How to Install YouCine on FireStick (Easy Steps)

Introducing YouCine, an all-in-one app that offers a wide range of content. You will find content from various countries, including the US, Mexico, Portugal, and more.

The content is spread across various categories such as Movies, Shows, Anime, Kids, live Sports, and more, ensuring an abundance of viewing choices.

As of writing this guide (July 2023), the app features 53K+ pieces of content and 50+ Countries covered.

One of the standout features of YouCine is its AutoPlay feature for on-demand content. This eliminates the need to sift through multiple links to find a working link.

While most free streaming apps aggregate content from the web, YouCine takes a different approach by letting users share files on platforms like Mega and Google Drive. This way users usually get the highest quality content, guaranteeing buffer-free streaming.

In this guide, I will demonstrate how to install YouCine on FireStick. The attached screenshots were captured on a FireStick Lite, but the process applies to any FireStick device.

How to Install YouCine on FireStick  

Now, I am going to demonstrate how you can install YouCine on an Amazon Firestick, please follow along, if you’d like:

1. Use the search feature on your FireStick and install the Downloader app.  After that, enable the Install unknown apps or Apps from Unknown Sources feature in the FireStick settings. Check out our detailed guide: Install Download App & Enable Unknown Sources.

 2. Now, go ahead and launch the Downloader app.

 3. On the Downloader app’s homepage, click on the URL field.

click on the URL field

4. Enter the YouCine URL: or the Downloader code: 368728.

Select Go to proceed.

Enter the YouCine URL

4. Scroll down and hit Download.

Scroll down and hit Download

5. Now, select Download under TV stick.

select Download under TV stick

6. Your FireStick should start downloading the YouCine APK file.

downloading apk

7. Once the download is finished, you will see a prompt to install the APK. Select INSTALL to continue.


8. Wait for the app to finish installing.

Wait for the app to finish installing

9. After the installation is complete, you can select DONE.

select DONE

10. Then, hit Delete to delete the APK file.

hit Delete

11. Confirm the deletion by selecting Delete again.

select Delete again

How to Use YouCine App on FireStick

To launch the YouCine app on your FireStick device:

Open the Firestick home screen. Now, head to the Apps icon (3 squares and a plus).

select apps 3 squares and a plus

Scroll down to the YouCine app and launch it by hitting the Select/OK button on the remote.

launch the YouCine app

You will see this DMCA notice, mentioning that YouCine doesn’t host any files on their server. Hit Agree to continue.

Hit Agree to continue.

To give YouCine App permission to access your device, select Allow.

To give YouCine App permission to access your device, select Allow

Now, you should see couple of slides highlighting YouCine app’s features. Hit Next.

Hit Next

Hit OK this time.

Hit OK this time

You may also see the below notification, click OK.

click OK

YouCine App empowers users to easily navigate and find their desired content.

The homepage features a slideshow that highlights the latest releases.

Youcine homepage

Main Menu Bar

It has main categories, such as Movies, Series, Kids, Anime, & Explorar. If you scroll down a bit, you’d also find a Sports section, featuring the latest games.


Movies section has some latest releases, and there are other sub-sections like Genero, 2023, No Cinema, & Todos.

movies categories

Genero section is further sub-categorized into sections like 2023, Netflix Movies, At Cinema, Special, Love, National, Dubbed, Subtitled, Adventure, Action, and more.



Just like Movies, Series has several sub-sections such as Nacional, By genre, All, & Top.

series on YouCine

This section is also further divided into various categories, just like the Movies category.

Series section


Kids section is also filled with various sub-categories, making it easier to sift through the content.



If you’re a Anime fan, this section will cheer you up.



Explorar section has Documentary Movies and Documentary Series. You can Search within this category and also filter your preferences.


There are useful features like continue watching, favorites, and subtitles, which enhance the overall experience.

Top Right Menu Bar

Message/ Inbox

Clock Icon

  • History

Whatever you’ve watched before will be recoded here.

  • My favorites

This section will include the titles that you have added to your favorites.

My favorites
  • My List

You can subscribe to Movies or shows of your choice so that whenever there’s a new episode or next movie series releases, you’ll get notified.

my list

Account/Account Settings

This section has various Account settings. If you have an account, you will be able to login here too.

There’s also other settings in here like Playback Settings. You can also Clear app cache and update the app from here.


This is a really useful feature, and I love it. There are several filters like Type, Genre, Year, Country, & Language. Even within those filter, you will find more filters to sort through the content.



Search is always an incredible feature if you’re looking to find anything in particular. For example, a movies, a show or a particular actor or director’s work.


How to Play Content on YouCine

Here’s how you play content on YouCine:

1. Simply select your preferred content. You should see the something similar to the below screenshot. You can choose the Episode if it’s a serial. or simply hit the Play button.

There are countless other Playback settings that you can play with too.

play content on youcine

Once you hit play, you can select Audio, Subtitle, Size, & Color as per your preference.

playback settings

Key Features of YouCine App

YouCine offers the following features:

  • Sleek and User-friendly interface for easy navigation.
  • Comprehensive info for each content piece.
  • Intelligent content recommendations tailored to your viewing history.
  • Multiple audio and subtitle options for enhanced viewing experience.
  • Compatibility with all Android devices.
  • Support for playback in 720p, 1080p, and 4K resolutions.

Recap: YouCine on FireStick

Let me quickly go over the steps to install YouCine on FireStick:

  1. Begin by installing the Downloader app.
  2. Next, turn ON Install unknown apps/Apps from Unknown Sources feature.
  3. Open the Downloader app and click on the URL field on the homepage.
  4. Put in the YouCine URL: or the Downloader code: 368728.
  5. Click on the Go button.
  6. The YouCine APK file should start downloading.
  7. Select INSTALL.
  8. Wait for the installation to complete.
  9. Then, proceed to select DONE > Delete > Delete.