Best UnlockMyTV Alternatives: 15 Apps that You’ll Love

Today our article is about all the best UnlockMyTV alternatives available right now. The apps mentioned in our list can be installed on all Android and FireStick devices.

UnlockMyTV is a streaming application for watching shows and movies online. It was also a part of our Best FireStick Apps list. But now, the app is not working any longer since the developers stopped releasing updates anymore.

Hence, it is understandable that UnlockmyTV users are searching for replacement apps. There are many apps out there and users generally get confused about which one will perform better and which one to use. That’s why we have prepared a list of the best UnlockMyTV alternative apps. Check the list below to find more about them.

Best UnlockMyTV Alternatives for FireStick, Android Mobiles, & Android TV

What do you do when your favorite thing stops working? Try fixing it, right? And if it is beyond fixing, you buy a replacement. Similarly, if your favorite streaming app stops working, you either try to fix it or replace it with another similar app.

Since UnlockMyTV stopped working, you might also be searching for its alternative. Below I have prepared a list of the top UnlockMyTV alternatives:

1. Cinema HD

UnlockMyTV alternative

Cinema HD is definitely one of the superior UnlockMyTV alternatives present in the streaming arena. It is also a clone of UnlockMyTV.

It offers thousands of content options to choose from, be it a movie or a show. It also has multiple streaming links of different resolutions up to 1080p.

Cinema HD has a magnificent-looking interface. The library it possesses is also enormous.

Real Debrid and Trakt options are added bonuses to make the app more user-friendly.

How to Install Cinema HD

2. FilmPlus


FilmPlus is another UnlockMyTV replacement app. It is a relatively new app. The app looks really classy, thanks to its amazing interface.

It has loads of movies and shows lined up for you to keep the entertainment level to the maximum.

It gets daily updates to maintain its huge database and to ensure streaming links are properly working.

FilmPlus also allows Real Debrid and Trakt integrating. Even if it’s new, I believe it has enough features and content to make it worth installing on your device.

How to install FilmPlus

3. HDO Box

HDO box

HDO box is one of the similar apps that perform just like Unlock My TV. This app has thousands of TV shows and movies to binge-watch online. The content is also updated frequently to cater to the needs of its users.

It has a stunning user interface and offers content of HD quality.  The audio and video quality of the content it offers is superb.

HDO Box has subtitles support and a built-in media player.

How to Install HDO Box

4. CyberFlix TV

UnlockMyTV replacement

Cyberflix TV is a marvelous app for online watching of movies and shows. It has a massive library that keeps on increasing day-by-day as new content is added. The interface is also quite easy to handle.

It ensures streamers don’t have to settle for less by providing superior HD quality streaming links. Hence, users love this app so dearly.

You can integrate Trakt and Real Debrid with Cyberflix TV to make it even better. Why not install and try this excellent UnlockMyTV alternative?

How to install Cyberflix TV

5. TeaTV

alternatives of UnlockMyTV

TeaTV is another cool UnlockMyTV alternative to binge-watch any movie or TV series. This app has an intuitive user interface for both android and FireStick devices.

Link providers are added and bugs and glitches are fixed with every periodic update.

TeaTV has added Trakt, Real Debrid, and Premiumize support for user’s benefit. This app also has backup and restore features to protect your data.

If you also want to see live TV channels, Tea TV has plenty of them.

How to install TeaTV

6. Nova TV

Nova TV

Nova TV is a fantastic replacement app if you are looking for an app like UnlockMyTV. You get hundreds of amazing online content to watch in your free time.

The powerful sorting feature of this app is something that makes the app better than most of its competitors.

The layout of this app is also pretty decent. I like that the developers constantly try to improve Nova TV and don’t shy away from releasing major updates for the betterment of the app.

Another good thing about this app is that you also can enjoy Real Debrid features with Nova TV.

How to install Nova TV

7. Ocean Streamz

UnlockMyTV replacement

Ocean Streamz, a recently launched UnlockMyTV alternative app, is worth installing. This app has endless content for you to stream.

What gives this app an upper hand over other apps is that it has no annoying advertisements in between. Hence, you don’t have to wait for any ads to end to enjoy streaming your content.

The interface of this app is very elegant. New links and content are added every day to grow its already gigantic library database. I can assure you that you will not regret installing it.

