14 Fantastic Cinema HD Alternatives [2024 Update]

Cinema HD Down? Today, we decided to make a list of some of the best Cinema HD alternatives for enjoying free movies and TV shows. All these apps work on all FireStick & Android products.

When it comes to streaming free TV shows and movies, Cinema HD is pretty much the undisputed king. But like any other app, this app also faces streaming problems. These problems can be Cinema Buffering issues, no connectivity issues, video and server unavailability issues, Cinema HD not working, etc.

These issues hamper your streaming experience drastically and you are left annoyed. Hence, it is always wise to install some Cinema HD alternatives in case Cinema HD suddenly stops working.

UPDATE: Cinema HD is currently working but it may stop working soon as the developers have decided to focus on other projects.

So, if you would like to install some of the best Cinema HD replacement apps, we have curated a list just for you.

Best Cinema HD Alternatives for FireStick, Android Mobiles, & Android TV

So, what is better than Cinema HD? Some may argue that there is no app like Cinema HD. And yes, we agree! Our Best Streaming Apps for FireStick list is incomplete without Cinema HD.

But sometimes when your favorite app stops working suddenly, you are left with no choice but to look for its alternative. Besides, it’s not uncommon for these third-party streaming to go out of service without any prior notice. What do you do then?

It’s better to be prepared with few other great Cinema APK alternatives as backup. I am going to list the top apps like Cinema HD that you can download for FireStick and Android devices:

1. HDO Box

apps similar to Cinema HD

HDO Box is one of the best Cinema HD alternatives you can try. It is home to a wide range of movies and TV shows. You will find even the newest releases in this app. This has been my go-to app after Cinema HD.

The interface of the app is clean and modern. I like the black backdrop with white text. The thumbnails are also large so you can find them easily. Give it a go!

How to Install HDO Box

2. TeaTV

apps like Cinema HD

TeaTV is a wonderful app to stream online video content. It has a vast library. What I like about this app is that this app offers superb Full HD quality videos. It also frequently update the content library to ensure we don’t miss any new releases.

TeaTV also has Year and Date Filters to sort content according to the year and date aired.  This is in addition to the conventional filters which sort content by genre. This app also provides Real Debrid and Trakt support. Apart from that, it also has a Live TV section. A worthy Cinema HD alternative!

How to install TeaTV

3. CyberFlix TV

Cinema HD replacement

Cyberflix TV has been there for quite a few years. It is immensely popular among users owing to its unmatched streaming prowess. It can do so because it has a multitude of fast and reliable servers delivering content data without any buffering.

The interface of Cyberflix TV is similar to Terrarium TV. That’s why a lot of users who used Terrarium TV before switched to Cyberflix TV after it shut down. This app also lets you link your Real Debrid and Trakt accounts with it. The collection of movies and TV series it has is enormous. When it comes to apps similar to Cinema HD, I recommend this Cinema HD alternative highly!

How to install Cyberflix TV

4. FilmPlus


FilmPlus is another superb Cinema HD replacement app that offers High Definition quality movies and shows. This app can scrape high-quality links from its servers. It also supports Real Debrid integration for higher quality links.

Regular updates are carried out to provide new entertainment sources and to make the app better.

This app has a tool called TV Calendar which lets you find streams by aired dates. It also has a Discover Tab for segregating your content in 25 different ways. For example, you can find the Tending and Popular videos using this feature.

How to install FilmPlus

5. BeeTV


BeeTV is a fantastic Cinema HD replacement having a vast variety of on-demand video content. It lets you stream videos in both HD and SD quality. This is to make sure that you can stream videos even if you have a weak internet connection. This app also has Anime content for the Anime Lovers.

BeeTV lets you boost your streaming quality further by Real Debrid linking. The app also features an easy-to-use interface to let you use it effortlessly. It gets frequent updates to improve app performance and remove bugs.

How to install BeeTV

6. Media Lounge

top Cinema APK alternative

Media Lounge is an excellent Cinema HD alternative for viewing your favorite movies and shows. It has a colossal library to contain thousands and thousands of content which you can enjoy sitting on your sofa couch.

It also has separate sections for Adult and sports content. This app delivers multiple HD quality links with the help of Real Debrid integration.

