Install YouTube Vanced /Ad-free YouTube on FireStick & Android

In today’s tutorial, we will learn how to install YouTube Vanced on FireStick and Amazon Kindle. The instructions provided here also apply to all Android devices and Fire TV devices.

Update: The original YouTube Vanced has been shut down. If you visit the Vanced Official Website, you will find that the app is no longer available for download. If you have already installed the app, it will work for around 2 more years. However, we have discovered another website offering YouTube Vanced App. You can install YouTube Vanced using that. The steps are exactly same as before.

📌 IMPORTANT! If you are using remote-operated devices like FireStick, try SmartTubeNext instead. It’s designed for TVs and is a great alternative for YouTube Vanced (Ad-free YouTube). Check out our Guide for detailed steps to install SmartTubeNext on FireStick/ Fire TV

Don’t we all hate those intermittent ads on YouTube? We just cannot wait to click on Skip Ad. And let’s not even talk about the un-skippable Ads. Well, now YouTube Vanced has come to our rescue.

Youtube Vanced is a very popular stock android version of YouTube app. The main feature of this app is that it is completely Ad-free, which means you can watch videos without worrying about annoying ads. Background and Floating window video playing, Auto-repeat, and Auto-play, swipe controls for volume and brightness adjustment, Offline downloading are some of the other important features of this app.

Note: YouTube Vanced App is meant for touchscreen devices, hence it works drastically better on Smartphones, Tablets, Amazon Kindle with touchscreens. For FireStick and other remote operated devices, you will need to install virtual mouse App like Mouse Toggle to navigate the app.

YouTube Vanced APK has all the features you require in an online video streaming app and is one of our picks for Best apps for FireStick list.

How to Install YouTube Vanced on FireStick

Here is a simple installation guide for you to get YouTube VancedAPK on FireStick devices:

Note: If you are using an Android device, simply follow from the step-5) of the 3: Install YouTube VancedAPK on FireStick Section. Start by opening a browser and entering the URL: .Then the rest of the process remains same.

 1: Install the Downloader App

In order to install YouTube Vanced APK on FireStick, we need to first install Downloader from Amazon store first and then use it to install YouTube Vanced. This is how we can download Downloader on FireStick:

📌For more info, check our detailed guide on How to Sideload Apps on FireStick with Downloader.

1. In the middle portion of your FireStick home-screen, you will see a Find icon. Click it.

YouTube Vanced for FireStick

2. Now select the Search icon right below the Find icon.

how to install YouTube Vanced on FireStick

3. Now you can either press and hold the voice feature button (Microphone icon) in your remote to voice search Downloader or type it. Then select Downloader from underneath the on-screen keypad.

Then select Downloader from underneath the on-screen keypad

4. Select Downloader app

YouTube Vanced APK

5. Click on Get/Download

install YouTube Vanced on fire stick

6. Wait for the installation to complete. After it’s installed, you will see an Open button.

how to get YouTube Vanced on Amazon FireStick

2: Enable Install Unknown Apps Feature for Downloader App

This is a mandatory step to install apps from the third-party sources. Here’s how we will enable Install Unknown Apps Feature :

1. Head to the Home window of FireStick and click on Gear Icon (Settings)

click on Gear Icon (Settings)

2. You will see a lot of menu options. Go to the bottom-left and select My Fire TV

how to install YouTube Vanced APK on FireStick

3. Now select Developer Options.

💡Note: Can’t find Developer Options? Go to: Settings > My Fire TV > About. Repeatedly select the first menu item 7 times. The message "No need, you are already a developer" will appear. Go back to the My Fire TV menu to find the newly revealed "Developer Options". Check out our guide with screenshots and video tutorial: How to Unhide/Reveal Developer Options.

download YouTube Vanced on FireStick

4. Next, click Install unknown apps

📌Note: If you happen to see Apps from Unknown Sources, go ahead and click Apps from Unknown Sources > Turn On. Ignore step no-5.

click Install unknown apps

5. At last, select the Downloader app to turn the option ON

set up YouTube Vanced on FireStick

3: Install YouTube VancedAPK on FireStick and Android Devices

Finally we will install YouTube Vanced on FireStick using Downloader app:

Note: If you are using an Android device like Smartphone or tablet, start following the process from the step-5. Also, do make sure to give necessary permissions to allow installation of third-party apps on your device.

