How to Install Watched App on FireStick: Step-by-step Guide

Watched is an all-in-one app that is getting popular among the FireStick users. Today, I will share with you the process to install Watched App on FireStick.

The steps provided in this guide can also be used to install it on Android devices and other Amazon FireStick products.

Supported DevicesAmazon FireStick, Android TV, Android Mobiles, Tablets, Chromecast with Google TV, Nvidia Shield, Roku, Mi TV Stick, TiVo Stream 4K
Type of AppAll-in-one
ContentMovies, TV shows, Live TV
External Video Player Support✅
Premium SourcesWatched Premium Support❌
Subtitle Support❌
Downloading Feature❌

Watched App is a terrific streaming platform for movies, TV Shows, as well as Live TV. It is also a clone of a popular app, Rokkr. Other similar apps are Stremio and Syncler.

It doesn’t host any free content of its own. You need to install bundle/add-ons to access free movies, shows & live TV on Watched app. I will show you exactly how you can do that further down in this post.

Even though Watched App is much like Kodi as you need to install addon to get content, it is much simpler to use than Kodi.

Watched app can be used as browser as well.

This app has a clean interface and is easy-to-use.

Watched App doesn’t have Real Debrid linking feature. Instead Watched offers Premium subscription option.

It doesn’t have Trakt integration option either.

We have included Watched App in our Best FireStick Apps List.

How to install Watched App on FireStick

Please follow all the steps without any deviation to install Watched App on your FireStick. The steps are easy to follow. Let’s go:

1. Install Downloader App

Watched App, being a third-party application, is not included in  Amazon App Store. The only way to install it on FireStick is to sideload it.

Downloader is a wonderful sideloading app and we will use it to install Watched App on FireStick. Let’s install Downloader first:

📌For detailed information, you may also check the guide: How to install Downloader on Firestick

1. You have to locate the Find option on the FireStick Home screen after starting FireStick

Watched FireStick

2. Select Search. It can be found below Find

Select Search. It can be found below Find

3. Search for Downloader. Click on it in the suggestions below.

how to install Watched on FireStick

4. After that, click on Downloader icon

Watched app for FireStick

5. Hit Get/Download

Hit Get/Download

6. Installation will start. Wait.

7. Click Open

install Watched on fire stick

8. For giving Downloader necessary access permission, click Allow.

Watched APK FireStick

9. To skip the Quick Guide, click OK.

To skip the Quick Guide, click OK

2. Turn ON Install Unknown Apps Feature

For installing third party apps, you have to make sure Install Unknown Apps Feature is turned on. Here’s how:

1. Go to the FireStick homepage and click Settings(Gear Icon)

Watched app on Fire TV

2. Select My Fire TV

Download Watched App

3. After that, select Developer Options.

💡Note: Can’t find Developer Options? Go to: Settings > My Fire TV > About. Repeatedly select the first menu item 7 times. The message "No need, you are already a developer" will appear. Go back to the My Fire TV menu to find the newly revealed "Developer Options". Check out our guide with screenshots and video tutorial: How to Unhide/Reveal Developer Options.

After that, select Developer Options

4. Click Install Unknown Apps

📌Note: If you see Apps from Unknown Sources, click it. Then, make sure you Turn On the feature. No need to follow the next step.

how to get Watched App on Amazon FireStick

5. Now, you have to ensure ON is written below Downloader. If OFF is written, click on it once to turn it ON.

download Watched on FireStick

3. Install Watched App on FireStick

Now, we proceed to the last step of the installation procedure. This is how you can install Watched App on FireStick:

1. First of all, click Apps option after holding down the Home Button of FireStick Remote for approximately 5 seconds.

click Apps

2. From all the apps listed, click Downloader icon. It will launch.

how to install Watched App on FireStick

3. Select the URL or Search Term Field in Downloader.

Watched APK download

4. Now, type the Watched App URL :

(It’s the official website of Watched App )

Hit Go

📌Note: Instead of the URL, you may also enter the Downloader Code for Watched App: 603475

steps to install Watched on Fire TV Stick

5. When you reach Watched App’s official website, click Download 

click Download


Get Watched APK

7. Watched App will start downloading. Wait.

how to install Watched on FireStick

8. Click on INSTALL

Click on INSTALL

9. Wait. Installation will start.

how to use Watched on FireStick

10. Click DONE after installation is completed.

Watched on FireStick

11. We will delete Watched App APK file by clicking Delete to save space.

click delete

12. Again, we will click Delete for confirmation.

Watched FireStick

Great! Watched App is now successfully installed on your streaming device.

