How to Connect FireStick to Wi-Fi Without Remote [Easy Solutions]

Don’t have the FireStick Remote with you but need to connect to a new WiFi? In this article, we will discuss how to connect FireStick to Wi-Fi without remote. The methods discussed here work on all FireStick variants including Fire TV Stick 4K Max, FireStick Lite, etc.

Amazon FireStick is a popular portable device used mainly for streaming VOD content and Live TV. You just need an HDMI-enabled TV and a network connection to start streaming.

So, even if you are traveling, you can carry it with you. But what if you forgot to bring the remote along, misplaced or lost it or the remote got damaged/stopped working? Can you still connect FireStick to a new Wi-Fi without Remote? Can you still watch your favorite shows and movies on FireStick?

The answer is Yes! You can. Even if you don’t have the FireStick remote with you, you can still connect FireStick to Wi-Fi and also control it. Read on to know more.

Why You May Need to Connect FireStick to Wi-Fi Without a Remote?

There can be various reasons that forced you to connect FireStick to Wi-Fi without a Remote. Obviously, in all of the cases, this need arises when you want to connect to a new Wi-Fi. Since previously added WiFi credentials are saved, FireStick automatically connects to the WiFi and it doesn’t normally need any intervention.

You want to switch to new wifi because you changed your ISP (Internet Service Provider). Or the new Wi-Fi provider offers a faster internet connection or is more affordable. Or your older ISP provider discontinued their service.

There’s always a possibility that your old Wi-Fi router or modem is damaged and hence you are replacing it with a new one or you simply want to upgrade to a better one.

Let’s discuss the probable reasons to connect FireStick to Wi-Fi without remote one by one:

  • Your FireStick Remote stopped working.
  • You have misplaced the remote.
  • FireStick Remote got damaged.
  • You have lost the remote.
  • You forgot to carry the remote along with the FireStick device while traveling.

How to Connect FireStick to Wi-Fi without Remote?

There are a few ways to connect to Wi-Fi without remote. We will discuss all the methods in this section one by one. If one method doesn’t work for you, try the other one. Take a look at the methods:


Connect FireStick to Wi-Fi Without Remote Using the Fire TV App

Do you know that your Smartphone can help you to connect FireStick to a new Wi-Fi? But there are some conditions:

1. You need two smart devices (smartphone/tablet). One for hotspot and one with the Fire TV app installed on it. The same device cannot be used to serve a dual purpose as the Fire TV app only works with WiFi/hotspot connection.

2. You must know the SSID/name and password of your old Wi-Fi. 

Follow the below steps to connect to FireStick with Smartphones via the Fire TV Application:

1. Install the Fire TV Application on your Smartphone from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

For detailed instruction on how to use the FireTV app, visit our guide: Install & Use Fire TV App

connect FireStick to Wi-Fi without Remote

2. Now, on the second device, create a mobile hotspot. The hotspot SSID/name and password should be the same as your previous Wi-Fi connection. This will allow the FireStick to automatically connect to the hotspot connection as it saves previous passwords.

The hotspot SSID/name and password should be the same as your previous Wi-Fi connection

3. Then, connect to the same hotspot on the same phone on which you have downloaded the Fire TV Application.

Note: Both Smartphones and FireStick must be connected to the same network for this trick to work.

4. Launch the Fire TV Application and use its navigational buttons to function as a remote.

5. Now, to connect to a new Wi-Fi, navigate to FireStick Settings > Network > Select the WiFi that you wish to connect to> Enter its password > Choose CONNECT

6. Once connected, you can disable the hotspot.

Note: If you want to continue using your Smartphone as a remote, you have to connect your phone to the new Wi-Fi.


Connect FireStick to Wi-Fi with HDMI CEC /Universal Remote

Even if you don’t have your usual FireStick remote, you can control FireStick with an HDMI CEC Remote. Most TV remotes offer HDMI-CEC support these days.

This Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) remote works with all devices that support HDMI connections. The only catch is that you have to enable CEC support in your device beforehand for it to work.

If your TV remote doesn’t support HDMI-CEC, you can easily get this remote as they are generally inexpensive and easily available. They are also known as Universal remotes as they work on almost all devices.

If the CEC feature is already turned on, you can navigate to FireStick settings and connect to WiFi with the help of the HDMI CEC Remote.

Follow the steps below to turn the CEC feature on your FireStick device:

Note: CEC feature has different names for different products. For instance, Sony TV calls it BRAVIA Sync while Samsung TV calls it Anynet+. You can easily browse the internet to learn about the CEC feature term of your TV product. This method will work only if your TV supports CEC.

1. Start the FireStick device and select Settings ⚙️from the FireStick Main screen.

Start the FireStick device and select Settings from the FireStick Main screen

2. Hit Display & Sounds.

Connect FireStick to Wi-Fi with no remote

3. Now, head to the HDMI CEC Device Control tile and make sure it says ON

Connect FireStick to Wi-Fi without remote

That’s it!


Connect FireStick to Wi-Fi without remote with Echo Dot/Echo

This method will only work after you have established a network connection with FireStick using two smartphones. That means you have to follow the first method in this guide to establish a connection using your mobile hotspot. Then, proceed with this method.

Connect FireStick to Wi-Fi without remote with Echo Dot

Once the network establishment is completed, you can give voice commands with Echo Dot/Echo and control your FireStick.

You can easily use this device to connect to a new Wi-Fi.

Get a Replacement — When None of The Workarounds Are Working

What if your remote is completely damaged or lost and none of the methods mentioned above are working for you? Yes, there’s a possibility that none of the methods discussed above help.

In such a case, it is best to get a replacement. However, in some cases, getting a new FireStick device itself is cheaper as the replacement remote can cost almost as much as the FireStick.

It’s easier to control FireStick with FireStick remote than any other method.

Summing Up

Amazon FireStick itself doesn’t have any navigation keys and can be only operated with a remote. Therefore, the remote becomes essential.

Using one Smartphone as a Mobile hotspot for establishing a connection and the other one to control the FireStick via Fire TV is a good option. Similarly, you can also use Echo Dot Variants and Universal Remote/ HDMI CEC Remote to accomplish the task.

Hope you have been able to connect FireStick to Wi-Fi without remote using the methods provided in this guide. These work great as temporary solutions when you can’t find the remote or forgot to bring it with you.

For a permanent solution and ease of use, I would recommend getting a replacement remote if you can spare some bucks.

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