How to Install Ocean Streamz

8. UK Turks App

alternatives of UnlockMyTV

UK Turks is another best UnlockMyTV alternative that you can install on both your FireStick and Android devices. This app is a paradise for all the people who want to watch thousands of content without paying costly cable charges.

The interface is very unique and different from the other similar apps having the same functionalities. Yet the interface is easy to handle and looks clutter-free.

UK Turks App, as the name suggests, has British and Turkish content mainly. But it also has enough content from other parts of the world. Moreover, you can also enjoy playing live TV & radio channels in this app.

9. BeeTV

best UnlockMyTV alternatives

Looking for alternatives to UnlockMyTV? Why not try BeeTV? It has got wonderful features and amazing content for keeping you occupied throughout the year.

This app has video links of every quality, be it HD or SD. The interface of this app is really cool.

If you love Anime, BeeTV has that too. Don’t worry about new content either since BeeTV keeps adding them regularly.

You will also get important features such as Real Debrid and Trakt in this app.

You can sort your content by genres, years, or even dates. This way you can find your preferred set of movies and TV shows more effortlessly.

How to install BeeTV

10. Viva TV

UnlockMyTV alternatives

Viva TV is a good UnlockMyTV replacement app that you can try installing. The app has immense potential and may soon become a big name in the streaming business.

This app has a considerably big library. Since the hunger for content never dies, Viva TV makes sure you are never devoid of new content.

It has a great-looking interface stuffed with useful features. You also don’t have to compromise with the quality of the content it provides since it provides HD resolution videos.

Real Debrid and Trakt integration features are also available to multiply the streaming experience by manifold.

How to Install Viva TV

11. Morpheus TV

apps like UnlockMyTV

Morpheus TV will never fail to impress you with its unique features and humongous content sources. This app is heaven for streaming enthusiasts regardless of their age group.

The interface is very intuitive and user-friendly. Regular app updates are carried out for ensuring better content quality and accessibility.

This app lets you filter sources and also resolve them if necessary. This is very helpful when finding preferred working links.

What more? Morpheus TV supports Debrid Cloud, Real Debrid, and Trakt although these features can be availed by opting premium subscription. Give this UnlockMyTV alternative a try!

How to install Morpheus TV

12. Strix


Strix can be your next favorite UnlockMyTV alternative. And it has the right tools and features to be so.

You will love the amazing interface of Strix. It’s so simple that it can also be handled by toddlers and old people without any difficulty. It also has content for all age groups, from PG to R-rated content.

Strix also can provide you RD links if you integrate Real Debrid with it. Frequent App updates are also released for the overall improvement of the app.

Another big advantage of this app is that you can also stream many live channels with this app.

How to Install Strix

13. Media Lounge

UnlockMyTV alternatives

Media Lounge is a good UnlockMyTV replacement app to enjoy new shows and movies. It is packed with thousands of content that can keep you engaged for years.

The app has 480p, 720p, and 1080p link providers for the same content. Hence, you can decide which resolution to stream depending upon your internet connection speed.

Media Lounge also has separate adult content for 18+ users.

It also features Real Debrid service to provide better streams every time.

This app has another added advantage. It provides many live TV channels to stream online.

How to install Media Lounge

14. Titanium TV

apps like UnlockMyTV

Titanium TV is an app designed specifically for online streaming lovers. And it has all the necessary features to support its cause.

It is laced with a brilliant interface that can overshadow the interface of its competitors quite easily. The content which this app offers is of high definition superior quality.

Titanium TV also supports Real Debrid feature for providing better buffer-free quality streams. I am impressed with the size of the library it has, which is huge owing to its vast number of content.

Go and give this superb UnlockMyTV alternative a try!

How to install Titanium TV

15. CatMouse


CatMouse has the capability of offering a better streaming experience due to its better quality content. Mind you, this app is no less brilliant than the other big names mentioned in our article. It has an extraordinary interface.

Handling CatMouse is like a walk in the park, thanks to its simple navigation tools. You will find quite a few updates of this app in a month. This is done to add new working links and content.

You also get Real Debrid & Trakt features in this app. Don’t you think it’s a good alternative to UnlockMyTV?

How to install CatMouse

Winding Up

Well, that’s a wrap-up for today! I hope you are satisfied with all the UnlockMyTV alternatives I have mentioned in this post. Try all of them and find out which one you like the most.

If you want us to add any other apps to our list, please tell us in the comments section.

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