Troubleshoot Kodi Not Working With Popular Addons

Numerous Kodi users have recently reported malfunctions in the platform, particularly with various add-ons and Kodi Builds. As of November 15, 2023, widespread issues have been identified in popular Kodi Addons like The Crew, Scrubs V2, Homelander, and others.

This leads to the question: Why is Kodi not working with popular add-ons?

The prevailing problem appears to originate from IMDb, impacting only addons that are reliant on this source to function.

Users are encountering a recurring issue wherein, upon selecting specific categories within affected addons, Kodi initiates the loading process but fails to progress further.

This problem was observed across multiple categories in different addons, suggesting this is a comprehensive system-wide issue.

I have noticed that add-ons utilizing TMDb instead of IMDb categories are unaffected.

You can see it within the Scrubs V2 Addon. It works seamlessly with TMDb Movies but shows a blank screen when attempting to access IMDb categories.

The IMDb Error in Kodi Not Working is specifically affecting Movie and TV Show Addons, with Live Streaming and Sports Addons seemingly unaffected.

Best Kodi Addons

Which Popular Kodi Addons Are Not Working?

Bear in mind that some categories of these add-ons still work. And the issue is only with movies &TV, live TV is unaffected.

Here is a list of addons currently experiencing issues:

  • Homelander
  • The Crew
  • Scrubs V2
  • Absolution
  • Nightwing
  • Umbrella
  • Dradis
  • Insomnia
  • Shazam
  • 9 LIVES
  • Zoro

Which Popular Kodi Addons Are Working?

Now onto the Addons that are working. If you encounter problems with your preferred addon, alternative addons that are currently operational include Seren, Asgard, FEN, Magic Dragon, POV, Shadow, Twilight, and Luffy, among others.

If you have come across an addon that is not functioning properly, let us know in the comments below.

Other Common Kodi Errors

If you are a regular Kodi user, you must have experienced Kodi not working once or twice.

Often the errors can be resolved easily with simple fixes.

We have detailed guides on the most common Kodi Errors:

Fix Kodi No Stream Available Error

Fix Kodi Not Working

Fix Kodi Keeps Crashing

Just click the respective link depending on your problem and you’ll find solutions with screenshots showing you how to fix the error.

Fixes for Other Kodi Issues

1. Reset Kodi

Resetting your Kodi to factory defaults is a great way to resolve many common Kodi problems. It’s almost a panacea solution. This simple procedure returns Kodi to its original state.

Please note that resetting wipes away everything, so you will have to your install favorite add-ons and builds again.

Here are the steps to reset Kodi on FireStick:

1. Navigate to FireStick Settings (Gear Icon).

click settings

2. Click Applications.

Click Applications

3. Locate and select Managed Installed Applications.

select Managed Installed Applications

4. Select Kodi.

Select Kodi

5. Select Clear Data.

Select Clear Data

6. Select Clear Data once more.

Select Clear Data once more

2. Restart Your Device

Another recommended troubleshooting step is to restart the device. This quick tip often yields remarkable results.

To restart a Firestick, follow the steps outlined below:

1. Unplug the power cord of the device.

2. Wait 10-20 seconds.

3. Plug the power cord back in.

This same method can be applied to an Android TV Box or Computer.

We also have a detailed guide on this: How to Restart FireStick/Fire TV

3. Clear Kodi Cache

Clearing the cache within Kodi can significantly enhance software speed and system cleanliness, addressing issues like lag or buffering.

To clear the cache in Kodi on FireStick, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to FireStick Settings (Gear Icon).

click settings

2. Click Applications.

Click Applications

3. Locate and select Managed Installed Applications.

select Managed Installed Applications

4. Select Kodi.

Select Kodi

5. Choose Clear cache.

Choose Clear cache

For a detailed guide on clearing the cache on your Kodi device, use the guide: How to Clear Kodi Cache.

4. Uninstalling and Updating Kodi Addons

Often, Kodi problems stem from specific add-ons. I recommend getting rid of unused add-ons. Also do ensure that the ones that use are up-to-date. Updated addons often resolve Kodi not working issues.

Here’s how you can uninstall a Kodi add-on:

1. Go to Gear Icon.

Go to Gear Icon

2. Select Addons.

Select Addons

3. Hit My Addons.

Hit My Addons

4. Click video add-on.

Click video add-on

5. Select the Addon that you wish to uninstall.

Select the Addon that you wish to uninstall

6. Hit Uninstall.

Hit Uninstall

Additionally, to update your third-party addons, I recommend uninstalling the addons and re-installing them.

5. Update Kodi

Making sure Kodi is updated to its latest version is crucial for Kodi’s optimal performance. Follow these steps to check and update Kodi:

1. Launch Kodi

2. Click Settings in the upper left-hand corner.

Go to Gear Icon

3. Select System Information.

Select System Information

4. Your Kodi Version will be displayed in the bottom right corner under Version Info.

Version Info

Detailed Guide: How To Update Kodi

By following these steps, you can troubleshoot and resolve common problems when Kodi is not working.