How to Use Firestick Keyboard Remote Tool

Ever felt frustrated typing out long URLs using the Amazon FireStick Remote? Well, there’s good news for you. With FireStick’s latest update, you can access the keyboard remote tool via a browser on any device.

This update alleviates the need for users to rely solely on the provided remote for typing. It is particularly useful for entering lengthy webpage URLs or usernames/passwords. The best part is that you can even copy-paste URLs into the text box.

Another remarkable feature is that it allows you to copy the Remote Keyboard URL and use it on any device with any browser, even PCs/laptops.

The new mobile keyboard offers simplicity while ensuring swift operation.

Previously, Firestick could be controlled remotely via ADB. However, Amazon has recently blocked ADB access. So, the other alternative is to use the Amazon Fire TV Remote App, which many are familiar with.

But I prefer the keyboard option over the app because it doesn’t lag as much and I don’t need to have an additional app for it.

If the keyboard feature doesn’t appear on your device, you will need to update FireStick to the latest version.

Update: The remote keyboard feature was removed by Amazon due to security reasons!

How to Use Firestick Keyboard Remote Tool

To utilize the Firestick Keyboard Remote Tool on any web browser, follow the below instructions:

1. You need to access the Firestick Keyboard Remote Tool by scanning the QR code with a mobile. The QR code appears whenever you open the keyboard on your Fire TV device.

2. When you scan the QR Code using your mobile, it’s going to open on your web browser. This grants you access to the keyboard for typing on your mobile device or tablet.

3. Type the desired URL or enter your username/password using the mobile/tablet keyboard. You can also copy-paste URLs. Click Submit.

4. Once the webpage has successfully loaded, you can use your Firestick/Fire TV device per usual.

Key Features of the FireStick Remote Keyboard

Amazon FireStick Keyboard Remote tool is a valuable addition for quickly typing long URLs, passwords, usernames, and more.

It comes with a built-in directional pad for navigation; however, it lacks additional options like the home button, back button, and menu button. So, you will have to use the Amazon Fire TV app or the physical remote for these features.

The specific URL provided by the QR Code can be used on any device, regardless of network. This means you can control the device from any location. This is particularly beneficial when assisting beginners with their Firestick or Fire TV remotely, eliminating the need for physical proximity.

Recap— Firestick Keyboard Remote Tool

Firestick Keyboard Remote Tool is fantastic for typing long URLs or usernames/passwords. It doesn’t even have to be on the same network, even.

Let’s quickly take a look at the steps to access the Firestick Keyboard Remote Tool.

  1. Open the on-screen keyboard on your Fire TV device, where you wish to type.
  2. Now, you should see a QR code next to the on-screen keyboard. Scan the QR with a mobile device.
  3. Once the keyboard opens on your mobile, you can start typing.