How to Set Up Trakt on FireStick & Kodi [Comprehensive Guide]

In today’s tutorial, we will teach you how you can set up Trakt on FireStick & Kodi. The instructions/ steps are the same for other FireStick variants like Fire TV, Fire TV Stick 2nd & 3rd Gen, FireStick 4K Max, etc., and also for Android products like Smartphones, Nvidia Shield, Chromecast, Tablets, and more!

These days, almost all of us use streaming apps to find a source of entertainment in our otherwise hectic life. And who doesn’t want extra features to make our streaming experience better? Trakt allows you to track and sync your media content across devices and platforms. A great advantage of using this service is that it works with most of the Firestick apps and Kodi addons.

What is Trakt & What’s the point of Trakt?

Trakt is a fantastic media service that is used to track or scrobble your media. That means you can use this service to keep a track of what you are watching irrespective of whether you are using multiple streaming apps or a single one. It can easily enhance your streaming experience by leaps and bounds.

Here are the advantages of using Trakt:

  • It will automatically keep a track of your media.
  • Keeps a history of what you were watching before. You can also view your All-time Stats using it.
  • It has the option of adding TV shows & movies to your Trakt collection.
  • Recommends content on the basis of your likings and watchlist history.
  • Supports multiple devices and multiple streaming apps.
  • It has advanced filtering options to sort out content.
  • It has Email and Push notifications to notify you whenever a new episode of your favorite TV show airs.
  • Connect with your friends and share your media content with each other.
  • Locate which streaming apps have the content you are searching for.

How to Register for Trakt

Trakt is available for free of cost. However, the Trakt free version is ad-supported. If you prefer, ad-free service, you can buy the VIP version (more on this in the next section). You can register for Trakt by simply following the belowmentioned steps. The steps are easy to follow and you can register for Trakt using these steps in a minute or two.

1. Open any browser from your device and go to

2. Select JOIN TRAKT FOR FREE or JOIN TRAKT (whichever you see on your screen)

set up Trakt on your Amazon FireStick

3. Now enter required details like Email, Username, and Password and hit JOIN TRAKT. Make sure you ticked the box where they ask you to agree to their Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

Note: You can also use your Apple ID, Twitter, and Google Account to register for Trakt.

Now enter required details like Email, Username, and Password and hit on JOIN TRAKT

4. Next, personalize your profile by typing in your display name, gender, date of birth, and location. All this information is optional and hence you can skip it if you want. But providing a display name is recommended as it will help your friends to spot you so that they can connect with you. Click Next Step once you filled in all the information.

5. Choose the genres you prefer and click Next Step

6. You get the option of adding movies and TV shows to your profile. Again it is optional and you can skip it if you desire. Once done, click Next Step

P.S: You can categorize the TV Shows & movies you added in terms of your rating, Watchlist, Already Watched, and others.

7. The next prompt window is for sharing your activities with your friends from various social media platforms like Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc. Click Next Step after you are done sharing.

8. Opt for push notifications to get notifications about your followers, likes, or comments, if you want. Then select CONTINUE TO DASHBOARD.


Voila! You have an active Trakt account.

Trakt Pricing for VIP Plans

Currently, there are two membership plans for Trakt. These plans come with many VIP features including no advertisements, advanced content filtering, and many more. There are two payment options available for subscription, one is via PayPal and the other is via credit card.

To check plans and their features, visit

Let’s look at the plans offered:

  • VIP: Costs $30 annually which is $2.5 per month. Includes all the VIP features.
  • VIP EP: Costs $60 annually which is $5 per month. Includes all the features included in VIP along with Executive Producer Credit.
Trakt Pricing

How to Setup/Use Trakt with FireStick Streaming Apps

Integrating Trakt within streaming apps is very easy. Let’s learn the integration process with an example, in this case with FilmPlus. The Process mentioned here is almost the same for most of the streaming apps, the only difference you might encounter is the change in interface.

If you’d like to install Filmplus on FireStick, please visit our guide:

These are the steps:

1. First of all, you require a Trakt subscription. In case you don’t have it, click HERE

2. Launch FilmPlus (or the app within which you want to integrate Trakt)

3. Select the Vertical Ellipsis Menu (three vertical dots icon) or the Hamburger Menu (three parallel lines icon) button from the FilmPlus Home screen.

How to set up Trakt with FilmPlus firestick App

4. Select Settings after scrolling down.

Select Settings after scrolling down

5. Under the Account section, select Login to

Under the Account section, select Login to

6. You will spot a verification code on your display screen.

Use Trakt with FireStick

7. Next, using a  browser, go to ( Logging to your Trakt account might be needed)

8. Type the verification code here & hit Continue.

Firestick Trakt setup

9. Choose Yes when asked to authorize.

Choose Yes when asked to authorize

It’s that simple. Trakt is successfully integrated with FilmPlus. Follow similar steps to integrate Trakt with your preferred apps that you used to stream.

How to set up Trakt with FireStick streaming apps

How to Use Trakt with Kodi

Trakt is available officially on the Kodi add-on repository. Hence, you don’t need to tweak any settings to install it. Also, Kodi Add-on repository comes pre-installed in Kodi. Follow the steps below to use and install Trakt with Kodi:

1. Open Kodi. Select Gear Icon(Settings) on the left top corner of the Kodi home screen.

How to set up Trakt with Kodi addon

2. Hit the Add-ons folder.

Hit the Addons folder

3. Choose Install from repository

set up Trakt on your Kodi

4. Now, click on Kodi add-on repository

Note: You will not see this option if you don’t have any other repositories Installed on your Kodi. You will be taken directly to Kodi add-on repository when you click Install from repository. In that case, you may proceed to the next step directly by skipping this one.