How to Use Watched App on FireStick

What remains now is to open Watched App and start streaming:

1. Press and hold down Home Button of the FireStick Remote. You will see a couple of options. Select the second option Apps.

click Apps

2. You may click on the Watched App icon to open it.

how to install Watched on FireStick

Here’s how the Watched home screen looks like:

Watched for FireStick

Watched App opens its Dashboard section by default when a user first opens it.

As you can see, there’s no content on the home screen. You can only browse the web on this app at this point. That’s because need to install a bundle to watch content on Watched app. So, let’s learn how to install bundle on Watched app.

How to Install Bundle in Watched App (Adding Provider Package)

Let’s set up Watched app on FireStick so that you can enjoy streaming your favorites:

1. From Watched app’s home screen, open the left menu panel.

2. Select Manager option. Then, click Enter URL field on the right

install Watched on fire stick

2. Type in using the on-screen keypad and hit Next

Alternatively, you can type

Both bundles work the same way. I am adding here.

Watched APK FireStick

Please Note: As mentioned in the Watched App website, you can enter as the bundle URL, you will see a selection of bundles offered by them. These are:

  • Mediathek Bundle -German Content
  • Ted Bundle – TEDTalks
  • WATCHED Bundle
  • WATCHUP Bundle

However, upon testing, none of them worked for me. You can try these if these work for you. Also, these will only give you 5-30 mins or watch time per day. Therefore, I recommend sticking with or bundles.

3. Wait for it to connect. That’s it! You can now enjoy watching movies and TV shows from the Dashboard section.

Watched on Fire TV

4. You will also find Live TV channels in the Live TV section.

live tv

Now. let’s talk about its features. You can use the Search feature to find a particular title or channel.

Other categories on the Main menu bar include ManagerSettings, and Exit.

Manager Section lets you manage your installed add-ons and also install new bundles or add-ons. You can also use the Browse the web feature.

The Settings section has Language, TV mode, Developer Mode, and Player Engine options. Other options include Reset PersonalizationShow Recent items, & Import Live TV favorites.


The Language option will let you change the language of Watched app.

You can also switch between TV mode and Mobile mode using TV mode option.

The Player Engine option has two options- Native and MPV.

As the name suggests Reset Personalization will Reset Watched app to its original state if you click this button. All your installed add-ons/bundles will also disappear.

You can check watch history using Show Recent items option.

Import Live TV favourites option lets you import any additional Live TV from your local drive.

If you have subscribed to Watched Premium (more on that later), you can go to Account icon at the extreme top left corner and add the account to enjoy premium ad-free content.

Watched Premium Pricing

You can subscribe to Watched Premium for as low as 3.99 EUR/mo.

Subscription plans offered by Watched Premium as shown in the Watched Website:

  • Annual: 47.99 EUR i.e 3.99 EUR/month
  • Monthly: 9.99 EUR

Note: Euro and USD are almost equal as of September, 2022.

The Payment options include Google Pay, Apple Pay, Mastercard, American Express, and Visa. They also accept Cryptocurrencies.

Watched Premium

Benefits of Watched Premium

Here are some of the benefits of Watched Premium:

  • Watched Premium offers ad-free service
  • It is cost-effective. You get on-demand content & also Live TV.
  • Watched Premium provides buffer-free and smooth streaming.
  • As of writing this guide, you will be able to use your Watched Premium account on all of your devices. That means you and family can easily access Watched with just one account.

Wrapping Up

Watched is a great all-in-one app to access movies, shows, & live TV channels on FireStick. It can also be used as a browser. You get all in one single app.

Plus, you get access to free content just by installing add-ons/bundles. You also have the option to opt for Watched Premium, which is not expensive at all. What’s not to like! Do give it a try and see for yourself.

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