FireStick Remote Not Working? Try these 9 Easy Solutions!

In this guide, we will learn what are the reasons for your FireStick Remote not working and also the fixes that will get your remote up and running again in no time.

FireStick Remote is essential to operating your FireStick device with ease. But sometimes, all of a sudden, it stops working and you are left confused and worried about what to do to fix it.

Remotes of FireStick and other Fire TV variants look and function differently than the other conventional TV remotes. Naturally, many face difficulties in finding the exact problem and solutions when their FireStick remote stops working. Therefore, in this guide, we have included all the possible reasons for your FireStick remote not working and also their possible solutions.

Why your FireStick Remote Stopped Working?

There may be many reasons for which your FireStick remote stopped working. The most common ones are battery issues, obstruction or interference from other devices, or damaged remotes.

Here, we have listed all the probable reasons that may lead to your FireStick Remote not working:

1. Battery Issues

The most probable reason for FireStick remote not working is battery issues. Discharged batteries, battery not properly inserted in remote, etc. may cause your Remote to stop working.

2. Remote not paired with FireStick

FireStick remote comes paired with FireStick by default. But in some cases, the pairing is probably not done. This situation can occur when you buy a new remote replacing the old one which originally came paired with your device.

3. Remote and FireStick kept too far

If the remote and the FireStick device are kept too far, then your remote will not work. The distance between them shouldn’t be more than 30 ft theoretically, however, actually they require to be a lot closer than this.

4. Connection getting obstructed

FireStick Remote uses Bluetooth technology and not infrared. Even though Bluetooth Remotes don’t require to be in line of sight, the connection between your FireStick device and remote may get disrupted drastically due to obstruction created by objects in the pathway of your devices.

5. Other Devices Interfering

If any other Bluetooth device is operating simultaneously when you are trying to operate your FireStick device with remote, remote may not function properly.

6. Remote not compatible with your device

It may be a possibility that the new remote you bought is not compatible with your FireStick device. That’s why FireStick remote is not working.

7. Remote Damaged

Your FireStick remote may get damaged due to circuit failure, water or hot beverage spillage, Remote accidentally dropped from a height, etc. All these things may lead to your FireStick remote not working.

How to Fix FireStick Remote not Working Problem?

We have listed all the possible solutions for fixing your FireStick Remote not working problem. Some solutions will require you to press certain buttons on your Amazon FireStick Remote. Therefore, it’s important to know the names of the Buttons. Here’s a labeled diagram of the FireStick/ Fire TV remotes that are currently available in the Amazon Store:

(You may refer to this below image when trying the solutions)

FireStick Remote Stopped Working

Now, let’s take a look at the solutions:

1. Fix Remote Battery Issues

As I said, batteries are usually the reason behind FireStick Remote not working. Therefore, our first course of action is to check the batteries. Here are the things you can do to make sure Batteries aren’t the issue:

1. Check whether the batteries connected to your remote are placed properly. The alignment of batteries according to the sign (+ve or -ve) as displayed on the back of remote (battery compartment) is important. Align and place the batteries on remote properly. You will find a diagram in the FireStick Remote’s battery compartment showing you exactly how you need to place them.

Amazon Fire Stick stopped working

2. Insert new batteries in remote if the old batteries got discharged.

3. If you are using rechargeable batteries, charge them fully and then insert them back in your remote.

4. If there is a rust deposition or metal corrosion in the battery compartment of your remote, try cleaning it or removing the rust layer with sandpaper very gently.

2. Pair Remote with your FireStick

If your FireStick Remote stopped working, there is a chance that your remote is not paired with your FireStick device. This may be the case when you buy a new remote replacing your old remote. In that case, pair remote with your FireStick device using the following steps:

1. Switch on the FireStick and let it boot up

2. Now, from a close proximity, press the Home Button of your remote for nearly 10 seconds.

Hopefully, they will pair immediately. But if not, repeat the second step till pairing is complete.

3. Remove Obstructions if any

Even though Bluetooth Remotes such as FireStick Remote need not be in line of sight of the device to work, obstructions can reduce the efficiency of a FireStick Remote to some extent. If there are any objects in the pathway of your remote and the FireStick device you are using, consider removing them to solve your FireStick Remote Not working problem.