1. Firstly, hold down Amazon FireStick Remote Home Button  for 5 seconds. When you see the below menu, click Apps

click Apps

2. from the Apps and Channels tab, click on Downloader app to open it

YouTube Vanced APK download

3. Click Allow to provide the app necessary permission for accessing your device.

how to install YouTube Vanced on FireStick

4. A Quick Start Guide will start. Hit OK

Hit OK

5. Next, go to the Downloader home screen.  Select the URL tab 

steps to install YouTube Vanced

6. Type the YouTube Vanced’s official website URL given below:

Updated URL:

[This is the website that hosts new YouTube Vanced App]

Click Go

how to use YouTube Vanced on FireStick

7. YouTube Vanced’s official website will open. It will show the latest Vanced manager APK. Click on Download button at the top right corner

YouTube Vanced for FireStick

8. The Vanced Manager APK will start downloading on your FireStick

The Vanced Manager APK will start downloading on your FireStick

9. Click INSTALL

how to install YouTube Vanced on FireStick

10. Wait until installation is complete

YouTube Vanced APK

11. When the App Installed notification appears, click DONE.

install YouTube Vanced on fire stick

12. Click Delete and delete the APK file

how to get YouTube Vanced on Amazon FireStick

13. Again, click Delete to confirm

Again, click Delete to confirm

(Note: This app is mainly designed for touchscreen devices and not for remote-enabled devices. Therefore, for FireStick, we need to download Mouse Toggle APK to install YouTube Vanced and also to use it properly. If you don’t have the Mouse Toggle app already, install it using the Downloader code: 25628 before moving onto the next steps)

📌To learn more about Mouse Toggle, please visit our guide: How to install & use Mouse Toggle

14. Open Vanced Manager that we just installed

how to install YouTube Vanced APK on FireStick

14. Click Let’s get started button.

Click Let’s get started button.

15. On the next page, where you select whether you want to install YouTube Vanced or YouTube Music Vanced, both of them are auto-selected. Click on > button to continue.

download YouTube Vanced App on FireStick

16. The next page will ask you whether you want to install Vanced for the rooted or non-rooted device. Since we will be doing it for the non-rooted device, simply click the nonroot > button.

set up YouTube Vanced on FireStick

17. Next, a Welcome-cum-Disclaimer page will pop up. Click CLOSE

YouTube Vanced APK download

18. Now, you will see three options: Vanced MicroG, YouTube Vanced, and also YouTube Music Vanced(if you have selected it in step-15).

19. Click on Vanced MicroG first and then click on the Download icon. Wait until installation is complete.

Click on Vanced MicroG

20. Wait for it to download

how to use YouTube Vanced on FireStick

21. Then, click INSTALL.

YouTube Vanced for FireStick

22. Now Click on YouTube Vanced and click on the download icon.

how to install YouTube Vanced on FireStick

23. Select the theme (Light+Dark or Light+Black), version, and language, and finally click Install

click install

24. Wait until the downloading process is complete.

steps to install YouTube Vanced

25. Click INSTALL

click install again

23. Similarly, click on YouTube Music Vanced if you want to install it.

This brings to the end of the installation process of YouTube Vanced APK on FireStick.

warningBut before you start streaming your favorite content online, please keep in mind that everything you stream online can be seen by the Government through your Internet Service Provider. Now, if you end up streaming copyrighted TV shows, Movies, Sports, or Live TV (knowingly or unknowingly), you could get tangled in serious legal issues.

We do not condone or endorse streaming illegal/copyrighted content. However, it’s not always easy to tell difference between legal and illegal content sources online. Fortunately, you can hide your online activity with the help of a reliable VPN service.

A good FireStick VPN will mask your original identifying IP Address [show_ip]. It will also help you bypass geo-restrictions & ISP throttling, which will allow you to stream everything without buffering.

I use ExpressVPN and recommend it to my friends & family. It offers blazing fast speed and utmost security online. It also has a zero-logs policy and dedicated apps for all kinds of devices and platforms including FireStick and Fire TVs.

ExpressVPN also offers 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee (no questions asked), although we don’t think you’ll ever want one.

Here’s how you can set up ExpressVPN on Firestick:

Step 1. First of all, Sign Up for ExpressVPN HERE

Step 2. Navigate to the Find Icon on your FireStick home screen.

Navigate to the Find Icon

Step 3. Now, go to the Search option

go to the Search option

Step 4. Enter the word ExpressVPN using the onscreen keypad and select it from the Search results.

