How to Install NewPipe on FireStick— Say Goodbye to YouTube Ads

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to install NewPipe on your FireStick. The screenshots provided were taken on a FireStick Lite, but the steps apply to all FireStick devices.

How to Install NewPipe on FireStick  

Here’s a walkthrough on installing NewPipe on your Amazon Firestick:

1. Firstly, locate and install the Downloader app using the search feature on your FireStick. Ensure you also enable the Install Unknown Apps or Apps from Unknown Sources option in the FireStick settings.

Refer to our comprehensive guide: Installing the Downloader App & Enabling Unknown Sources.

2. Once the Downloader app is installed, launch it.

3. On the Downloader app’s main screen, navigate to the URL field.

navigate to the URL field

4. Enter either the NewPipe URL:

Or the Downloader code: 73022

Proceed by clicking Go.

Enter the NewPipe URL or downloader code

5. Once the NewPipe website loads, click Get NewPipe.

Click Get NewPipe

6. Select NewPipe x.xx.x

Select NewPipe x.xx.x

7. Your FireStick will begin downloading the NewPipe APK file.

Your FireStick will begin downloading the NewPipe APK file

8. Upon completion, a prompt will appear to install the APK. Select INSTALL to proceed.


9. Wait while the app is being installed.

Wait while the app is installing

10. Once installation is complete, choose DONE.

choose DONE

11. Then, delete the APK file by selecting Delete.

delete the APK

12. Confirm the deletion by selecting Delete again.

select Delete again

How to Use NewPipe App on FireStick

To access the NewPipe app on your FireStick:

Navigate to the Firestick home screen. Then, access the Apps & Channels section (icon consisting of 3 squares and a plus sign).

Apps & Channels section

Scroll down to locate the NewPipe app and launch it by pressing the Select/OK button on your remote.

launch NewPipe app

Here’s what the NewPipe App home screen looks like:

NewPipe App home screen

You can access various features through the side main menu bar.

side main menu bar

Now, let’s take a look at the settings option and what it entails:


Each sub-section within settings has loads of useful features.

Video and audio

Video and audio





History and cache

History and cache







Unlike YouTube, you don’t need an account to use NewPipe.

However, NewPipe gives you the option to Import YouTube subscriptions via the Google Takeout Manager. You can find the option in the Subscriptions tab.


This way you will never miss any content from your subscribed YouTube channels.


Key Features of the NewPipe App

Notable features of the New Pipe App:

  • Watch videos in 4K
  • Background audio playback
  • Popup mode (Picture-in-Picture)
  • View Live streams
  • Subtitles/Closed captions control
  • Enqueue videos and save them to Playlists.
  • Access general information about videos
  • Show/hide related videos/comments
  • Search videos, channels, playlists, etc.
  • Subscribe to channels without logging in
  • Download videos/audio/subtitles
  • Integration with Kodi
  • Manage age-restricted content

Recap: Install NewPipe on FireStick

Let me quickly go over the steps to install NewPipe on FireStick:

  1. Install the Downloader app.
  2. Enable Install unknown apps/Apps from Unknown Sources.
  3. Launch Downloader and navigate to the URL field.
  4. Input the NewPipe URL or the Downloader code: 73022. To initiate the download, hit Go.
  5. Proceed with the installation by clicking INSTALL.
  6. Once installed click DONE > Delete > Delete.

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