Another advantage of this app is that it also offers Live Channels from many countries of the world including U.S.A, U.K, etc.

How to install Media Lounge

7. Nova TV

Nova TV

Thanks to its zillions of interesting content, Nova TV boasts of a diversified content library. It provides 1080p and even 4K videos. The interface of Nova TV is quite addictive owing to its clean clutter-free look.

This app also categorized its library content in different genres to make the handling of the app easy.

It also lets its users integrate Real Debrid account with it to fetch premium HD links. It’s a well-deserving Cinema HD  alternative!

How to install Nova TV

8. UK Turks App

apps like Cinema HD

UK Turks is a decent streaming app to watch bucketful of online series and movies. This app offers quick navigation and the interface is also easy to manage and operate. It also has a very big library which is updated frequently.

UK Turks app features different sections for Documentary, Musicals, Cartoon, and Concert. It still has not added Real Debrid and Trakt integration feature yet but hopefully, it will soon.

This app also has many TV and Radio Channels. It is indeed a top Cinema HD  alternative!

9. Syncler

Cinema HD alternative

Syncler is a marvelous app featuring numerous content both in High Definition and Full High Definition quality. It guarantees your entertainment by accommodating new titles as soon as they release.

You need to add third-party provider packages on Syncler to enjoy free movies and shows. Another alternative is to add your Debrid account such as Real Debrid to get access to premium links.

The app’s interface is made minimalistic but it still looks elegant. You can also link your Trakt account account with Syncler. It is indeed one of the best Cinema HD replacement apps present in the streaming market right now.

How to install Syncler

10. Ocean Streamz

Cinema HD replacement

Ocean Streamz is an all-new alternative of Cinema HD. This app has countless shows and movies to offer to its users. It updates its content regularly to provide users stream worthy content. One of the best features of Ocean Streamz is that it contains no intermittent ads.

This app has also added a separate Anime section for those who love watching Anime. It also has live TV channels from many parts of the world.

How to Install Ocean Streamz

11. Viva TV

alternatives of Cinema APK

Viva TV is one of the best Cinema HD Alternatives. You will find movies and shows in abundance here that you can binge-watch anytime. It maintains a vast library database. The layout of this app is also very beautiful.

The app supports Real Debrid linking for fetching better links. It also supports Trakt linking to sync all media of yours so that you can access them on any device you want. Viva TV requires TPlayer, which is a very good video player, to stream its content. The app comes with frequent updates to improve its overall performance and look.

How to Install Viva TV

12. Flixoid


Flixoid is yet another app like Cinema HD. The app doesn’t have any ads and features thousands of movies and TV shows.

It has a clean and beautiful interface design. It also feature high-quality content upto 1080p.

Flixoid also allows Real Debrid and Trakt integration features. Integrating Real debrid will give you access to higher quality premium links including 4K content.

How to Install Flixoid

13. Morpheus TV

best Cinema HD  alternative

Morpheus TV is an exceptional Cinema HD replacement with a humongous content library. The interface is very stunning. This app has 50+ video providers. Hence, it can provide multiple working links in case one stops working.

Morpheus TV has really useful features. These include Autoplay, Filtering and Resolving Source to find better content, etc. It also supports the linking of Trakt and Real Debrid. This app also offers premium features like Debrid Cloud management on its subscription.

How to install Morpheus TV

14. Strix

Cinema HD alternatives

Strix is a versatile Cinema HD alternative that offers a boatload of shows & movies for you to enjoy. The content it provides is mostly of higher quality including 720p and 1080p. The interface of Strix is also pleasing to the eyes. It also offers Adult content.

This app offers higher resolution links by allowing Real Debrid integration. It also adds new movies and shows to its library daily, making sure users don’t need to turn to another app to find new releases. Strix also has a Live TV section for viewers to enjoy.

How to Install Strix

Summing Up

Well, these are the Cinema HD alternatives that you may try to stream movies and TV shows. All the apps listed here work perfectly. And we will keep updating the list, making sure every app works. Do comment below and tell us which one’s your favorite!

If you know of any other Cinema HD alternative app that deserves to be on the list, do drop us a comment below.