USA, the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, and more. However, VPNs are prohibited or heavily regulated in a handful of countries including Russia and China. Check out our guide 12 Solid reasons to use VPN at All Times.

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