4. Remove any Interference

If you are facing issues with your FireStick Remote, try switching off other Bluetooth-enabled device nearby. These device may cause hindrance to the Bluetooth connection of remote and FireStick device and lead to your Fire Stick Remote stop working. These devices include Microwaves, Bluetooth speakers or headphones, Smartphone Bluetooth, etc.

5. Operate Remote from a Close Proximity

To fix FireStick stopped working issue, use the remote to operate your FireStick device from close proximity, which should be less than thirty feet distance. In addition, try to point the remote in the direction of your FireStick device while using it.

6. Use your Smartphone as a Remote

If you want a quick fix for your FireStick Remote Not Working problem, you should try using your Smartphone as a Remote. It’s a great hack if you don’t have a spare remote and  your original remote stopped working. Installing an app called Fire TV app on your Smartphone will let you control your FireStick device the same way you control it with the physical remote.

For detailed step-by-step guide, check our guide: How to Use Fire TV App

📌 Important!! For the Fire TV App to work, you must have your Fire TV device and your Phone (with the App installed) on the same Wi-Fi network

Let’s see the steps to configure your Smartphone as a remote for operating FireStick:

1. Install Fire TV app on your Smartphone.

Fire TV app is available on Google Play Store, Apple Store, and also Amazon App Store. Here’s where you can get it:

2. Power on your FireStick device as well

3. Now, sign in to your Amazon account on the Fire TV app.

4. Select the FireStick device name you are using

5. You will see a code appear on the screen of your TV.

6. Type the code in your phone, they will pair shortly

That’s it! The phone is now ready to work as a remote. Here’s how it look like:

Fix FireStick remote not working

7. Try Resetting your Remote

If only some of the buttons of your FireStick remote stopped functioning, you should try resetting it.

📌 Note: This will NOT Reset your FireStick device, it will only reset the Remote. This process will help your unpair your device & the remote and then pair them again.

Let’s learn how to reset remote of your FireStick device:

1. Cut off the power supply to your FireStick device and wait for a minute or so.

2. For Alexa Voice Remote, Alexa Voice Remote Lite, and Fire TV Remotes, press the below Buttons of your FireStick simultaneously for 10 secs:

  • Menu Button
  • Left Side of the Navigation circle br-lazy"
  • Back Button

4. Now, wait for 5 more secs after you stop pressing remote buttons as told in the previous step.

5. Take out the batteries from the battery compartment of remote.

6. Next, switch on your FireStick device and again wait for a minute.

7. Place the batteries back on your remote. Make sure to place and align the batteries properly on remote.

8. Then, press Home Button of remote for nearly 10 secs.

( If your remote has a LED indicator, it will start blinking the moment your remote is paired with the FireStick device.)

Repeat the last step till remote and FireStick device are paired successfully.

8. Check Remote Compatibility

If your FireStick Remote Stopped working after you have started using a new remote that didn’t come along with the FireStick, you will need to check its compatibility. Not all remotes will work with your FireStick device. You need a specific remote which is designed to work with your particular FireStick variant.

9. Buy a Replacement Remote

If every other solution went in vain and nothing is working for you, your remote may be damaged and you should consider buying a new FireStick Remote from Amazon. But before you buy, make sure it is compatible with your FireStick device. There are many cheap replicas in the market too, therefore, it’s important to verify the authenticity of the seller.

However, buying the remote separately costs ($29.99) almost as much as the FireStick Device would cost you. Some newer Fire Stick models even cost lesser than the Remote. So, you may even consider buying a new device itself.

Summing Up

More often than not, your FireStick remote not working problem is caused by batteries. The batteries of FireStick remote get discharged rather quickly than anticipated since FireStick remote requires more power than other regular remotes. Hence, we recommend you to keep a set of spare batteries. You can also keep Fire TV app installed on your smartphone as an extra precaution in case your remote get damaged.

I hope your FireStick Remote problem will be fixed with the solutions I have provided in this guide. If it is still not fixed, contact us via the comments below so that we can find you a fix quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do Firestick remotes go bad?

Yes, FireStick remotes can develop issues and stop working. Sometimes, a few buttons may stop working, other times, the entire FireStick remote can die.

Why is my FireStick remote not working with new batteries?

Make sure you have inserted the batteries correctly. This is a common mistake. The (+) and (-) signs must go where they are supposed to go.

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