How to Install Weyd APK on FireStick/Fire TV [Easy Steps]

Today, I am going to help you install Weyd APK on FireStick. Similar steps can be applied to install this app on Fire Devices (FireOS 6+), Android TV, Nvidia Shield, TiVo Stream 4K, Chromecast with Google TV, etc.

Supported DevicesAmazon FireStick, Android TV, Android Mobiles, Tablets, Chromecast with Google TV, Nvidia Shield, Roku, Mi TV Stick, TiVo Stream 4K
Type of AppOn-demand 
ContentMovies, TV shows
External Video Player Support✅
Premium SourcesReal Debrid, All Debrid, Premiumize Support✅
Subtitle Support✅
Downloading Feature❌

Weyd APK is a superb application for streaming TV shows and movies. The content library is massive with a fine collection of movies and TV shows. You can find pretty much everything in the entertainment business within the app. This App is similar to Syncler.

Nearly all of the videos are offered in HD quality. In addition, Weyd APK supports integration of Real Debrid and Trakt.

Though I have included the method to add a free scraper on Weyd APK to watch content for free, it doesn’t seem reliable at this point. As of writing this guide, Weyd is not allowing users to integrate Real Debrid without a subscription. You need to sign up and pay a small subscription fee to fully access the app. The subscription plans are truly economical(1.25$/mo), I have discussed them in detail in the next section.

After testing the app for a few weeks, we have concluded that Weyd APK is one of the best streaming apps for Firestick, therefore we have added it to our Best FireStick apps list.

Weyd Sign Up

Here’s how you can sign up for Weyd:

1. On a browser, visit

2. Create an account by entering email, password, and other necessary information. Enter the captcha correctly and click Sign me up

Weyd on FireStick

3. You will be sent an email asking to verify your email address. To do so, click the link in that email

Weyd FireStick

4. On successful verification, you will see the below confirmation.

On successful verification, you will see the below confirmation

Weyd Subscription Plans

Weyd offers quite a few subscription plans that are absolute value for money. The personal plan itself offers connection on up to 5 devices and is available for as low as 1.25$/mo. For most people, 5 devices are more than enough. In my opinion, it’s a small price to pay for ad-free entertainment.

Weyd also offers a 7-day trial. To request a FREE trial, go to and choose Request a Trial

Weyd accepts all major credit, debit cards, and even cryptocurrency.

Here are the subscription plans available currently:


5 Devices

  • $5 for 3 months($1.66/m)
  • $9 for 6 months($1.5/m)
  • $15 for 12 months($1.25/m)


10 Devices

  • $9 for 3 months($3/m)
  • $16 for 6 months($2.66/m)
  • $25 for 12 months($2.08/m)


15 Devices

  • $14 for 3 months($4.66/m)
  • $25 for 6 months($4.16/m)
  • $40 for 12 months($3.33/m)


20 Devices

  • $18 for 3 months($6/m)
  • $35 for 6 months($5.83/m)
  • $50 for 12 months($4.16/m)
how to install Weyd on FireStick

How to Install Weyd APK on FireStick

Since it is a third-party app, we need to have a sideloading app to install Weyd App. The complete procedure is provided below:

1. Install Downloader App

Let’s first learn to install Downloader app from the Amazon App Store. Follow the simple steps below:

📌To learn more about Downloader, visit our guide: How to Sideload Apps on FireStick.

1. From the home screen of your FireStick, go to Find on the main menu bar

Weyd APK for FireStick

2. Next, click Search

Next, click Search

3. Perform a search for Downloader using the on-screen keypad. Click Downloader underneath.

install Weyd app on fire stick

4. Click Downloader app icon. It is an orange-colored icon with a downward arrow symbol.

Weyd APK FireStick

5. Click Get or Download to download and install Downloader on your Firestick/Fire TV

Click Get or Download

6. After successful installation, click Open

Weyd on Fire TV

7. Downloader will require certain permissions. Click Allow

Weyd download

8. Click OK to close the Quick Start Guide

Click OK to close the Quick Start Guide

2. Turn ON Install Unknown Apps

This is mandatory for sideloading third-party applications on Firestick. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Go back to the FireStick home screen and navigate over to Gear Icon

how to get Weyd on Amazon FireStick

2. Scroll down and click My Fire TV 

download Weyd on FireStick

3. From this page, you need to open the Developer Options.

💡Note: Can’t find Developer Options? Go to: Settings > My Fire TV > About. Repeatedly select the first menu item 7 times. The message "No need, you are already a developer" will appear. Go back to the My Fire TV menu to find the newly revealed "Developer Options". Check out our guide with screenshots and video tutorial: How to Unhide/Reveal Developer Options.

