Install Local Now on FireStick/Android [Free+Legal]

Local Now is a free streaming App for watching the local news, weather, and more. In today’s article, I will cover the steps to install Local Now on FireStick and Android devices. There’s also a user guide for you after the installation steps.

Local Now is available in the Amazon App Store, Google Play Store, Roku, and more.

As the name suggests, Local Now is primarily a free streaming app for watching the local news.

You can also find the local weather coverage, world news, entertainment news, and even plenty of movies and shows.

There are over 200 local news streams daily for you to choose from.

The Local Now app is 100% legal.

💡Note: If Local Now is not available in your country, you can still install it following our guide on How to install and use Amazon Fire TV Apps Outside their Intended Country.

How to Install Local Now on FireStick & Fire TV

Installing Local Now is not fussy at all. No need to mess with the sideloading process as the app is natively available in the Amazon App store. Here are the steps to get Local Now on FireStick:

1. From your FireStick home screen, go to Find on the main menu

Note: If you are using an Android or Roku Streaming device, search for the Local Now app within your respective app store.

Install Local Now on FireStick

2. Below you will find the Search button. Click that

Below you will find the Search button. Click that

3. Using the virtual keypad, type in Local Now. You can also use the Alexa voice command to search. Go to the search results below and select Local Now

Local Now on Amazon FireStick

4. Click the Local Now app as shown in the screenshot.

Local Now on FireStick

5. Click Get or Download. (First-time downloaders see the Get option. If you’ve installed the app before, you should see Download)

Click Get or Download

6. Give FireStick a minute or so to download and install the app on your device

Use Local Now on FireStick

7. When you see the Open button, it means the app has been installed completely. You can launch the app by clicking Open

get Local Now on FireStick

How to Use Local Now on FireStick & Fire TV

If you didn’t open the app in the last step, you can launch it later from your Apps and Games section. Let me show you how:

Press and hold the Home Button  on the FireStick Remote. Click the Apps option.

Click the Apps option

When your Apps list opens, select the Local Now app to run it.

Local Now on FireStick

On opening the app, you will be asked to choose the city. It auto-suggests a city. If this is correct, choose Make this my city! If not, choose Change my city

Local Now on Fire TV

You can also sign in if you like. You can stream even without signing in as well.

Here’s is the home screen of Local Now on FireStick:

home screen of Local Now

Overview of Local Now:

Local Now’s tagline is “Free News, Weather, Movies.” And yes, it delivers what it promises.

The home screen has the main menu at the top of the screen. It has the following categories:

  • Home
  • Channels
  • Movies
  • Shows
  • Search Icon
  • Profile/Account

Channels category is the default section of this app. You will see the sub-categories of this categories on the left menu bar. Some of them are: Recommended, Local, News, Action, Drama, Comedy, Explore, Family, Horror LifeStyle, Music & more.


You can browse through the app and easily find what you like.

Local Now streams content in both 1080p and 720p. You will find ads on this app though nothing annoying.

If you click the Profile Icon, you will find more options. You can Sign In here as well

Local now

To Sign In, navigate to Sign In

sign in

You will see an activation code on screen.


Activate this device by visiting on a device

Enter the activation code and click Continue

Enter the activation code and click Continue

Now, if you go to the Settings section, you will see the Playback option. To get subtitles/ Closed Captions, turn ON the toggle switch next to it.


To change the city, click My City on the top right corner of the screen. Then, search by city or zip code to add a new city.

Local Now FireStick

To find out more about Local Now, please visit their official website: Local Now Website

Wrapping Up

Local Now is a great app if just want to enjoy local channels, weather, and some movies and shows. There are 200+ daily streams available on this app.

It is legal and won’t cost you a single dime. Do give it a try!