How to set up Trakt

5. Select Program add-ons

Select Program add-ons

6. Click on Trakt from the given options.

Kodi Trakt setup

7. Hit Install.

Use Trakt with Kodi

8. If a pop-up appears, click on OK to continue.

9. Wait for a notification confirming Trakt add-on installation is complete.

Wait for a notification confirming Trakt add-on installation is complete

Now that Trakt is successfully installed, you can head back to the Kodi home screen and click Add-ons and then Program add-ons. You can see Trakt add-on listed here. You can manage Trakt settings from here.

Authorize Trakt Kodi Add-on

Let’s Authorize Trakt Kodi add-on so that we can enjoy its benefits. Check the steps below:

1. From Kodi home screen, click on Add-ons

How to set up Trakt

2. Now, select Program add-ons.

Now, select Program add-ons

3. Click on Trakt

Click on Trakt

4. Hit the Settings button.

firestick Trakt setup

5. When the Settings- Trakt window opens, click on ‘How do I authorize the trakt addon to access my account?’ Option under the General tab.

Use Trakt with FireStick

6. A pop-up will appear with a verification code and also a QR-code.

A pop-up will appear with a verification code and also a scan code

7. Either scan the code with your smartphone or use any browser from your device to go to

8. Click Continue after typing the verification code.

Firestick Trakt setup

9. Choose Yes when prompted to complete the Authorization process.

Authorize Trakt on Each Kodi Addon Individually

To enjoy the services of Trakt with Kodi Add-ons, we have to integrate with the preferred add-ons individually. Let’s learn the steps to integrate Trakt with a Kodi add-on.

We will take the example of the Oath add-on to explain the steps properly. These steps are almost similar for every Kodi add-ons that support Trakt integration even if the interface of the app is different.

If you’d like to install The Oath Kodi addon, please visit the guide:

These are the steps:

1. Make sure you have a Trakt account. Click HERE if you don’t have one.

2. Open the Kodi app and click Add-ons.

3. From the Video Add-ons section, click The Oath add-on (or your preferred add-on).

4. The Oath home screen will open. Select Tools from the listed options.

Oath home screen will open. Select Tools from the listed options

6. Click TRAKT: Authorise

How to set up Trakt with Kodi addon

7. You will find a verification code next.

You will find a verification code next

8. Go to with the help of a browser. Logging to your Trakt account might be required.

9. Type the verification code and click Continue.

Use Trakt with Kodi

10. Select Yes to complete Trakt authorization.

How to set up Trakt

Customizing your Streaming Experience with Trakt

Customizing your streaming experience via Trakt gives you an immense advantage since it is easier to track and sync your content with it. But before you start managing your content, make sure Trakt authorization is complete. Although there are many ways to accomplish it, we will teach you the easiest way to manage content on Trakt.

1. Open any browser and go to

2. Log in to Trakt with your credentials.

Log in to Trakt with your credentials

3. Now from the top menu bar, either click TV, Movies, or Discover and choose the content you want to manage. I have selected TV in this example. You will see that TV is highlighted in red on the top menu bar.

Use Trakt with FireStick

There are several options/categories you will find to sort and manage your content. For instance, you can mark items as watched, make your own watchlist, locate items for online watching, rate items, etc.

How to set up Trakt with FireStick app

You can even use its search tool to find the content you are looking for or browse through the categories such as Trending, Popular & many more. Also, whenever a new episode of the TV show you added in Trakt airs, you will get a notification.

Managing Trakt via Kodi add-ons

Managing Trakt via Kodi add-on after selecting any one of your preferred content can be done in multiple ways.

1. First of all, make sure you have opened the Trakt enabled Kodi add-on and selected the content before proceeding further.

2. If you are using a PC or a similar Kodi-supported device, right-clicking your mouse or pressing C on keyboard will open a settings menu. Similarly, settings menu can be opened by either pressing Menu button or holding down the Select/OK button of FireStick Remote.

3. After opening the settings menu, hit the Trakt Manager option.

After opening the settings menu, hit the Trakt Manager option

Now you can choose whether you want to add the content to your Trakt collection or rather remove it, add it to the watchlist or remove it, or add it to new List.

How to Find Trakt TV Shows & Movies in Kodi Addons

The steps I am going to teach you for finding your Trakt movies and TV shows collections in Kodi Add-ons are applicable for most of the Trakt supported add-ons. Let’s discuss the steps with an example, in this case with Oath Kodi add-on.

1. Open the Oath Kodi add-on (or any one of your Trakt enabled Kodi add-on).

2. Select either one of the two- My TV shows or My Movies.

3. Hit Collection button to find shows or movies list available in your Trakt collection.


Well, this brings us to the end of our Trakt guide. Trakt is a wonderful service to keep track of what you are watching. It works on a variety of devices and is supported on very much all FireStick streaming apps and Kodi Add-ons. The best thing about this service is that it keeps working in the background and does its job without any interference.

If you find any difficulties in using or setting up Trakt, comment down below so that we can assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Trakt Scrobbling?

Trakt Scrobbling is a way of tracking what you are watching on all of your devices.

Can I link Trakt to Netflix?

Yes, Trakt can be linked to Netflix. However, you cannot directly link Trakt to Netflix. You will need an extension (like Traktflix for Chrome) to indirectly link Trakt to Netflix if you are using a web browser to watch Netflix instead of the Netflix app

Is Trakt available for iPhone users?

Yes, Trakt has launched an app for iPhone users.

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