Enter the ExpressVPN
Step 5. Now, click the ExpressVPN icon under Apps & Games section

Click the Icon
Step 6. Click on Get /Download and wait for it to install on your FireStick

Click on Get
Step 7. Click Open to launch the ExpressVPN app

Click Open
Step 8. Enter your login credentials that you used when you registered for ExpressVPN. And click Sign In

Enter your login credentials
Step 9. Choose a server location of your choice and click the Power Icon to connect to the server.

click the power icon to connect
Once connected to ExpressVPN, your IP address will change automatically. You can verify this by checking the IP address data above after refreshing this page. This means your Internet activities are now anonymous and anything you stream on this device is safe from the prying eyes.

For detailed review & installation process, read our guide: ExpressVPN Review: Installation & How-to Use 

How to set up MicroG with YouTube Vanced app

MicroG is a freeware used in third-party apps to sign-in to their google account where Google Play Services is not available. Setting up MicroG with YouTube Vanced is not that tough. Follow these easy steps:

After you install Vanced MicroG and YouTube Vanced using Vanced Manager, open YouTube Vanced

how to install YouTube Vanced on FireStick

Go to the top right corner of the app and click on Accounts icon.

YouTube Vanced App

Then, click on Add Accounts.

install YouTube Vanced on fire stick

Next, another disclaimer page will open. Select SIGN IN to continue

how to get YouTube Vanced on Amazon FireStick

Wait for a few seconds to let your device establish a connection with Google Servers.

Now type in your email or phone number and click Next

how to install YouTube Vanced APK on FireStick

Enter your password and click Next

If asked for two-step verification, complete it and proceed.

Select I agree to accept Google’s terms of service and privacy policy.

Wait for a few minutes to let the sign-in be completed. Once completed, you will be automatically directed to the YouTube Vanced Homescreen.

How to use YouTube Vanced on FireStick

Open the YouTube Vanced app on FireStick this way:

Navigate to the FireStick Shortcut menu by holding down Amazon FireStick Remote Home Button  for 5 seconds. Click Apps 

click Apps

Now, click on the YouTube Vanced app icon and open it.

how to install YouTube Vanced on FireStick

Close the Disclaimer pop-up by clicking DISMISS

Next, sign-in to your account by setting up MicroG

Overview of YouTube VancedAPK:

YouTube Vanced has almost the same interface as the YouTube app. This app lets you toggle themes, allows picture-in-picture and background video playing, as well as allows video resolution, and video playback speed customization, and swipe gesture control for brightness and volume adjustment.

The bottommost bar has 5 icons- Home which is shown by default on opening the app, Shorts, Create, Subscriptions and Library. The Home section will show you all the videos YouTube recommends you.

The Shorts section has videos of shorter durations, mostly less than one minute. You can upload a video, create a short video and go live in the create sections.

The subscription sections will show all the videos of your subscribed channels and artists.

The Library section has all the recently watched videos, history, your downloads, your movies (purchased movies from YouTube), Watch later videos, and your playlists including your liked videos.

The topmost bar has 4 icons mainly- Chromecast, Notification, Search, and Accounts. Search your preferred videos using the Search button and get notifications of recent activity about your subscribed channels in the notification section.

The Accounts section lets you manage your Google account. Other than that, you can manage your general settings, turn on incognito, switch accounts, manage your channel, time watched, and purchases and memberships in the Accounts section.


YouTube Vanced APK lets you enjoy most of the YouTube Premium features without you paying any subscription fees. Now, you can watch videos without any ad interruption using YouTube Vanced app. It has two themes – dark and black themes. The black theme reduces your eye and battery strain. This app is merely rendering content from YouTube on your device and is not tampering with YouTube website content. So, it is a legal and safe app to use. Hence, a Must Try!

This guide demonstrates how to install Youtube Vanced on FireStick. Feel free to tell us if you are facing any issues during the installation of this app so that we can render help to solve your problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to sign in to YouTube Vanced?

Yes, it is safe to sign in to YouTube Vanced.

Does YouTube Vanced drain battery?

YouTube Vanced drains minimal battery. But it depends on the amount of your usage.

Does YouTube Vanced require root?

No, YouTube Vanced also works in non-rooted devices.

How do I watch ad-free on YouTube on Firestick?

You can watch ad-free on YouTube on Firestick by either subscribing to YouTube Premium or downloading YouTube Vanced on FireStick.

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      Also, entering the url won’t start downloading immediately in this case. You have to download the APK first. Follow the tutorial exactly for detailed steps.


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