From this page, you need to open the Developer Options

4. Now, click Install unknown apps

📌Note: See Apps from Unknown Sources instead? Then, click Apps from Unknown Sources → Turn On. Skip the next step.

how to install Weyd APK on FireStick

5. Click Downloader to turn this feature ON

Weyd APK download

3. Install Weyd App on FireStick

We have reached the final step to install Weyd App on FireStick. Here are the steps:

1. Hold Down the Home Button on Amazon FireStick Remote for 5 seconds. From the list of options, click Apps

click Apps

2. Click Downloader app to run it

Get Weyd APK

3. On the right, click Enter a URL

how to install Weyd on FireStick

4. Enter the below URL: is Weyd APK’s official website.

Click Go

📌NOTE: Instead of the URL, you can also enter the Downloader code for Weyd APK: 96855

Weyd on FireStick

5. The APK file will download now.

The APK file will download now

6. After the downloading process is complete, you will see a pop-up dialog box. Click INSTALL

Weyd FireStick

7. Wait for the process to finish.

how to install Weyd app on FireStick

8. After the successful installation, an App Installed confirmation will show up. Click DONE.

Click DONE

9. Another dialog box will appear asking you if you would like to delete the APK file. We recommend deleting the file as it takes up unnecessary space on your device. Choose Delete

Weyd APK for FireStick

10. Thereafter, click Delete one more time to delete the APK file from your device.

install Weyd on fire stick

Awesome! Weyd APK is now installed on the FireStick device.

How to use Weyd APK on FireStick

You can open Weyd APK the same way you open other apps. Here are the steps:

1. Take your FireStick remote and press the Home Button for 5 seconds.

2. Choose Apps

click Apps

3. Find Weyd APK from the apps list and click it to open it.

Weyd APK FireStick

Next, a change log will appear. Close it by clicking OK

Weyd on Fire TV

The home screen of Weyd APK on FireStick will load. This is how it looks like:

home screen of Weyd APK

Overview of Weyd APK:

The Weyd APK home page is packed with new trending movies and shows. But to watch them, you have to add a provider package. The left panel on the home screen has several options. These are Search, TV, Movies, Cloud, and Settings.

The Settings option has many other options. These are Subscription, App+data management, Display, Accounts, Scraper, Link resolving, and more.

Weyd download

The account section also you to add several accounts including Real-debrid, Premiumize, All Debrid, and Trakt.

To enjoy the privilege of your premium Weyd account, you need to connect your device to Weyd first.

Here’s how:

1. From the Weyd app’s home page, click Settings

click Settings

2. Click Subscription

Weyd download

3. Click CONNECT DEVICE (You can add a minimum of 5 devices, you can add more if your subscription allows more devices)


4. A window with Code will open asking you to go to

how to get Weyd on Amazon FireStick

5. Visit the above-mentioned website. If you are not signed in, you will be required to sign in first

6. Enter the code and enter the device name. I am entering the device name as TopTVTips. Then click Create.

download Weyd on FireStick

7. You will get a confirmation on the browser saying the device has been authorized

You will get a confirmation on the browser

8. You will also notice that the Device Status has now changed on FireStick.

Weyd FireStick

How to Use Real Debrid with Weyd APK

With Real-debrid, you will gain access to more and better resolutions links. Integrate Real-Debrid with Weyd APK by following these easy steps:

📌For detailed steps and information, read our Guide: How to setup Real Debrid

1. To get a Real Debrid account, click HERE

2. Open Weyd APK and select Settings

use real debrid with Weyd APK firestick

3. Choose Accounts

setup real debrid with Weyd APK firestick

4. Scroll down and select REAL-DEBRID

croll down and select REAL-DEBRID

5. You will see a Disclaimer on screen, click Yes

you will see a Disclaimer on screen, click Yes

6. A window will open with a code displayed.

Weyd App Real Debrid setup

7. Visit from a browser

8. Enter the code and click Continue.

Real-debrid with Weyd App FireStick

9. A confirmation notification will be displayed on your browser soon.

integrate Real-debrid with Weyd App FireStick

Now, you can enjoy the Real Debrid service.

How to Use Trakt with Weyd APK

Just like Real-debrid, you can use Trakt with Weyd App. It will allow you to sync and manage all your media across devices. Here’s how:

To learn more about Trakt, please visit our guide: How to Set Up Trakt on FireStick & Kodi

1. Get a Trakt Account first by visiting

2. On Weyd App, click Settings> Accounts

3. Click TRAKT

use trakt with Weyd APK

4. You will see a code on screen

You will see a code on screen

5. Go to and enter the code

6. Click Continue

set up trakt with Weyd FireStick

7. Click Yes

Click Yes

How to install Scraper on Weyd APK

Note: This method may not be reliable. Please get yourself a subscription for uninterrupted entertainment.

To watch content on Weyd APK for free, you need to add a scraper. This is needed to fetch streaming links for the content.

Let’s check the steps for setting up Weyd APK for accessing free content:

1. Open Weyd APK and go to Settings

click Settings

2. Find the Scraper option and click it.

how to install Weyd APK on FireStick

3. Next, select Scraper source URL

select Scraper source URL

4. Click on the box to enter the URL

Weyd APK download

5. Enter the following URL and click Next:

steps to install Weyd

6. Click OK

Click OK

7. You will see a Disclaimer, click Yes

Get Weyd APK

8. You will see that the scraper has been added.

how to install Weyd on FireStick


Weyd APK has a big content library and also is well-equipped with loads of useful features. The subscription plans are really affordable and are absolutely worth it. If you do not mind spending the amount, do give it a try!

Feel free to drop a comment if you are facing any issues using the app.

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